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NFL Referee Obscenity Fine For Cursing Before Live Audience [Video]

NFL Referee Obscenity Fine For Cursing Before Live Audience

An NFL referee has been issued a fine for using an obscenity, cursing before a live television audience at the Dolphins-Colts game this past November 4th. As The Inquisitr originally reported, Tony Corrente was caught uttering some obscenities with his microphone at a conference of officials after a penalty with 5:22 left in the game.

Tony Corrente is a well-seasoned referee with 18 seasons under his belt. Corrente had inadvertently left his microphone turned on during a conference with members of the officiating crew. Because of this mistake, Corrente did not realize the crowd and the CBS television audience would hear his cursing.

The NFL has officially responded by fining the NFL referee Tony Corrente for one game, as reported by The fine was issued Friday by NFL officiating director Carl Johnson. This obscenity fine will cost referee Tony Corrente approximately $9,000 since he will only be missing one game.

Johnson says the conduct “is inappropriate for a game official” and Corrente has already issued an official apology to the NFL Colts team. It is considered rare for the NFL league to disclose discipline for game officials like referees. One incident is described by

“One other recent case was in 2007 when umpire Jim Quirk pulled down Green Bay linebacker Nick Barnett down from behind in a choke hold during a skirmish in a game at Soldier Field in Chicago. Quirk also lost a game check, worth $8,150, for ‘inappropriate physical contact with players.’ Quirk was involved in a similar incident with Falcons running back Jason Snelling on a kickoff return in an Atlanta-Tampa Bay game that year. And Quirk brought down Arizona’s Elton Brown in a similar fashion earlier that season.”

What do you think about the NFL referee obscenity fine? Is the NFL being too harsh or too lenient?

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22 Responses to “NFL Referee Obscenity Fine For Cursing Before Live Audience [Video]”

  1. Anonymous

    So what if the referee got caught cussing, you all finally got the proffessional one's back & your fining& suspending them, the NFL is f#@%^$& crazy!

  2. Peter Marsh

    the guy made an honest mistake and is getting fined too much. We see coaches and players say stuff all of the time and because it is not heard they get fined nothing. I guess the NFL is just too poor and needs more money. Give the guy a break. Maybe the NFL should fine all of the Ravens fans when they chanted Bulls**t during a live broadcast earlier in the season.

  3. Tony Rickerl

    Really? 'God Damnit' is NOT swearing. Open a (now this *IS* swearing) fucking microphone during almost ANY play during the game and you're next to assured to hear things that'd make a lot of people blush.

  4. Mike O'Connor

    Innocent mistake results in a fine? Even then, it's not like he dropped an F-bomb. This is one of the most ridiculous things I've ever heard of.

  5. Gary Smith

    If my math's right, and the guy works three preseason games and sixteen regular games, he'd make $171K working one day a week. Where do I sign up?

  6. Alejandro Balbuena

    So if I say fuck the NFL will I get fine to.. there full of shit….

  7. Rick Evans

    When are they going to fine them for blatant missed calls, or bad calls? Apparently only the replacement crews were just bad.

  8. Anonymous

    Who cares? There's much more foul language used during all games. He didn't get fined for his language, he got fined because the public heard him. It's OK to use foul language as long as the mic. is turned off.

  9. John Robbins

    I hear worse language on Prime time sitcoms every evening. I realize he represents the NFL, but I have heard players yell out an F-bomb with the mics open on the sideline because that is the way the NFL wants the games broadcast. Fine yourself NFL for all those cursewords I hear, and those aren't even mistakes.

  10. Mark Francis Sinatra Vinette

    Ohhhh Big Deal. Do people really think the players and refs don't curse? Maybe they think we should have priests as refs. Jesus Christ. Oops, priests say that on a regular basis. Refs and umpires are under a lot of pressure and who cares if they curse. His only problem is he forgot to turn his mike off. Big deal. May he forever be forced to recite 25,500 Hail Marys before each game.

  11. Mark Francis Sinatra Vinette

    What they need to do is make some of these coaches tone down. They get so enraged at their own players their faces get contorted like a Halloween character, spitting and sputtering like they are running the world and are trying to defecate at the same time. Those are the ones who are disgusting.

  12. Anonymous

    What world do you live in?. He makes 9.000 a game, while the players make millions, and you think the price of tickets may come down if his salary is lowered?.
    I don't like unions either, but you my friend are dreaming. The refs salaries are not the problems,.

  13. Anonymous

    Players do it all the time… their mouths are filthy, just ask NFL Films.

  14. Russell Norman

    Where is the fine for the coach who said the same thing right next to the mic in the SAME game, don't fine the umpire if you are not going to fine coaches.

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