‘Attack on Titan: Escape From The Brink Of Death’ Nintendo 3DS Game Intense Trailer

‘Attack On Titan: Escape From Certain Death’ 3DS Game Delayed To Improve Quality

Shingeki no Kyojin: Shichi Kara no Dasshutsu, an action-packed game headed to Nintendo 3DS that is based on immensely popular Japanese manga Attack On Titan or AOT, has been intentionally delayed by the developers. The game that was supposed to be released on March 30 will now be launched on May 11.

KOEI Tecmo’s Ruby Party team confirmed that Attack On Titan: Escape From Certain Death, a role-playing action game that was meant for the Nintendo 3DS system, will have its launch delayed by about 10 days. The official website claimed the delay was intentional as the developers are working to “further improve the game’s quality.” No further details were offered to explain the delay or to elaborate on what was being altered, improved or changed. However, fans of the franchise speculate that the developers could be tweaking the game dynamics as well as the smart engine that allows players to make intelligent choices which alter the gameplay.

Ruby Party team had recently released the second trailer for Shingeki no Kyojin: Shichi Kara no Dasshutsu. Although the promotional video did not offer much detail, it did drop some hints about the rather advanced gameplay as well as the baseline plot. Incidentally, the game’s storyline has been confirmed to be original and independent of the manga as well as the anime. However, the game is based on the Attack On Titan series and does feature majority of the leading characters, including Eren, Mikasa, Levi, and other Elite Survey Corps members.


‘Attack On Titan: Escape From Certain Death’ Nintendo 3DS Game Intense Trailer

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Attack On Titan: Escape From Certain Death allows the player to be a part of the Elite Survey Corps. However, it appears the players may not be able to play the leading characters of Shingeki no Kyojin. Instead, players may have a unique identity in the game and be part of the Survey Corps. The player will have to seek help from the characters in order to complete the mission, apart from staying alive and not get eaten by the Titans.

As reported by the Inquisitr earlier, players of the AOT game can unravel “unexpected sides” of the in-game characters. Moreover, in order to proceed in the game, the players will have to “deepen the bonds” between the scouting crew. Attack On Titan: Escape From Certain Death places the player in an obscure castle far outside the safe confines of the giants walls that have been protecting the last of human settlements from man-eating giants, called Titans. The “dangerous world outside the wall” is just one of the aspects of the location. As expected, the Titans attack the group, stranding the player and separating him from the rest of the group. Besides his wits, the player has a malfunctioning 3D maneuver gear.

The primary goal of for the players of Attack On Titan: Escape From Certain Death is overcoming the difficulties and regrouping with the Elite Survey Corps without losing mental balance and not getting eaten by the Titans. Although the game may appear action oriented, the developers have infused a lot of adventure and decision making within the latest AOT game that steers the gameplay according to the choices the player makes.

The current year is quite important for Attack On Titan. Anime based on the immensely popular franchise will have its Season 2 soon.

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