Stephen Bear fondles date breasts

Stephen Bear Too Handsy By Fondling Breasts On First Date

Stephen Bear proved that he does not like to waste time with the ladies after he fondled his date’s breasts on the first date.

Bear probably got a little too excited when he was matched with a busty beauty called Izzy on the Celebrities Go Dating show. His date put on quite a spectacular display thanks to her dress with a plunging neckline, allowing her to flaunt her ample cleavage. The Celebrity Big Brother winner must have focused too much on his date’s bust, so much so that he started fondling them within the first few minutes after they met.

Bear could barely keep his hands off his date

Stephen started dishing out compliments right off the bat before they even sat down, making his date feel extra special. He even pulled her in for a hug and placed her hands on her derriere without consent.

“You’re like Catwoman, you’re gorgeous!” Bear complimented the lady.

Stephen Bear fondles date breasts
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Bear took things a notch higher by asking Izzy whether she had panties underneath her dress and surprisingly, she happened to be commando. The beautiful lady also explained that she did not wear panties because her dress was too tight. The 27-year-old make sure that he made things even more awkward by asking Izzy whether he could play with her bongos before stretching his hands and placing them on the blond bombshell.

Bear’s girlfriend must have been fuming

Stephen has been dating Charlotte Crosby but prior to the date, he came clean about being sexually frustrated. It, therefore, explains his wanting behavior during his date with Izzy. He even pointed out that speed dating meant that he would have lots of women available to him.

“I haven’t got needs I’ve got bear [sic] f***ing necessities!” Stephen explained.

Crosby must have been super pissed at Bear for the way he behaved during his date with Izzy. Fellow celebrity Perri Kiely, who was on the same show, was visibly in disgust and disbelief. Stephen’s claim of being sexually frustrated brings some degree of confusion considering that he has been linked with Charlotte for quite some time. However, there has been some mystery around their relationship.

It is actually more of a fling rather than a relationship especially considering the uncertainty around it. They both shared a series of social media posts in which they seemed very close to each other though there was no official confirmation as to whether or not they were dating. The first rumors about Bear and Crosby dating came up after they were spotted taking a walk together while clad in matching sweaters.

Stephen Bear fondles date breasts
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Crosby and Bear’s relationship can only be described as complicated. Just a week ago, there was a report that they were no longer seeing eye to eye after the CBB winner reportedly kissed another woman while on the set of Celebrities Go Dating. This reportedly infuriated Charlotte among other issues such as Stephen asking a girl if she wanted to get intimate with him.

Even more confusing is the fact that Crosby and Bear were spotted together on a hotel balcony while completely naked meaning they had gotten back together. The 27-year-old recently opened up a bit about Charlotte claiming that she is a good kisser and that he likes her because she maintains her body in great shape. However, he did not go further into details though his statement suggested that there was definitely something brewing between them.

Unfortunately, fans are still in the dark about the official relationship status between the two stars. The fact that Bear also fondled another woman’s breasts leads to more uncertainty about the whole situation though it might just be scripted material.

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