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Ariana Madix On Lala Kent And Scheana Marie’s Friendship

If there is a Season 6 of Vanderpump Rules, it may just show Lala Kent being very good friends with both Ariana Madix and Scheana Marie. In recent days, both Lala and Scheana have made it clear, via their social media accounts, that they’re now not just cordial to one another, but are actually friends. Scheana, who was hardly friendly to Lala during the filming of Season 5 and publicly bashed her as the season aired, has even defended Lala from criticism. What does Ariana, who unlike Scheana always remained friendly to Lala, think of Scheana’s drastic turnaround regarding Lala?

Ariana apparently supports Scheana and Lala’s new friendship. On Monday, in response to a viewer who tweeted that she loves seeing Lala and Scheana hanging out together and that she wishes Ariana was also with them, Ariana said that she also wishes she was with Lala and Scheana. Ariana explained that she stayed longer at Big Bear, where she had just been with Scheana.

Earlier on Monday, Scheana shocked many Vanderpump Rules viewers when she shared a SnapChat video showing her and Lala hanging out together at SUR. Lala, in reference to James Kennedy’s claim, made in one episode, that she and her boyfriend had everyone sign a non-disclosure form to hang out with them, joked that she was going to have Scheana sign a nondisclosure agreement before she posts anything else about her.

The two hung out again on Wednesday at a magazine party. Scheana posted a photo of herself with Lala on the red carpet to her Instagram page.

Fierce! ???? @lalakent @nightcap_pr @houseofcb #OKmagazine

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Many viewers left comments expressing their surprise that Scheana and Lala are now friends. One viewer even wrote that she hopes Scheana’s not really friends with Lala because Lala “is one huge slut.” Scheana did not take kindly to the comment. She defended Lala, telling the viewer that she shouldn’t call Lala a slut just because “the girls,” which seems to be a reference to Stassi Schroeder, Kristen Doute, and Katie Maloney, have called her that on the show. Scheana also touched upon the accusation that Lala is dating a married man by stating that Lala isn’t a slut just because she has a boyfriend who doesn’t want to be shown.

“carlylewis13: They say your friends are a reflection of you. God I hope not because LaLa is one huge slut. I thought you were better than the rest”

“scheanamarie: @carlylewis13 I’m glad you know so much about her personal life.”

“scheanamarie@carlylewis13 nothing is scripted. I’m saying you calling her a slut without knowing her is wrong. Just Bc the girls on the show have said that doesn’t mean she is. You don’t know her or her life. Having a Bf who doesn’t want his life put on blast doesn’t make you a slut. ✌????”

Lala chimed in, telling the critical viewer that she doesn’t know her or her co-stars. Lala further thanked Scheana for defending her.

“lalakent: @carlylewis13 you’re not very nice. You don’t know me in anyway shape or form, nor do you know the rest if my cast mates. Be kind. @scheanamarie???????????? thanks boo”

Earlier on Season 5, Lala Kent faced a lot of questions and criticism from some of the other cast members regarding her love life. Stassi, Kristen, and Katie accused Lala of dating a married man to fund a lavish lifestyle. Scheana Marie joined their accusation and ostracization of Lala. One scene even showed Scheana pretty much telling Lala that she couldn’t be friends with her because she didn’t want to face Katie’s wrath. Unlike Scheana, Ariana Madix refused to turn her back on Lala, choosing instead to continue hanging out with her and even inviting her to her Sonoma birthday trip.

As the season aired, Scheana continued to bash Lala for dating a married man. As previously reported by the Inquisitr, Scheana even once tweeted that at least she was woman enough to apologize to Brandi Glanville for dating Eddie Cibrian during their marriage. Unfortunately for Scheana, she received a lot of criticism for that tweet, which Ariana, in a subsequent interview, said that Scheana just didn’t think would happen.

Yet it seems that Lala and Ariana worked through their differences while filming the Season 5 reunion show last Thursday. As the Inquisitr reported, Scheana shared a photo of herself sitting between Ariana and Lala on set. Us Weekly reported that Lala hung out with Scheana and Ariana the whole time while filming the reunion.

This past Thursday, when Lala shared the news that she was shooting for a new single, Scheana sent over some encouragement.

On Friday, Lala shared yet another photo of herself hanging out with Scheana. The photo shows Lala and Scheana happily hugging one another.

I missed Thursday, so let's do a throwback Friday for baby lala and baby scheashu @scheanamarie

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Lala Kent previously announced, via a statement to E! News, that she would not be returning to Vanderpump Rules for another season because of all the negativity and criticism. Yet now that she’s friends with both Scheana Marie and Ariana Madix, perhaps Lala will change her mind and give Season 6 a go?

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