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Tom Cruise Could Bring Down Scientology ‘Singlehandedly’

Tom Cruise is like a “messiah” for Scientology members, according to the Huffington Post. For this reason alone, the Mission: Impossible actor could “singlehandedly” end Scientology once and for all, says former Scientologist Leah Remini.

Speaking to Bill Maher during his talk show Real Time on Friday, Remini revealed that Tom Cruise actually has the power and influence to “singlehandedly” bring down the controversial organization, which is often accused of “brainwashing” its members.

And while the list of celebrity Scientologists includes Tom Cruise, John Travolta, Elisabeth Moss, Alanna Masterson, and many others, the Mission: Impossible actor is the only one who could end Scientology, thinks Remini.

Remini, who has her own A&E docuseries Scientology and the Aftermath aimed at revealing the truth behind the organization’s brainwashing techniques, left the Church of Scientology in July of 2013, and ever since then, she has been criticizing the organization.

Remini, who encountered Tom Cruise in the church several times, revealed that even celebrity members such as the Edge of Tomorrow actor and Travolta are required to comply with Scientology’s rules, including spending a few hours of studying every day.

But Remini admits that Tom Cruise could actually end Scientology’s existence despite the fact that the organization has been around since the 1950s.

“Because they are saying he singlehandedly is clearing the planet, is changing the planet, so most Scientologists believe.”

The church’s idea of “clearing the planet” means eliminating “body thetans” or aliens, which Scientology members believe exist on the planet. Remini reveals that non-celebrity members of the church view Tom Cruise as their “messiah.”

Thanks to Tom Cruise’s immense influence within Scientology, the church actually bends the rules for the actor, which Remini calls “part of the hypocrisy.” In fact, everything seems to be revolving around Cruise and his life for Scientologists, according to Remini.

The former Scientologist explained that members of the church were even brainwashed to think that Tom Cruise’s career-related failures, including his 2016 box office flop Jack Reacher, are happening because of “suppressive people” working against the organization.

But it doesn’t seem that Tom Cruise could end Scientology anytime soon because the actor seems to be enjoying his time in the church and is glowing with happiness and health.

Last month, Tom Cruise was spotted on a movie set in Georgia shooting American Made. Many of his fans noted that the actor looked thinner and more youthful than he has in months.

Whether it’s the side effects of being a Scientologist or not, Tom Cruise will be seen in a new Mission: Impossible film titled M:I 6 next year.

Last month, the mother of Tom Cruise, Mary Lee South, died at 80-years-old, according to People magazine. South, who had been battling health issues for the past few years, died peacefully in her sleep.

South, who raised Tom Cruise and his two sisters, 57-year-old Lee Ann DeVette and 55-year-old Cass Mapother, was given a Scientology burial. The Church of Scientology allows cremating or burying the remains of the deceased.

Tom Cruise and his two sisters all attended the memorial service with their family and friends. Mary Lee South, born Mary Lee Pfeiffer, was the one who inspired Cruise to pursue an acting career.

While Tom Cruise has previously confessed that his father, Thomas Cruise Mapother III, was “a bully,” his mother encouraged Tom to try himself in acting after a knee injury ruined his wrestling career.

After Tom Cruise gave acting a shot and played in a high school production of Guys and Dolls, he asked his mother if he could have 10 years to give his acting career a shot.

South approved Tom Cruise’s aspiration to be an actor and had been by his side for decades.

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