NFL Player Adrian Peterson Trends As Fans Question Where He’ll Play Next Season

Adrian Peterson running down the field with the ball

NFL player Adrian Peterson is currently trending on social media and Google as football fans everywhere want to know which team he is going to be playing for next season.

Per CBS Sports, the Minnesota Vikings announced on Tuesday that they would not be picking up Adrian Peterson running back option for the 2017 season. CBS Sports claimed most NFL fans didn’t find the news as too much of a shock given Peterson’s contract. With the revelation of this recent NFL news, however, it has left football fans everywhere wondering which team Adrian will be playing for next year.

He could still be a Viking next year

CBS Sports points out the fact that just because the Vikings decided not to pick up Peterson’s 2017 option does not mean he couldn’t play for the team. Whether or not he plays for the Vikings really comes down to whether he ends up making an emotional decision and following his heart or financial decision and following his wallet. He could opt for a reduced contract that allows him to finish out his NFL career as a Minnesota Viking – which is the team that originally drafted him back in 2007.

Adrian Peterson heads down the field with the football

Given how many teams are seeking to add Peterson for the 2017 season, it seems unlikely that he would remain on the Minnesota Vikings. The question is – what other teams could he end up playing for?

Dallas Cowboys

The very moment NFL news broke that the Vikings would not be picking up Peterson, rumors started to circulate that he could end up being a Dallas Cowboy instead. Given the fact that Adrian Peterson is originally from Texas, this is an NFL team that would make sense for the star player. Jerry Jones has also previously mentioned the fact that he would adore having Adrian on the Cowboys. It also isn’t lost on Cowboy fans that Peterson would fit perfectly into the team’s offense.

There are, unfortunately, just as many reasons why the Dallas Cowboys might not make a good fit for Peterson as they are pretty limited with their salary cap space and can’t really afford him unless he takes a serious pay cut. It also might not be ideal for him to serve as a backup for Elliott.

The Green Bay Packers taking on the Dallas Cowboys

Tampa Bay Buccaneers

The Buccaneers gets a slot on this list because it was one of the teams Peterson mentioned as a possibility for him during the offseason. The Bucs have a pretty generous salary cap space to work with and might be looking to go a different direction than Doug Martin after he got suspended towards the end of the 2016 season.

Oakland Raiders

The Raiders is another NFL team that just makes sense for Adrian to consider. The team managed to make playoffs last year and are currently on the rise. As far as cap goes, they would also be able to afford adding Adrian to their team, which is something some of the other teams in this list can’t really do.

Green Bay Packers

If Adrian Peterson is looking to seek some sort of revenge on the Minnesota Vikings, joining the Packers would be a great option. Most football fans know Ted Thompson will not be willing to spend an enormous amount of money to get Peterson on the team. If the price is right, however, he certainly would consider it. Offensively, however, Green Bay may not be the best fit for Adrian.

Chances are pretty good that NFL player Adrian Peterson will continue to trend on social media and Google until which team he is going to play on for the 2017 season has been determined. The real question is, what team do you think he should play for next season? Share your thoughts on Adrian Peterson and the NFL team you think he should play for in the comments section below.

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