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Blac Chyna Furious As Nicki Minaj Reportedly Flirts With Future: Feud Erupts?

Blac Chyna is furious at the thought of Nicki Minaj getting together with her ex-boyfriend Future.

Blac Chyna famously dated the rapper back in 2015 and even appeared in his music video for “Rich Sex,” where the former stripper is seen showing off her dangerous curves while flirtatiously leading Future into the bedroom.

The relationship didn’t last, and it wasn’t long until Blac Chyna would go on to form a new relationship — with Rob Kardashian. But now that the romance between the two reality stars has fizzled out, as revealed by Us Weekly, Blac is determined to get back with Future, the man she supposedly knows is the right one for her.

Trying to make a reconciliation happen is going to be difficult for Blac Chyna because she’s now aware of the supposed fact that Nicki Minaj is making moves on the “Blood On The Money” hitmaker, convinced that she might have already lost her chance to get back with Future.

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It’s annoyed Blac Chyna beyond belief, an insider tells Hollywood Life, stressing that the mother-of-two had been hoping that she would get back with Future, but after having seen photos of him and Nicki filming a music video together, it’s apparent to Blac that Minaj has already made the first move.

Of course, Nicki has never made any sort of announcement regarding a supposed relationship with Future, apart from having shared photos of the rapper and herself filming their secret music video in an undisclosed location earlier this week.

While Minaj and Future are said to have been friends for more than four years, Enstars continues, Blac Chyna thinks that there’s more going on between the two — especially now that Nicki is single — and it’s only adding to the annoyance she already feels about the situation.

“[Blac] Chyna’s not liking Nicki Minaj right now,” the source shares. “She was inches away from trying to make another move on Future now that she’s single and boom, here comes Nicki f***ing up her plan. Chyna misses Future.

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“She’s been reminiscing about how well he treated her when they did ‘Rich Sex.’ She even got his name tatted on her because she liked him really hard, something she’d never even thought about doing for Rob [Kardashian]. She’s hoping Nicki will keep her hands and her booty off Future and keep it strictly business.”

As the source already mentions, Blac Chyna is trying hard not to think about the possible things Nicki and Future have been getting up to while they are not shooting their collaborative music video together.

News of Blac Chyna’s reported feud with the female rapper over Future comes just weeks after Rob Kardashian confirmed he had ended his engagement to the TV star, who he had been seeing for just over a year.

Following endless arguments and one infamous physical altercation, the couple decided to go their separate ways, with Blac Chyna having realized that being with Rob wasn’t the right environment for her or their baby.

Blac settled with the idea that separating with Kardashian was better for the both of them, adding that she wants to actively co-parent their baby girl Dream together, so long as Rob is willing to do the same.

While it was first said that Blac Chyna had wanted to remain single for some time in the hopes of focusing her attention more on her businesses, sources affirm that she misses Future and the photos she’s seen of him with Nicki Minaj has made her quite jealous.

What do you think? Should Blac Chyna reconcile with Future?

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