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John Legend Says Jeff Sessions Has To Go, Russia Is Not Only Problem

Though John Legend has a full plate with his performance at the Oscars, and touring for his album, but he can’t help but share his thoughts on what is going on in the world of politics, namely with Russia and Jeff Sessions. Legend says Sessions has got to go, and recusal isn’t enough, Legend says sessions needs to resign.

Just before the Oscars, a Twitter hacker forced John Legend’s hand in terms of sharing thoughts on Donald Trump, says the Inquisitr. The hacker went off on Donald Trump, calling him a “Cheeto” and threatening violence against the president. Legend commented that he would never threaten violence, but that the rest of the hacker’s posts were hilarious. Legend said after seeing some of the things his hacker posted, he obviously needs to step up his Twitter game. Legend’s wife, Chrissy Teigen, also cracked up after reading what the hacker wrote.

But when it comes to Jeff Sessions and his sketchy behavior, communicating with Russia, and then not telling the full truth about it, John Legend Legend has zero tolerance, according to TMZ. While fans stopped him with almost every step in Beverly Hills for selfies, Legend shared what he really thinks about Jeff Sessions, and he doesn’t think much of the attorney general, calling him a racist.


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Legend says that it is ridiculous that Jeff Sessions says he will only recuse himself, when he needs to resign.

“Sessions should have never been attorney general in the first place, as he doesn’t care about justice. He [Sessions] has a history of racism and denying black people the right to vote. Hopefully he will resign, and they will replace him with someone better.”

When Legend was asked what he thought of the state of the union address, he said he wasn’t impressed. He also said that Trump won’t make it four years.

“He won’t show his tax returns because he’s a crook.”

Music News is saying that even though John Legend has tried to remain positive about politics and the world, the election of Donald Trump has him shaking his head. But with the birth of his baby Luna with wife Chrissy Teigen, he now has to think about what it will mean to raise Luna in “Trump’s America.”

“Hopefully ‘Trump’s America’ won’t last very long and we get him out of here within the next four years. By the time Luna is old enough to be aware of what is happening, America would have elected a far better president. Trump promised to do things which are really bad for the country and some which are good and the hope is he’ll just do the good parts but I don’t have a lot of faith in him. I’m just hoping for the best and when we need to resist and speak out, we need to hit the streets and do it. For now, I’m more worried about the people less fortunate than my daughter, people who might lose their healthcare or get excluded because of the color of their skin, their religion and country of origin.”

Legend says that while he will continue to share a message of hope through his music, he also intends to share his thoughts when things are going off of the rails with the Trump administration.

What do you think of John Legend’s statements about Jeff Sessions and Donald Trump?

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