Jaden Smith has a new movie in the works, blows the minds of social media.

Jaden Smith Returning To The Big Screen, Blowing Minds With Science Facts

Jaden Smith is a busy, multi-talented guy, and he’s proving it with news that he’s returning to the big screen, which coincides with a mind-blowing reading of science facts that’s taken the internet by storm. While the two tales seem completely unrelated, they serve as an excellent illustration of Jaden Smith’s epic general awesomeness. Not to mention that Jaden fans appear to be equally excited by both.

First, Jaden Smith is heading back to the silver screen for the first time in years, and the very first time as an adult. As Hollywood reports, young Jaden last graced the big screen back in 2013. That’s when the teen starred in the critically panned M. Night Shyamalan flick, After Earth. Jaden’s dad, Will, took the lead role in the movie, but even with their combined star power, the movie was poorly received, and Jaden Smith hasn’t been in a movie since.

That’s not to say that Jaden hasn’t been busy, or even that he hasn’t been acting. The youngest Smith son has been building his brand and getting his name and face out there, scoring a couple of TV roles, including a part in The Get Down on Netflix.

Jaden Smith’s next film role will once again include a lot of help from his superstar dad; Jaden has been cast by Will Smith to star in the upcoming romantic drama Life In A Year. The flick will be co-produced by Will Smith’s Overbrook Entertainment and will co-star stunning model-turned-actress Cara Delevingne. Sure to be a tearjerker, the movie features the starring due attempting to compress a dream life into one short year after the on-screen couple learn that she is dying.

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Filming on the new Jaden Smith romance is slated to begin in Canada this spring, and fans are hopeful that his latest foray into acting could be the springboard Jaden needs to really get his career off the ground.

Fortunately for his fans, Jaden Smith is never one to shy away from the spotlight, and it’s a certainty that there will be no shortage of Jaden’s antics between now and the time Life In A Year is released. Case in point, a recent “dramatic reading of trivia” that Jaden performed during a Vanity Fair interview and photo shoot.

As Teen Vogue reports, the Jaden Smith reading is highly dramatized and features some seriously mind-blowing facts about human biology and astronomy. It also features lengthy pauses and a movie-worthy score to heighten the theatrics and highlight Jaden Smith and his iconic eccentricity.

Video of the dramatic Jaden Smith science facts reading has gone viral since it began making its round on social media, and fans and critics alike of 18-year-old Jaden are literally having their minds blown from so much awesomeness. Even Jaden can be seen struggling to come to terms with the reality of what he’s saying, as he reads some of the material provided.

In the video, Jaden Smith flaunts his signature hair and the blank-faced stare that almost become his trademark. Try as he might to keep himself in check, however, Jaden can be seen expressing visible disbelief as he speaks into the camera.

“The human brain takes in 11 million bits of information every second, but is aware only of 40…On Saturn and Jupiter, it rains diamonds…Sharks have been around for longer than trees.”

While a bit bizarre, the dramatic science fact reading via Jaden Smith that has taken social media and the rest of the internet by storm is par for the course for the younger Smith. A social media maven in his own right, the teen is known for his off-the-wall antics, activism, and sometimes in-your-face intellectualism.

He’s also known for being as personally dramatic as he appears in the above science video, even famously melting down in a DMV parking lot and posting the video to Instagram after failing his driving test. He has also managed to keep his brand in the spotlight, hyping his musical releases on social media, proudly and famously wearing dresses for Louis Vuitton, and creating a gender-bending clothing line of his own, even facing down a relentless death hoax last summer that had his fans constantly wondering if he was dead or alive.

Fans of Jaden Smith can surely rest assured that they will be getting plenty of Jaden while the budding young actor/activist/musician/model/designer films his first flick as an adult.

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