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WWE News: Cesaro Sends Well Wishes To Jack Swagger As He Departs From The WWE

Recently, shocking information broke that Jack Swagger asked for his release from the WWE. Calling into former MMA star Chael Sonnen’s You’re Welcome podcast, Swagger explained that he does not feel valued in the company, and has much more potential than what WWE is allowing him to exhibit on television.

Moreover, the negotiations that are being discussed are borderline insulting, and he has to concentrate on what is best for his family. Swagger felt that opportunities such as the “We the People” gimmick and his World Heavyweight Championship run were great, but the continuous start and stop treatment of his pushes led to the fans reacting negatively towards his character.

Speaking of the “We the People” gimmick, Jack Swagger received yet another push from the WWE when he was aligned with Dutch “Zeb Colter” Mantel as pompous American spokespersons. To rid the country from “illegal” immigrants, Swagger and Colter made it a mission to compete for the American honor, but not in a way that was receptive to the fans.

This gimmick led to Swagger winning the Elimination Chamber match in 2013, and becoming the No. 1 contender for the World Heavyweight Championship held by Alberto Del Rio. Unfortunately, for Swagger, he was unable to defeat Del Rio in their match at WrestleMania 29.

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Colter would acquire Cesaro while Swagger was out of action with an injury, and Swagger would return to team with him. The team would coin themselves the Real Americans, and vie for the WWE Tag Team Championships. The team would never manage to be one of the top of the list, nor did they ever win the tag team titles. Aside from feuds with Santino Marella & The Great Khali and Los Matadores, the team did not have an impressive win-loss record.

Despite this, Cesaro did use this opportunity to gain recognition, and tease a babyface turn. The team would disband, but Cesaro would go on to win the Andre the Giant Memorial Battle Royal. Cesaro’s career would take a very odd turn, as he would have a short-lived alliance with Paul Heyman.

Cesaro recently expressed of Twitter his appreciation of the time spent in the WWE with Swagger.

Cesaro and Swagger would both eventually become babyfaces. While Cesaro would find tag team success with both Tyson Kidd and Sheamus, Swagger would be betrayed by Zeb Colter and lose his feud with Alberto Del Rio, before getting lost in the midcard scene.

The woes for Swagger would continue, as he would be drafted to Raw during the brand split without direction. He would then be deferred to SmackDown Live, commence a feud with Baron Corbin, lose the feud, and infrequently appear on television. Fed up with these inconsistencies, Swagger no longer desires to be under the WWE umbrella any longer.

Cesaro’s gesture to Swagger is a symbol of appreciation towards his contributions throughout his WWE career. At 34 years old, Swagger has plenty of opportunities to become a main event star in the professional wrestling business.

Alberto Del Rio was another person who had start and stop pushes in the WWE. Now, however, he is a top name in Impact Wrestling, as well as competing across the globe against other top names. With the popularity that Swagger has built across his career, he would be yet another person to experience great success outside of the WWE. As he told Chael Sonnen, his next endeavor is to compete in Mexico.

Also, as explained on the podcast, Mixed Martial Arts is a point of interest for Swagger. With his collegiate background, a ground-and-pound style may be an easier transition from pro wrestling than other wrestlers who tried out MMA. Regardless of his career path, Swagger finally has a chance to showcase his abilities that were held down by his time in the WWE.

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