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Selena Gomez Fears Bella Hadid Run-In: Dodging Model Amid The Weeknd Romance

Selena Gomez isn’t ready to face Bella Hadid just yet, especially now that her relationship with The Weeknd is hitting new heights.

According to reports, Selena Gomez had planned to reunite with her boyfriend in Europe since the R&B singer is currently on his world tour, meaning that the time the twosome get to see one another is very limited.

Since Selena Gomez’s schedule hasn’t been too busy as of late, she managed to take a flight out to Paris, France, where she enjoyed watching several of The Weeknd’s shows before abruptly deciding to fly back to Los Angeles.

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Hollywood Life claims that Selena Gomez’s decision to fly home was a rather sudden move, and it’s supposedly all down to her ongoing feud with Bella Hadid, who had also been in Paris modeling the clothes for some of the top designers in the world.

Bella, who has very well established herself as one of the biggest models in fashion alongside her sister Gigi Hadid, has not been able to forgive Selena, allegedly telling friends and family that the “Hands To Myself” singer is a backstabber and a traitor for stealing her man.

It should be noted that Bella reportedly ended her relationship with The Weeknd in November, stressing that their careers were too hectic to make the romance work, so they both came to the conclusion that they should take a break from one another for the time being.

Unfortunately for Hadid, The Weeknd ended up falling in love with Selena Gomez, someone who Bella had supposedly considered a friend of hers, making the situation that much worse. And, of course, it didn’t help that Selena Gomez never bothered to give the model a heads up about her romance with the “Starboy” chart-topper, causing even more of a rift between the two former pals.

Selena is fully aware that Bella is still angry with her, and since Gomez is far from the person to have a confrontation with somebody in public, she knew that if she stayed in Paris, she was bound to run into Hadid, which would’ve been an altercation that Selena isn’t ready for just yet.

“Selena was dreading that she might have an awkward run-in with Bella in Paris. She is so relieved that she didn’t cross paths with her, even though The Weeknd kept reassuring her that even if they did see Bella, it wouldn’t be a problem,” a source reveals.

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The insider concluded by saying that The Weeknd had reassured Selena Gomez she didn’t have anything to worry about, stressing that it’s bound to happen eventually, and while nobody knows how Bella will react, it’s better to have the confrontation now than later.

“The Weeknd doesn’t want to worry about running into Bella in the future — he’d rather just break the ice once and for all, but Selena isn’t ready for that just yet,” the outlet’s source adds.

Selena Gomez clearly wasn’t interested in the idea of even attempting to have a conversation with the 20-year-old, as reports previously revealed how the “Come & Get It” star never even considered herself to be that close to Bella.

It’s said that Selena Gomez only knew Hadid through her sister Gigi, Vanity Fair notes, who happens to be part of Taylor Swift’s girl squad. Other than that, their supposed friendship is very distant, and that’s because Gomez has allegedly never considered herself to be pals with Bella in the way that it’s been portrayed.

Selena Gomez is expected to drop her forthcoming album later this year, with the lead single from the record reportedly expected to drop before the summer.

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