JD Harmeyer, Howard Stern Show media producer, enjoys a beer at Comic Con.

JD Harmeyer Is Getting Married And Howard Stern Is Not Happy

Howard Stern Show media producer JD Harmeyer is getting married, but King of All Media Howard Stern is less than thrilled with how he made the announcement.

JD Harmeyer announced his engagement to his fiancée on his Twitter account on February 27, giving a shout out to Howard Stern Show sponsor Steven Singer Jewelers and posting a picture of the engagement ring.

When the Howard Stern Show returned live the next morning, Stern said that his initial happiness for his longtime employee quickly turned to rage when he realized that the announcement should have been made live on the show, not via Harmeyer’s personal social media feed.

“Your name’s not JD anymore,” said Howard Stern, his voice thick with his characteristic ire. “It’s Judas.”

Harmeyer first wondered if Stern was angry that he hadn’t proposed on air, but Stern quickly clarified that the reason for his rage was the online venue on which he chose to make the announcement.

“For a split second I was happy for him and then it turned to just outright anger,” said Stern.

“Why would you announce it on Twitter? You work on the Howard Stern Show…How much money do you make from Twitter?”

“Zero,” Harmeyer replied.

“How do you pay your bills and how do you pay your rent, and who signs your check?” continued Stern, seething.

“Sirius XM,” Harmeyer responded sheepishly.

“Doesn’t it occur to you to say ‘OK, I want to make the announcement I got engaged. Maybe I’ll do it on the show, since I’m going public with this information’?” said Stern before launching into an extensive lecture of Harmeyer for his latest faux pas.

Harmeyer moved in with his girlfriend in November 2016, revealing at the time that while they currently had no plans to start a family, she was hoping to get married sooner rather than later. Harmeyer is 37-years-old, but the age and other personal details about his fiance are unclear. He has kept most information about his fiance, including her full name, private, likely to assist her in avoiding harassment and unwelcome attention from Howard Stern Show fans who have a reputation for being unruly. It’s also unclear exactly how long JD Harmeyer and his future bride have been dating, but Harmeyer was still playing the field in January 2014 when he was the subject of an on-air Howard Stern Show game “Win a Date With JD Harmeyer.”

As media producer, JD Harmeyer screens and compiles clips and edits audio recordings for the Howard Stern Show. He has been a part of the show for Howard Stern’s entire run at Sirius XM, which began in 2006. In addition to his behind-the-scenes work, he has become a regular on-air personality where he plays the role of frequent object of ridicule. Howard Stern and his on-air cohorts regularly make fun of Harmeyer for his inarticulate patterns of speech, slovenly appearance, and the 2015 revelation that he went a full year without washing his sheets.

Harmeyer has not yet announced an official date for his nuptials but has previously stated that if he were to get married, the wedding would likely take place either in New York City or in Florida near his mother. Howard Stern and his wife Beth Ostrosky Stern own property in Florida, so it’s conceivable that the King of All Media would attend the event in either location.

JD Harmeyer and Gary Dell'Abate from the Howard Stern Show pose with cosplay characters at Comic Con 2014.
JD Harmeyer at Comic Con 2014. [Image by Araya Diaz/Getty Images]

Howard Stern’s limo driver and on-air personality Ronnie Mund got engaged March 1, 2016, so love is clearly in the air for the Howard Stern Show cast and crew.

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