Ryback vs. R-Truth WWE

WWE News: Ryback Shoots On How Wrestlers Feel About R-Truth Backstage

Ryback has been very vocal about his experience in the WWE since his departure. While many may call it just being bitter about the empty promises given by Vince McMahon of being a top star, his Conversation with The Big Guy podcast has revealed many parts of WWE that the company would certainly not want to be exposed.

From the very beginning, Ryback stated that his goal is not to dump on the WWE, but to share his experience while working with the company for 10 years. A significant portion of his ranting that has been buzzworthy is attributed to John Cena, and how he made a living and maintained his spot in the company by holding down rising stars such as Wade Barrett and Alex Riley – both gone from the company – down.

Another publicized rant from Ryback is how WWE treated Tyson Kidd. Infuriated about how WWE has not contacted him since his potentially career-ending injury at the hands of Samoa Joe at a house show in 2015, he believes that the company should keep him employed for as long as he wants in a non-wrestling role.

Typically, Ryback is known for negative rants that generate plenty of conversation in the media world. However, there is one person that Ryback thinks highly of, and he is former United States and Tag Team Champion R-Truth. Ryback had nothing but good things to say about R-Truth, and that everyone likes him backstage as well.

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“He’s such a good guy. Nobody will ever say anything bad about R-Truth. And by the way, in this day and age where crowds boo people and like, they don’t like to cheer the good guys sometimes. R-Truth is never booed. It doesn’t matter when he comes out, the music hits, and sometimes the crowds are dead later on in the night. But, he’s never booed. He does his routine, he knows his shtick, and it works every single time. He’s one of my favorites.”

Ryback also shared that R-Truth does a good job at maintaining relationships, which makes him a great person to boost morale backstage.

R-Truth has always been a solid hand for the WWE. He would certainly be the type of person who would make it in the WWE Hall of Fame for continually filling a strong midcard role throughout his time with the company.

Originally debuting in the WWE as K-Kwik in 2000 and teaming with Road Dogg, R-Truth became heavily involved in the Hardcore division, winning the championship. His initial stay was very short-lived, though, as he would be released just a year later.

After having a very successful stint in TNA, winning the NWA World Championship on two occasions as well as the tag team championship on three occasions, R-Truth was re-signed by WWE in 2008. During his nine years in the company, he has been U.S. Champion as well as a Tag Team Champion. He also had a heel turn in 2011, which led to a WWE Championship main event match against John Cena at Capitol Punishment.

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Perhaps his most popular time in his career was when he had an imaginary friend named “Little Jimmy.” During this time, he would frequently converse with this character, even having Little Jimmy as his manager for a period of time. R-Truth has stayed relevant throughout his career, having important spots in Elimination Chamber and Survivor Series matches. He was also featured in Survivor Series 2011, as he and The Miz competed against The Rock and John Cena in the main event.

His career accolades in the WWE would make him a strong candidate for the WWE Hall of Fame. At 45, his days competing full-time are winding down, but there is a strong chance that WWE will reward his loyalty by giving him a lucrative backstage role.

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