When is April the Giraffe due?

April The Giraffe Due Date Is Delayed, Watch Live Cam [Video]

If you’re one of the countless who’ve watched April the giraffe via live cam and has waited for her to go into labor, you might be wondering when her due date is. April is a 15-year-old Reticulated giraffe who lives at the Animal Adventure Park (AAP) in Harpursville, New York with her mate, 5-year-old Oliver “Ollie.” April is pregnant and became a viral sensation when news of her open-ended, imminent birth spread in February, attracting millions to watch her live cam. It’s now March and millions have watched and waited for signs and symptoms of April’s labor. April hasn’t gone into labor, her water hasn’t broken, hooves haven’t been sighted and April continues to enthrall audiences via live cam all while continuing with her pregnancy.

Watch: April the Giraffe Cam Live Streaming Online

The continued pregnancy has caused many to ask when April the giraffe’s due date actually is and if she is late for delivery. According to Jordan Patch, owner of the Animal Adventure Park, there is no way to accurately determine April’s due date as they are not certain when she conceived. It is possible she conceived in October 2015, but even that timeline might be wrong. It was estimated that April should be about to deliver towards the end of February but since that didn’t happen, her due date has been delayed. There is no definable due date and there is nothing else that can be done to determine when April will go into labor besides giving her physical examinations and watching for labor signs. What is known, is that each day that April hasn’t given birth is one day closer to the day she delivers.

As April the giraffe’s story has gone viral, numerous fake websites and even fake media reports have spread across the Internet. There are fake videos pretending to be the official live cam and some have even reported that April gave birth. April has not given birth to her calf yet. Now that due date is delayed, it should be noted that any site claiming April the giraffe is in labor or given birth are completely false. Many of the fake YouTube sites have a video on loop (one of Adventure Animal Park’s older videos) that they run in order to get viewers and solicit funds. The Inquisitr only uses the official Animal Adventure Park live cam in their reports and refuses to report fake news. If you are ever in question about the authenticity of the video you are watching, check with the official AAP website, their YouTube page or the live cam link on their Facebook page.

Animal Adventure Park provides two daily updates on their Facebook page each morning and evening. Additionally, they do grant interviews and hold live chat sessions through YouTube at designated times. If time permits they will answer questions on their Facebook page but are holding back on email messages due to the mass volume they’ve received. In order to stay away from fraudulent sites, only view the official AAP live cam and never donate money to a site that is not the official AAP organization.

On Saturday morning, March 4, 2017, AAP posted their morning update on April that includes a nice photo of her growing, pregnant belly. Here is a portion of the Saturday morning update including the full post and picture of April’s belly.

“3/4 Morning Update

“Pregnancy belly has never looked so good! Move over Beyonce — there is a new bump in town!

“April, as many of you observed, had a good night but very active. A few times, she appeared to perhaps contract, but we cannot confirm that was the true reasoning. We must remember a 6′ 150# baby is performing acrobatic routines inside! Keepers report she has a large appetite this morning, and is enjoying morning treats.

“Blistery cold temperatures, snow, ice, and wind will keep Oliver, April, and many of our other animals in safe spaces today. Temperatures will be rising in the coming days and warrant yard time and yield sunshine! Remember – inside days mean extra love and treats and enrichment to keep everyone happy!”

There was little change in last night’s evening update as well. April continues to experience frequent belly activity as her little calf continues to grow and move inside her. Those who follow April on the live cam have noticed the change. She is eating well, active and goes outside when weather permits. As her due date has been delayed, it can be an anxious time for many who are actively awaiting the birth of her new calf via the live cam. Nature can’t be rushed and April is progressing in her pregnancy in a healthy and safe manner. She is receiving excellent care and is frequently examined by a veterinarian. She will go into labor and deliver her calf when the calf is ready to be born.

Until then, enjoy watching the live cam and experiencing April’s fun moments from day-to-day.

[Featured Image by Susan Flashman/Shutterstock]