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‘Teen Mom 2’ Jenelle Evans Under Fire For Parenting Choices After Baby Girl

Jenelle Evans welcomed daughter Ensley Jolie Eason on January 24 and weeks later, she left the newborn and traveled to Los Angeles with her fiancé, David Eason.

According to a new report, the Teen Mom 2 has spent a week in Los Angeles — away from her baby — to film a special live episode of the series’ after show and was immediately trashed by critical fans who found her behavior extremely neglectful.

“I didn’t want to come on this trip to LA, but I had to because of work,” Jenelle Evans revealed to Radar Online of the filming session on Monday, February 27.

However, after allegedly catching the flu, Jenelle Evans failed to attend the taping. “I put up a big fight for a week and they told me it was a huge deal for me to go,” Evans said of her trip. “The producer was even calling my phone asking me to go.”

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Although Jenelle Evans told the outlet that she was forced to travel to Los Angeles to film the series, her co-star, Chelsea Houska, who welcomed her baby boy just one day after the birth of Evans’ baby girl, claimed the network was very understanding and allowed her to stay home with her son.

Jenelle Evans has remained in Los Angeles to film this Monday’s upcoming episode of the live Teen Mom 2 after show, which will air on March 6, but according to the reality star, she plans to cancel her appearance after hearing that Houska was allowed to stay home.

“After finding out I could have stayed home like Chelsea [Houska], I have changed my flight instead of staying for this upcoming live show,” she said.

“MTV has still asked me to stay, but I told them I’m leaving no matter what I’m told.”

Throughout the week, Jenelle Evans has received tons of online backlash from fans who feel she should be home with her three children, including her sons, Kaiser, 2, and Jace, 7.

“I’m sure MTV would FORCE a 5-week postpartum mom to do an after show,” one user fired. Another wrote, “I hear [Jenelle Evans] is staying in Cali until the next after show… 10 consecutive days away from baby. That baby doesn’t know her.”

“Where is your newborn infant? You left your newborn baby to fly to the show and didn’t even show up,” a third noted.

Following the backlash, Jenelle Evans told Radar Online that she agrees with her critics.

“I agree with everyone about leaving Ensley behind and I have been very upset about missing out on time with her and all my kids,” Jenelle Evans admitted.

“I need to be home right now and work can be paused for the time being.”

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Jenelle Evans shared numerous photos of her daughter, Ensley, in the weeks that followed her birth but recently, she hasn’t posted any new pics. Instead, after posting her latest photo of the baby on February 18, she’s been promoting a number of products on her Instagram page and recently re-posted a photo of Ensley that had previously been posted on her fiancé’s Instagram account.

Weeks after welcoming her third child, Jenelle Evans became engaged to David Eason. As Teen Mom 2 fans will recall, Evans and Eason have been dating since late 2015, just a short time after Evans’ previous engagement to Nathan Griffith was called off.

To see more of Jenelle Evans and her family, tune into new episodes of Teen Mom 2 Season 7B on Monday nights at 9 p.m. on MTV.

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