‘Fairy Tail’ Manga Chapter 521 – Universe One’s Return And Fairies Counterattack

‘Fairy Tail’ 524: Acnologia’s Relations, Natsu Vs. Zeref And August’s Attack

Chapter 523 of immensely popular Japanese manga Fairy Tail marked the entry of a highly dreaded antagonist on Earth. His presence after a very long hiatus could pose some serious problems to the Fairy Tail Guild. Chapter 524 continues from the incident.

[Warning: Manga Fairy Tail Chapter 524 spoilers/recap ahead]

Chapter 523 of Fairy Tail was as pivotal to the series as the one before it. It marked the entry of Acnologia, one of the most feared and powerful nemeses of the Fairy Tail Guild. Upon landing on the Earth, Acnologia heads straight to where Eileen Belserion’s body lies. He proclaims that Eileen is his mother and a sin. Shockingly, he proceeds to desecrate her dead body, while Wendy and Erza watch in horror. While the duo is not able to recognize him, a confrontation ensues.

In the previous chapter, Gray Fullbuster had attempted to use the deadly “Iced Shell” spell on Zeref to keep him trapped without killing him. The icy jail would ensure that Zeref remains trapped but alive, thereby allowing Natsu to live as well. However, the spell causes the caster to die and even erase his memories from the minds of the people he interacted with.

Fortunately, before the spell could be complete, Natsu reached the HQ and stopped Gray from killing himself. However, breaking the spell midway allowed Zeref to be free, and as expected, an epic confrontation ensued in the current chapter of Fairy Tail.


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‘Fairy Tail’ Manga Chapter 521 – Universe One’s Return And Fairies Counterattack

Given the fact that Zeref was responsible for embedding the E.N.D. within Natsu and resurrecting him many years ago, fans expected the former to be a lot more powerful. However, the latter had recently awoken from a deep slumber and had regained his strength and vigor. Hence the protagonist of Fairy Tail delivers some very powerful punches. Unfortunately, Zeref isn’t an ordinary adversary, and he replies with even powerful blows which send Natsu flying across the hall and into a bunch of crates.

Zeref retorts that Natsu doesn’t have any of Igneel’s powers in him, which renders him weak and vulnerable. Natsu replies that he has his own power to depend on. Before the two can begin fighting again, Zeref notes that although Eileen accorded “quite a bit of time,” he no longer has the “leisure to play around” with Natsu, and it is his “last chance.” He surprises the Happy and Lucy by adding that for the sake of humanity, Natsu will have to die.

Back near Magnolia, the fight between Gildarts and August halts abruptly as the combatants feel the presence of a powerful entity, but it is the latter who realizes it is Aconolgia. It is amply clear that August is quite concerned about the presence of Acnologia on Earth, and Gildarts senses the same. Gildarts chides August claiming there’s quite a bit of similarity between Acnologia and Zeref, but August states that while Acnologia “dyes humanity’s future pitch black,” Zeref “acts for the sake of the future of the human race.” As expected, Gildarts finds it hard to belief that Zeref is a good guy fighting on humanity’s side, but August notes that he understands the former’s disbelief.

Amidst the dialogue, Cana’s anger against Zeref and August erupts, and she insists that the happiness of the Fairy Tail Guild is of prime importance. She adds that for the sake of the Guild, she won’t stop from protecting them against any enemy, be it Acnologia or Zeref. Having spoken, Cana unleashes “Third Great Fairy Magic,” also known as “Fairy Glitter.” Although the spell causes devastation to the region, it doesn’t have any impact on August.

Strangely, August asks Cana if she loves her father. Cana replies she doesn’t have any “special feelings towards him.” Her answer shocks Gildarts. August then asks Gildarts if he loves his child. Gildarts claims he strongly does. It is not clear what August plans to do next, but clearly as part of a provocation tactic, he claims that despite learning all the spells and magic in the world, he still can’t comprehend the unconditional love shared by a parent and his child. It is quite possible that August might try to kill Cana in front of Gildarts in the upcoming chapter 525 of Fairy Tail, titled “Why Was His Majesty’s Child Not Loved?”

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