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Tennessee Coach Fired: Derek Dooley Will Not Coach Final Game Of Season

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Derek Dooley’s season ended a little early. The head coach of the Tennessee Volunteers was fired today with just one game remaining in the season.

It was widely speculated last week that Dooley would be getting the ax. According to the Huffington Post, Dooley’s Volunteers have gone 15-21. They have lost all 15 of their games against teams in the top 25 and were 4-19 in the Southeastern Conference.

Tennessee announced the firing this morning but will talk more in detail about the decision during a news conference later this afternoon.

Athletic director Dave Hart said in a statement:

“We very much appreciate the effort and energy that Derek Dooley and his staff have poured into our football program at the University of Tennessee. Derek and I met early this morning, and I informed him that I believed a change in leadership, despite the positive contributions he has made to the overall health of the program, was in the best long-term interests of Tennessee football. We will immediately begin the search for the best possible candidate to assume this leadership role.”

The Vols will play Kentucky on Saturday with Offensive coordinator Jim Chaney serving as the head coach. If the Vols lose it will be the first time in school history that they failed to win an SEC game.

CBS Sports reports that Dooley’s firing comes after an embarrassing 41-18 loss against state rival Vanderbilt. After the game, Dooley knew that his job as head coach was slipping away but was optimistic about the position of the program.

Dooley said:

“I don’t think you can say where this program is on one game. We’ve had a lot of really good games that we didn’t win this year, so the program is certainly not near where we need to be. It’s not anywhere close to where the fans want it to be, but it’s probably a little bit better than what people think it is. That’s how I would assess it.”

Do you think the Tennessee Volunteers will do better next season without Derek Dooley?

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3 Responses to “Tennessee Coach Fired: Derek Dooley Will Not Coach Final Game Of Season”

  1. Ima Hick

    They had no choice but to fire Dooley after the last two loses to Missouri and Vanderbilt. Unfortunately for Tennessee, a deep red state school, their football program closely resembles the Republican Party. Down and out and mostly irrelevant. They are going to have to think outside the box in order to turn it around. Fulmer was their Reagan, and they cannot live off his memory forever. Existential loser Lane Kiffen was their corrupt Bush family, the worthless scum that ruined them. Now they have to cut ties with all that sort of thinking and figure out how to recruit, compete and win in a very changed environment. Kiffen has just about ruined USC (think the USA, the savings and loan industry, Lehman Brothers, anything the Bush family touches), and may be out of a job himself at the end of this season if Notre Dame (the Democrats reborn) trounce him as I am sure they will. But Tennessee should not even consider rehiring Kiffen (Jeb Bush 2016). I would also suggest not taking the bait on Gruden or any other washed up NFL coach (Romney). Tony Dungy (Ron Paul) would be a class hire, but he is too old really to be see seen as someone who can build for the future, even though his protege Peyton Manning (Rand Paul) may lobby for him.

    Why don't they just hire Peyton, and see if he can recruit? And John Chavis back as DC with a salary like a HC. An icon who can motivate, and a Hispanic who has proven he can get the job done in the coaching booth. Republicans take note, this is where you are headed, or else say hello to the Whigs.

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