Abby Lee Miller is looking at five years in prison

Abby Lee Miller ‘Terrified’ Of Jail, While Chloe Lukasiak Dances With Handcuffs

With all of the news surrounding the fate of Dance Moms star Abby Lee Miller, the pressure is on her more than ever before. And according to some new reports, the thought that she has to go to jail is terrifying to Abby Lee Miller. But that hasn’t stopped some of her Elite Dancers from taking a potshot or two at her, such as when Chloe Lukasiak decided she was going to do a dance routine with handcuffs. Not that Abby Lee Miller didn’t deserve it — in fact, it was hilarious — but you have to admit, it’s a bit of a roast of the dear woman.

According to the New York Daily News, Abby Lee Miller was recently interviewed about the possibility of going to jail, and in the middle of the interview, she broke down in hysterical tears.

“‘The fear of the unknown is great,’ Miller said, wiping her eyes. ‘But also the stories you hear, you know, about being abused physically.’ The professional dance teacher, 50, was indicted on 20 counts of fraud, including bankruptcy fraud, in October 2015 after she failed to claim $755,000 of income she earned from her Lifetime reality show when she filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy.”

That hasn’t stopped the likes of Chloe Lukasiak from throwing shade at Abby Lee Miller in a dance routine. According to the International Business Times, Chloe’s most recent performance featured nothing less than handcuffs.


“While Chloe does not appear to be rejoining her ALDC teammates following her fallout with coach Abby Lee Miller, she did compete at a Season 7B competition for the Lifetime show on Feb. 25. Attendees of Fierce NDC in Panorama City, California, captured video of Chloe performing alongside Murrieta Dance Project in a contemporary group routine titled ‘Devil’s Playground.’ Chloe finished out the number by taking center stage and showing off a pair of handcuffs, no doubt a dig to Abby’s ongoing legal drama.”

Check out the competition below, and you tell us: Is it shade or not?

For now, at least, Abby Lee Miller has a little bit of a reprieve from her jail sentence.

According to ABC 27, her sentencing in her bankruptcy fraud case has been pushed back, yet again, to May 8. However, she is still looking at up to five years in prison, according to their legal expert.

“The federal court sentencing for ‘Dance Moms’ reality TV star Abby Lee Miller will continue before a federal court judge in Pittsburgh on May 8. Miller’s complicated sentencing hearing began Jan. 20 and was to have concluded Feb. 24. But prosecutors postponed it and the judge scheduled it to continue in more than two months. Prosecutors say Miller was dishonest and only fessed up to her real income after a bankruptcy judge saw her on TV in 2012 and figured she had to be lying. They’re seeking a prison sentence of up to 30 months. Miller’s attorneys say their client simply got caught up in her fame and fortune, but always intended to repay her debts. They’re seeking probation.”

It should be interesting to see how this part of the case plays out.

What do you think of this latest report on Abby Lee Miller? Do you think she will go to jail for a long time or simply get probation?

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