World Wildlife Day is March 3

World Wildlife Day 2017: Listen To The Young Voices [Video]

March 3 is World Wildlife Day and the theme for 2017 is “Listen to the Young Voices.” Founded by the United Nations on Dec. 23, 2013, World Wildlife Day seeks to create conservation awareness and inspire the next generation to find solutions to climate change and help save endangered plant and animal species. It was on Dec 23, 2013, the Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora (CITES) was signed and World Wildlife Day was simultaneously founded. There are three areas of focus addressed each World Wildlife Day including poaching, climate change and loss of animal and plant habitats.

There are three areas of focus addressed each World Wildlife Day including poaching, climate change and loss of animal and plant habitats. CITES specifies rules and regulations that govern convention members regarding fauna and flora use, preservation and conservation. All flora and fauna are valuable and partners worldwide celebrate wildlife on World Wildlife Day. You may hear a message from CITES Secretary General John E Scanlon in the video player below. Secretary Scanlon discussed the importance of including youth in conservation efforts and strategies as the older generation won’t be able to enact enough conservation efforts, rules and regulations to ensure wildlife is protected. As the future belongs to the youth, General Scanlon encouraged everyone to listen to the young voices on World Wildlife Day 2017.

World Wildlife Day creates awareness for the necessity of conservation. Social media is a buzz with photos news, information, and videos regarding endangered animals and plants while people discuss ways to save the environment.Members around the world will participate in activities and events to help inspire new methods for conservation efforts. You can find more ways to help and promote World Wildlife Day on social media networks such as Facebook, Flickr and Twitter.

One of the advantages of World Wildlife Day is that it focuses action at the national and state level around the world. The events ensure that everyone is taking a proactive approach to conservation and government heads are involved. March 3 is one of the most important days of the year when it comes to creating conservation awareness and new approaches to solving problems.

Wildlife conservation efforts present many challenges that must be addressed by more than one generation. A two-fold process must be utilized in order to effect successful change. Those who have been on the front lines of conservation efforts for decades bring wisdom while younger citizens bring a new perspective, energy and fresh ideas.

Because the 2017 theme for World Wildlife Day is “Listen to the Young Voices,” the official World Wildlife Day partnered with the organization Youth for Wildlife Conservation (Y4WC). You can watch a public service announcement about Youth for Wildlife Conservation and their partnership with World Wildlife Day below. The PSA features young voices from around the world and is a perfect example of how the younger generation is picking up the call to help save wildlife in all its forms.

Youth for Wildlife Conservation has asked people to get involved through social media networks by sharing videos and photos of why youth believes the world should listen to young voices regarding conservation. Here is a quote from the official Youth for Wildlife Conservation website asking for submissions.

“Let us know with a photograph or short video why you think the world should ‘Listen to Young Voices’, this can be a:

  • a reason why you think it is important to engage with the next generation
  • how youth inspire you in your own life to protect wildlife or the environment
  • or If you are a young conservationist you may choose to showcase your own actions in your community that positively impact wildlife.

“Open to all ages, it can be as creative or as straightforward as you like.

“The content can either be in English or in your native language along with the English translation.

“Then either send it to us by using our online form or simply post it to your social media platforms own using the tags #Youth4Wildlife, #YoungVoices and #WWD2017 on March the 3rd.”

If you don’t want to send your videos or photos through the online form for fear they won’t be seen in time, just use the hashtags and share your photos, videos and creative campaigns to your favorite social media networks.

Are you promoting conservation awareness this World Wildlife Day?

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