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Smoke-Free Laws Blanketing Half The Country

Smoke Free Laws Sweeping The US

Over the past ten years, smoking bans across the United States have started booming. According to reports released by the Centers for Disease Control (CDC), smoke-free laws prohibit use of tobacco products in restaurants, taverns, and places of employment in nearly half the country.

When the laws were first introduced, companies made attempts to fight them citing the possible loss of business due to turning away potential customers. The fact that smoke-free laws are continuing to skyrocket points to a failure in these attempts, as well as a decline in how many Americans are smoking.

According to Boise Weekly:

“In 2000, only about 3 percent of Americans were covered by smoke-free laws.”

The smoke-free laws do not have a negative impact on business and, according the CDC, the agency director is encouraging the remainder of the twenty largest cities in the country to implement these laws in their restaurants, taverns, and places of employment.

Frieden said in a statement:

“If we can protect workers and the public in the remaining 20 largest cities, 16 million people would be better protected from cancer and heart disease caused by secondhand smoke.”

Though Boise has not imposed these bans for one full year yet, the reaction to implementation of smoke-free laws is still fresh in their minds. Companies believed they would lose business, some patrons believed they were being stripped of their rights, and some workers felt they couldn’t get through a shift without being able to smoke on the premises.

“It’s infringing on my rights,” said Jared Maylin, patron at Liquid. “It’s like french fries and ketchup. Smoking and drinking go hand in hand.”

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35 Responses to “Smoke-Free Laws Blanketing Half The Country”

  1. Jamie Thomas

    What I think is that If People don't like to be around smokers, They should not go where there Smokeing. It's there right, If they want to smoke they can. All of the Smokers should file a Discrimination suit against these people that tryes to take there smokeing rights away from them. I smoke, & I have been around it all of my life. If second hand smoke is going to kill you, It would have already killed me when I was a kid. These people are just finnaky, & Ridiculose.

  2. Lisa-Marie Kinsman

    That's right, if people don't like to be around smokers they shouldn't go where they're smoking. I think they should bring back smoking and non-smoking sections in restaurants. I also think the bar rooms and casinos should allow smoking again. If non-smokers don't like it, they can go somewhere else. Again, I agree with Jamie, I too grew up around smoke all of my life and if second hand smoke was going to kill me I would have been dead years ago. This new law also includes all government buildings. Well nobody can tell me that the President, Congressmen and Senators aren't smoking in their offices or the lunch room! I for one REFUSE to do what the government tells me to do. I'm fed up with "big brother" telling me where I can go, what I can do, where I can do it, etc. It's time for The People to take back their country!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Danielle Donovan

    It only takes one smoker exercising his "rights" to contaminate an entire restaurant for everyone else. No one has the right to an addiction that strips the rights from everyone else. The 50's are gone – get over it.

  4. Danielle Donovan

    And educated. If you want to smoke in a public place, please bring a plastic bag to wear around your head. No problem!

  5. Gerard Scott Waite

    NO, If people want to smoke it should be there right to smoke, I believe the government is using the public to shut down the Tobacco company's so the govt. don't look like the bad guy, The govt. can shut the tobacco company's down if they want but they won't. It would be the loss of more jobs.The govt. runs big business which includes Insurance company's, the medical industry, and are being manipulated to get the public to stop smoking which in time will shut down the tobacco company's. Still a loss of jobs. I could write more about this, but just wanted to give the basic's of my opinon.My answer is NO!

  6. Diane Szabo

    Would love to see more smoke free places that we can go and not come out smelling like a cigarette. I am not saying that you can't smoke, I used to smoke too. If they don't want to go smoke free, then make it mandatory to put in smoke eaters which would pull all the smoke out of the establishment.

  7. Kieran O'Hagan

    Danielle, let me ask you a question. If I decide to open a restaurant and plainly advertise that I allow smoking in my restaurant, who the hell is the government to tell me no, I can't allow smoking. This is MY RESTAURANT. If YOU don't like smoking, YOU can go elsewhere! So, explain to me now why government is allowed to dictate to a PRIVATE OWNER.

  8. Melva Anderson

    I am not a smoker but since when do you as a citizen have the right to tell someone who owns a business that they can not let people in there establishment that smokes? That is like me telling you who you can and can not have come to your home.

  9. Denton Thaves

    Dawn Johnson Hollingsworth Oh yes we have the right to strip smokers of their right there is laws banning smoking in most public places.
    None smokers have rights to and we have the right to breath fresh air all the time it is even against the law to smoke in some city parks and they are making it against the law to smoke in some bars.
    I hope some day they will ban smoking in people own homes because of their children.

