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Zoo Attack Suspects: Police Hope To Catch Intruders Using Baseball Cap

Zoo Attack Suspects May Be Tracked Down Using Baseball Cap

Police are hoping that they will be able to find two zoo attack suspects using a baseball cap found inside Zoo Boise after the beating death of a monkey.

The break-in occurred on Saturday morning around 4:30 am and involved two males wearing dark clothing, reports ABC News. Thw men were spotted by a security guard outside the fence by the primate exhibit.

They both fled the scene with one going into the interior of the zoo. Police in Boise used a thermal imager to search the 11-acre zoo grounds but were not able to find the suspect.

Police also discovered the body of a Pata monkey that died from blunt force trauma to the head and neck. Along with an analyzing the baseball cap left by the two zoo attack suspects, they are also analyzing blood at the scene to see if it came from the monkey or one of the human intruders, notes USA Today.

Zoo Boise Director Steve Burns stated of the break-in:

“I’ve been here for 15 years and we haven’t had anything like this happen. It’s unfortunate that we have to let kids know that something like this happens. Monkeys are always among the most favorite animals here.”

Burns stated that he is not yet sure if the remaining Patas monkey will stay at Zoo Boise or if it will be sent to another zoo where it can be more social. Sergeant Ted Snyder of the Boise Police Department issued a statement, saying:

“It’s very disturbing that someone would intentionally break into the zoo and harm an animal. We’re doing all we can to find who did this.”

The baseball cap left by the two zoo suspects is gray with a distinctive skull design. It was found near the site and police are hoping it helps lead them to those responsible for the Patas monkey’s death.

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9 Responses to “Zoo Attack Suspects: Police Hope To Catch Intruders Using Baseball Cap”

  1. Susan Bzr

    find that bastards that killed the monkey and beat the living shit out of them! I am sick of ass holes who think they treat animals and humans like shit, find them beat them until they cant move and then throw them it the freeway some where, it takes a cold heart truely eveil person to do such a thing, we don't need people like that on earth.

  2. Marcia Shiel

    This is what happens when the laws to protect animals are a joke in this country There is no deterrent There is no respect for life Everyone hears about animals neglected abused and beaten all the time in this country What happens to the offenders? nothing As a result you have deliquents who think it's funny to harm animals Then everyone scratches their head when something happens What's been done to ban and shut down puppy mills? nothing….what about Dogfighting? investigators can't prosecute unless they catch the a$$holes in action How stupid and naive is that? We are supposed to be so intelligent The fact is,, humans are selfish greedy and cruel.

  3. Susan Sivilli


  4. Anonymous

    The people who do things like this need to be in a cage and not the monkeys.

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