Foxy Brown sticks up for friend Nicki Minaj, launches Remy Ma diss track "Break's Over"

Foxy Brown Beats Nicki Minaj To Remy Ma Diss Track, Accused Of Going Too Far

Foxy Brown is sticking up for her girl Nicki Minaj after Remy Ma released a brutal second diss track aimed at her rap nemesis. Foxy’s “Break’s Over” diss track aimed at Remy was released on Friday, just hours after Remy released a second track called “Another One” aimed at Nicki’s continued silence after opening up a can of worms when she took a few shots at Remy with her bars on the Gucci Mane track “Make Love.” Now it’s on as some of hip hop’s most popular female rappers battle over who is the queen of rap and right now, Foxy Brown might have snatched the title but she’s getting a lot of heat for allegedly hitting way below the belt with some of her lyrics.

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“Break’s Over” uses Jay-Z’s beat from the song “Takeover” and launches some pretty mean insults at Remy Ma. After proclaiming that she is “going to kill this b***h,” Foxy unleashed on the Bronx rapper. A new mother herself, Foxy Brown went straight for the jugular with rhymes about Remy’s recent and very painful miscarriage. As with all of the previous diss tracks, Foxy Brown’s “Break’s Over” is also NSFW and has some explicit lyrics. The YouTube video for the song can be found below.

It’s no secret that Foxy Brown and Nicki Minaj are pretty tight. Foxy toured with Nicki back in 2012 on the “Pink Friday” tour. Foxy’s new Remy Ma diss track just proves that Nicki Minaj does have a few allies when it comes to her most recent beef. Maybe Foxy felt bad for her friend after she got murdered twice in a row by Remy Ma on back to back diss tracks.

Foxy Brown’s “Break’s Over” is much shorter than Remy Ma’s recent musical offerings and comes in just under a minute and a half long. It is being called a “snippet” so many are hoping that it’s just a teaser and that Foxy Brown will be releasing an entire song soon. After all, Remy dropped more than 6 minutes worth of bars on each of her recent diss tracks.


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Among the small handful of insults that Brown threw at Remy Ma, she says that her rap foe should thank Mona Scott-Young for her fame and that Remy was never hard. She also went in on Remy about her recent miscarriage news, something that many fans on both sides of the battle are not comfortable with considering the huge amount of pain that a miscarriage can cause both mentally and physically. However, in a rap battle, there often aren’t any topics that are off-limits and it looks like Foxy wanted to push the envelope.

It’s also worth noting that Foxy Brown and Remy Ma have been feuding for as long as Remy and Nicki have. In an old interview that can be seen below, Remy gives the details on how her rap beef with Foxy developed. According to the current Love & Hip Hop star, she didn’t have a problem with her fellow NYC rapstress but that Foxy kept taking shots at her so she finally had enough and confronted her. Be sure to check out what Remy said in her own words.

So what does all of this mean for the Remy Ma vs. Nicki Minaj beef that is still going? Nicki has said that she has no plans to respond to Remy’s first diss track and has completely ignored the second one too. Remy has charged that Nicki is looking for someone to ghostwrite her bars for her because she says that Minaj doesn’t write for herself. It isn’t the first time that accusation has been made about Nicki Minaj, whose ex-boyfriend Safaree Samuels is rumored to be one of her biggest writers. Now that they are split, we’ll see what kind of music Nicki comes up with.


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As far as Foxy Brown goes, let’s hope that Remy Ma responds with a diss track of her own and doesn’t hold back. Based on her history with Foxy and with Nicki Minaj, it’s a sure bet that she’s working on it right now. Stay tuned because right now, it is the female rappers who are bringing the heat in what is shaping up to be one of the most important hip-hop feuds in recent history.

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