  10. Carol Corbley Soos

    Ok, you all say if you don't want to smoke, stay away from us. Well if you occupy all of the establishments, where do we go. I hate going out to eat and coming home full of smoke. It congests me also. My eyes burn and I begin to cough. Gee and I came out to have a good time. Not here, or there, or there. Just go home that;s the only place you can control. Look, if you want to step outside for a smoke so be it. I don't know why you cannot smoke outside on the premises. I feel bad for you too that you cannot go an hour with out a hit. I still am grateful for the ban. Maybe they ave gone to far cause I do believe you have a right to smoke if you want. Just not around me, thank you very much. It was easier to ban it in places than to expect us to find a place where no one is smoking. Soon after sitting down and ordering, you would light up. Not fair to us either. Also I was thinking, they take the ban off and medical care goes up up and away! You pay so very much for those coffin nails and then pay more for the dr. to care for you cause you didn't care. Maybe some of the state will legalize it again just like grass! Thanks for reading this, I appreciate your hearing my side. :-)

  11. Susie Knapp Soos

    Wow, Carol…I am a smoker…I can't smoke anywhere except outside ….even in my own room it is banned!….where were u that they were smoking inside?….it's so bad that I feel guilty smoking outside…probably cuz everyone seeing me knows instantly how stupid I am!!….lol

  12. Thelma Nelson

    So when you go out do you stay away from cars, trucks, trains, factories and cafes that have grills? Come on the smog in cities isn't from cigarette smoke. I have smoked for over 50 years and have always tried to respect non-smokers rights, it's too bad they can't respect mine. I don't ask anyone to pay my medical bills, not even the government so my health is nobodys concern but my own.

  13. Mona Dworkin

    I am disgusted by coming in contact with smokers- not only because I do not choose to smell like smoke or 2nd hand smoke- but our son has asthma and cig.smoke is his trigger for an attack. I called a adult community housing complex for my mother.
    (in Virginia) to inquire about their policy- this woman was shocked ( yes- actually shocked ) that I should question their policy of allowing smoke in hallways, and public activity rooms. She said I was the first person to question this policy in 8 years…doubt it. however- I guess this is because this place is in Virginia-
    (altria country) don't non-smokers have rights?

  14. Tammy La Barge

    No I think it should not be banned, this is our right. I think if it is maybe drinking should be banned as well this is a drinkers drug of choice. Our drug of choice is to smoke, we want to keep as well.

  15. Donald Lute

    I beleave that where you smoke is the main issue here, no matter what concessions are made smokers are outnumbered about 75%its a no win -no long as they cant come into your home, or car…its not like smoking is screwing up the o-zone, its about civil rights, and the billions made over seas, that's keeping that's keeping the hawk off our door steps otherwise there would be smoking anywhere.

  16. Dawn Johnson Hollingsworth

    There are plenty of non-smoking places, yes, even bars. Medical care goes up cuz I smoke? How about medical care goes up cuz I have to smoke outside, either by going into the heat from the air conditioning, or, out in the wet or cold. If the CDC can work around germ warfare using air filtration systems, smokers should be able to smoke without the non-smokers griping.

  17. George Remus

    I wholeheartedly support and agree with all the smokers on this! And I look for your support in my stand against the new "anti-skunk" bans that are coming out. If I want to walk into a crowded restaurant, bar, place of business, or government agency, with an agitated skunk, and spray myself, it's my right as an Amurrican! If the bar allows it and other people don't like it, they can go find a non-skunking bar to patronize. It's not like second-hand skunk spray causes cancer, emphysema, wolverine attacks, or unwanted advances by Pepe Le Pew! People who say that are just finnaky and ridiculose! Skunking is a Right! It was guaranteed in the Constitution and I should be allowed to skunk where I want to skunk!

  18. George Remus

    I totally agree and support you, and look for your support on my fight against "skunking" bans (see my separate post)!

  19. Jamie Thomas

    Well don't go around Smokers if It's going to kill him. It's there freaking right to smoke. Why I bet you this, You take a non Smoker & I bet you he/she will have cancer. Anyone can have cancer without Smoking. Freaking Idiot.

  20. Danielle Donovan

    No, it's about the simple fact that smoking is bad for everyone, without exception. Love the silly attempt to compare it to drinking! If you drink, I don't get sick, don't stink, don't have to wash my hair later, can taste my food and don't need my inhaler. Personally, please drink and smoke a lot at home. The argument will be over much sooner.

  21. Danielle Donovan

    @Jamie – perhaps smoking has interfered with your ability to write coherently or understand the most BASIC science or law. There is no "right" to engage in a harmful activity that involves others against their will. And your bet is beyond silly, regardless of your passion. There isn't a single doctor who believes that non-smokers and smokers have the same cancer risk…or any of the other risks like breast cancer, hypertension, liver disease, heart disease. The list is endless. It is indeed your right to die of any of these diseases earlier than non-smokers, but you can't take hostages with you.

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