Milo Venetimiglia issues warning to fans ahead of This Is us finale

Milo Ventimiglia Says Fans Should ‘Get A Puppy’ To Survive ‘This Is Us’ Finale

Milo Ventimiglia is preparing This Is Us fans for a gut-wrenching season finale. In an interview with People, Ventimiglia, who plays patriarch Jack Pearson on the hit NBC drama, said the show’s final two first season episodes will be so emotional that viewers may want to plan ahead for some serious snuggle therapy.

“Maybe get a puppy?” Milo Ventimiglia told the celebrity gossip magazine. “A ‘support animal’ I think they call them nowadays. But it’s just an idea that, find a loved one — someone you care about — and hold them tight because the end of the season may hurt a little bit.”

Milo also had another piece of advice regarding the This Is Us finale.

“Don’t watch it alone!”

The upcoming episode of This Is Us, titled “What Next?,” will feature Ventimiglia’s TV family celebrating the life of recently deceased character William (Ron Cephas Jones) before the season wraps up with an episode titled “Moonshadow.” Milo won’t be part of William’s celebration scene since his character is also dead in the present day, but he offered up some kind words for Jones’ character, who passed away at the end of last week’s “Memphis” episode.

“When you have a character as beloved as William is … you have to believe that they’re going to celebrate his life [as an] inspiration,” Ventimiglia told People. “William was never a dour man. He was someone who I think really captured life well, and I would like to think they’re going to celebrate him in an unpredictable way.”

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Ventimiglia also revealed that the final two episodes of the show will stress fans out.

“Get ready, it’s going to be stressful,” Milo told Entertainment Tonight. “Where William’s passing in episode 16 broke you open, there’s a lot of emotional repair you need after that episode. These next two [are] just going to stress you out.”

While Milo Ventimiglia admits that This Is Us creator Dan Fogelman has a “genius” way of writing where he takes on big, emotional issues but never leaves things hopeless. But Milo did say fans need to prepare themselves for the story behind his character’s death because it’s coming–and it’s going to hurt.

“It could be the next episode,” Ventimiglia teased. “It could be the second to last episode. It could be a ways away. But I think the idea is [to] embrace the moment that we’re in and know that it’s coming. You gotta be ready for it at any given time. It could very well be this season. You never know, you never know.”

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Milo Ventimiglia definitely has a way with words when it comes to offering advice to This Is Us fans. Earlier this year, he talked about how gut-wrenching the second half of the first season would be, telling Entertainment Tonight fans should expect to shed plenty of tears as the final episodes play out.

“Oh, man, invest in tissues,” Milo told ET. “Maybe a warm blanket. Get a wine subscription. Just be open and ready for what we have coming your way.”

Earlier in the season, Milo Ventimiglia’s TV wife, Mandy Moore, warned fans ahead of the fifth episode of the series, which ultimately revealed that Milo’s character, Jack, had died years earlier.

“I feel like the fifth episode is going to destroy people,” Moore told E!

That episode did destroy fans, but to hear Milo Ventimiglia talk, there’s a lot more where that came from.

Take a look at the video below to see Milo Ventimiglia talking about the final two episodes of This Is Us.

You can see Milo Ventimiglia and the rest of the This Is Us cast when the next episode airs Tuesday, March 7 at 9 p.m. ET on NBC.

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