Mama June Shannon feared weight loss surgery complications.

Mama June Shannon Feared Weight-Loss Surgery Or Complications Could Be Fatal

Mama June Shannon of Here Comes Honey Boo Boo fame continues to captivate her fans with her recent stunning weight loss. The reality TV mom has clinched a reality TV show of her own since going under the knife to shed hundreds of pounds (Mama June reportedly dropped from 460 pounds to a size four), and is now starring in Mama June: From Not to Hot as she shares her weight-loss journey with the world.

The final Mama June Shannon “big reveal” has yet to happen on the new show, which is about to air its second episode tonight. Rather, the new series has focused on chronicling everything Mama June went through as she struggled to beat the battle of the bulge. As Us Weekly reports, Mama June opted for a risky weight-loss surgery as opposed to traditional diet and exercise alone to achieve her goals.

The surgery was ultimately a success, but it was a very high-risk procedure, and Mama June knew from the get-go that it was a surgery that she might not survive. According to Shannon, she struggled with some last-minute doubts right before going into the operating room, doubts that could have been a premonition of life-threatening things to come.

“This surgery is honestly probably the scariest thing I’ve ever done in my life. I mean, I could die from it. I’m not one to let go of control easily, and I have no control over this situation once they put me to sleep.”

Fortunately for Mama June Shannon, she did pull through the gastric sleeve surgery. For some heart-wrenching moments while she was unconscious, though, things got pretty scary for the reality TV mom as she began to bleed excessively. Check out the video of the procedure below, but be warned that it is extremely graphic and not for the faint of heart.

Just before Mama June was put under, a compassionate doctor can be heard trying to still the fears of the 37-year-old, promising to return Shannon to her daughters after a successful procedure. However, that is one promise that almost wasn’t able to be kept, and reality TV cameras caught the whole terrifying Mama June surgery moment on film.

“I’ll take care of you. I’ll put you in your daughters’ hands right after this.”

The beginning of Mama June’s extensive weight-loss surgery appear to go fairly well, with physicians cutting out a portion of her distended stomach and replacing it with a tube. As they are finishing up the job, Mama June begins to bleed, seemingly uncontrollably.

While all Mama June fans already know that the pageant mom pulled through the weight-loss surgery (after all, she’s now starring in a new show), there were a few moments during the procedure when things appeared touch-and-go and it almost seemed as though her fears had been founded.

In addition to the surgery scare, AOL News reports that Mama June Shannon suffered from a long and painful recovery. Just a day after enduring the life-changing operation, Shannon struggled even to move, and even just sipping water was a painful challenge.

“I’m feeling every bit of the pain today. I’m very, very sore — very agitated.”

Despite a rocky start, Mama June’s weight loss journey has reportedly been a very successful one. While the network behind her new reality show is keeping the lid on her supposedly mind-blowing after photos, her daughters can’t stop bragging up their mama, and talking about how far she’s come and how much weight she’s lost. In fact, according to Pumpkin, Mama June’s staggering weight-loss and new hot body (June reportedly underwent separate breast augmentation and skin removal surgeries after dropping the weight) are causing some interesting side-effects in the Shannon home.

“I ain’t trying to be like R-rated or anything, but she walks around the house in a pair of her underwear now, so…Uh huh. I’m like, ‘June, put some pants on! Put some pants on!'”

Mama June Shannon has reportedly lost such an extreme amount of weight following her gastric sleeve that the creators of her new show have been accused of having the reality TV mom don a fat suit in public to hide her new body and exaggerate the effect for her big unveiling.

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