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Mariah Carey Denies Cannon Custody Battle, Might Lose Recording Contract

Mariah Carey has experienced an interesting start to 2017. Unfortunately, the first memory of the New Year that everyone had, including the singer herself, was her disastrous performance at the New York City ball drop on New Year’s Eve.

Additionally, as Inquisitr recently reported, Mariah is also allegedly in danger of losing her recording contract since her latest single “I Don’t” flopped. That news, paired with the horrible NYE performance, has not been great for the singer as she heads into 2017.

There has been a bit of positive news for the diva since 2017 began, however, including becoming the star of her own reality show called Mariah’s World. Viewers were treated to footage that revealed when and why her engagement to James Packer was called off by the billionaire, as well as tidbits involving the development of her new romance with Bryan Tanaka.

As stated, during the reality series, viewers and fans finally were made aware of what the issue was between Packer and Carey that contributed to the split. Footage in one episode included a chat between Mariah and her manager, Stella, during which the diva confides that she feels bad about simply not having the time for Packer, and she wishes she did. The Daily Mail reminds of the conversation between the two women.

“I just wish I had more time to give him, like more quality time to be with him but I really don’t have that right now. This is a very demanding schedule and James has so many responsibilities. It’s not really easy for us to spend time together. I don’t know. It’s making my stomach hurt to think about it. I just feel like…I feel bad because I didn’t get to spend quality time with him. I don’t know how we’re gonna be able to put this together because we keep pushing things. “

Carey bounced back in love with ease as it appears, yet even her own ex-husband Nick Cannon admitted that he thought the relationship with Tanaka was all for show when the America’s Got Talent host spoke with Howard Stern on his radio show. US Weekly reminds of Cannon’s words on the air.

“First of all, I think the whole reality show is fake. I’m a producer, so I know how [it works]. Like, you can’t have a well-lit private conversation. Like, that s–t doesn’t happen,” the America’s Got Talent host. I don’t buy none of that s–t.”

Since this point, Carey and Tanaka have been overly open about their affections for one another to shut down speculation like Nick’s that the two are simply faking a romance for publicity. Carey took to Instagram most recently posting a steamy image of her and the 33-year-old backup dancer sharing a passionate kiss, and on Valentine’s Day, the superstar posted a snap of the two enjoying the hot tub together.

Additional reports regarding Mariah and her ex, who have always remained amicable, included a tabloid rumor spurred on by the National Enquirer that Carey and Cannon were now embroiled in a new custody battle over their twins, Moroccan and Monroe.

Mariah responded to these new rumors after ET mentioned the drummed up details recently.

RTT relays the star’s words posted via Instagram in response to a story that ran on Entertainment Tonight regarding the false claims by the tabloid.

“There’s no validity or truth to the false allegations looming in the press regarding our family. Nick is the father of my children we will always stand up for each other, have each other’s backs and we will always remain a strong family.”

It was after the tabloid report, claiming that Cannon’s “erratic behavior” was troublesome and worrying to Mariah Carey, that the star herself has stamped out this claim. Both she and Cannon continuously say that they are on great terms and talk to each other every day.

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