Lira Galore Sex Tape: NBA Player Lance Stephenson Allegedly Seen In Leaked Video

Lira Galore Sex Tape: NBA Player Lance Stephenson Allegedly Seen In Leaked Video

Lira Galore reportedly had a sex tape leak online, one that shows the social media star in an explicit video with a partner reported to be NBA player Lance Stephenson.

The video reportedly leaked online this week, spreading quickly across social media and gaining coverage among celebrity news websites.

It didn’t take long to identify Lira Galore. In its report, Hollywood Life noted that the woman in the sex tape looked identical to the Instagram celebrity.

“Oh my goodness! Lira Galore has never been shy about flaunting her incredible body on Instagram, but we’re getting to see WAY more of her than we ever expected in an a very X-rated sex tape that leaked online Mar. 2. Of course, we don’t know if it’s her for sure, but it sure does look like her. And the woman in question has the very same shoulder tattoo that Lira has.”

A short time later, Lira Galore appeared to confirm that it was her on the sex tape. In a tweet sent in the early morning hours on Friday, she seemed to downplay the scandal of the explicit video.

“Y’all never seen nobody s**k d**k b4??.. everybody let’s relax,” she wrote.

“Could never feel any less about myself doin things you men die about to MY man…too bad it got leaked!” Lira later added.

Lira Galore has gained fame both for her racy pictures on social media and her history of dating A-list celebrities. The 23-year-old was engaged to rapper Rick Ross in 2015, but they ultimately broke off the engagement.

If you reposted TAG ME SO I KNOW ITS REAL #liragalore ????. And my #galoregirls ????

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Before that, she had been connected to NBA player Patrick Beverly but was reportedly stolen away by rapper Drake.

“Drake has reportedly been courting Lira for weeks,” Hollywood Life reported in October of 2014. “They even met up when the rapper was in Houston last week. Apparently, the two are having a whirlwind romance.”

She was later briefly connected to pop star Justin Bieber, though that relationship ended quickly as Lira moved on to Rick Ross.

Lira Galore is not the only social media star to get caught up in a sex tape scandal in recent months. Back in August, the so-called “Queen of Snapchat” YesJulz saw her own explicit video leaked.

While Lira Galore appears to be rolling with her sex tape scandal, there were rumors that the more brand-conscious YesJulz could suffer some economic blowback to her video.

As Bossip noted, YesJulz lost her verified check on Twitter after the scandal and feared she could also lose some of her endorsement deals.

“Her deals with Puma and Pacsun, to name a few, could potentially suffer. With the footage being a top trending topic at the hour, and Julz going radio silent on all social platforms — switching to private — memes and commentary are naturally being made right and left.”

YesJulz appeared to weather the scandal and still has a large following both on Twitter and Instagram, with the majority of her endorsements seemingly intact.

Both YesJulz and Lira Galore seem to have built careers out of posting racy and skin-baring images online. Lira’s Instagram page is filled with images of her posing in swimwear and some more glamorous shots showing her in evening wear.


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While Lira Galore has apparently admitted to the sex tape, it does not appear to be verified that Lance Stephenson is the man featured in the video. The 26-year-old Stephenson, who last played for the Minnesota Timberwolves, is currently an NBA free agent.

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