Mama June after a revenge body.

Mama June Wants ‘Revenge Body’ For Sugar Bear’s Wedding, Gets Size 4 Dress

Everybody is talking about Mama June Shannon and her svelte new figure; now it appears that the reality TV star got a lot of her weight loss motivation from a desire to flaunt a “revenge body” at her ex’s wedding. June’s ex, Mike “Sugar Bear” Thompson, tied the knot with his new lady Jennifer Lamb at the end of January, but it’s still unknown if Mama June managed to fit into her size 4 goal dress in time for the big day.

As the Daily Mail reports, Mama June first learned of her ex-husband’s plans to re-marry on the premiere episode of her new reality show Mama June: From Not to Hot, which aired at the end of February. On this Friday’s episode, Mama June showed the world just how far she was willing to go to get a revenge body to throw in the face of her ex and his new lady love. In fact, this week’s episode even graphically portrayed the controversial and bloody gastric sleeve surgery Mama June underwent to make her new body possible.

At her heaviest, Mama June Shannon reportedly weighed in at 460 pounds. When she went under the knife for her high-risk weight-loss surgery, Mama June was down to 352 pounds, and according to promotional material for her new show, by the end of the season she’ll be all the way down to an impressive size 4.

This week’s episode of Mama June’s new reality show saw cameras follow the pageant mom into the operating room, heard June voice her fears that surgical complications could end her life, and even saw Mama June nearly bleed out on the table. Fortunately, the 37-year-old was able to pull through the gastric sleeve procedure, but she faced a long, painful and harrowing recovery time.

Even as Mama June worried about her health and even her life leading up to the surgery, however, she was considering what her new body would mean for Sugar Bear. Before the procedure, she stated that her ex was ‘gonna be so jealous’ when everything was all said and done.

“And when Sugar Bear sees the new and improved me at his wedding, he’s gonna be so jealous about what he’s missing out on.”

Mama June admitted that not everyone in her life was happy with her choice of weight-loss methods. During Friday’s Not to Hot episode, June revealed that it wasn’t about what everybody else wanted, but rather about what she wanted and needed to change her life.

“Everybody in the family might not agree with this gastric sleeve surgery but this is what I want for me.”

Of course, weight-loss surgery is only the first step in shedding the pounds, and after her painful and terrifying surgery, Mama June Shannon quickly learns that she has a long way and a ton of work to go if she really does want to get her new revenge body. Much of that work is working out, and during the episode June’s fans see the plus-size TV mama meet her drill sergeant of a personal trainer.

Not surprisingly, Mama June immediately rebels at his intensive exercise plan.

The trainer, Kenya, is actually brought on board by Mama June’s manager who has lofty plans for June’s weight-loss. Namely, she wants to see her client in a sexy, skinny photo-shoot just in time for ex-husband Sugar Bear’s wedding. Reportedly, June had already lost 60 pounds in 12 weeks before her new trainer got on board, and she resisted the intervention. Eventually, however, Mama June vows on a scale (a bible substitute) that she will follow her trainer’s strict regimen.

“I am your favorite babysitter.”

As she begins her grueling training, Mama June Shannon has one goal: be a size 4 in time for Sugar Bear’s wedding. Why a size 4? Because that’s the size of her goal dress, a skimpy, body-hugging red number gifted to the reality TV mama by her niece Amber just after her gastric sleeve.

When Amber presented the red dress, June pointed out how far she would have to go so that it would fit.

“I’m a 22/24 right now. This is like, 20 sizes smaller than me.”

Amber called it her “revenge dress,” perfect for a revenge body, and told Mama June that she’d be looking better than the bride by the time Sugar Bear tied the knot. June, never short on confidence even at her heaviest, didn’t seem to think that being hotter than the bride was ever in question.

“Oh I’m gonna look better than her any d*** way. Any day of the week.”

The WE network has been plugging Mama June’s new body for her new reality show, and it’s being widely claimed that she has worked her way all the way down to a size 4. However, the network is keeping their star’s new body tightly under wraps, and so far nobody has caught a glimpse of the new skinny Mama June. In fact, it’s even been speculated that WE is hiding June’s skinny new bod under a fat suit to exaggerate the big reveal keep it shielded from camera-happy paparazzi.

With weeks to go in the new series Mama June: From Not to Hot, it’s going to be a while before the public gets all of their questions answered, but here’s to hoping that June wore her size 4 red dress and a bunch of revenge body confidence to her ex’s wedding as planned.

[Featured Image by Jonathan Leibson/Getty Images]