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Chris Christie: ‘I Will Not Answer Questions About Twinkies’ [Video]

Chris Christie says he's not talking Twinkies

Hostess is through, and America is only beginning to mourn the loss of Twinkies. Just don’t ask New Jersey Governor Chris Christie how he feels about the upcoming snack cake shortage. He’ll tear your head off.

For some reason, a New Jersey reporter decided to ask Christie how he feels about Hostess closing its doors for good. Though the GOP Governor is busy with the Hurricane Sandy clean-up, and likely only interested in talking about that, the reporter’s off-question may have had a creamy filling of malice.

For the four of you who don’t know who Christie is, it’s no secret that he’s overweight. Many media outlets and comedy shows have pointed it out. Heck, Christie has even addressed his weight before, admitting that he’s “going to try to get better.”

Cruel jokes, passive-aggressive remarks, and petty questions about what Christie’s scale reads at the end of the day are generally ignored by the Governor, who wishes to stick strictly to the issues.

Apparently this particular reporter didn’t get the memo that beyond weight questions being tried and found fruitless, Christie is actually kind of a cool guy on a trans-partisan level right now what with the political credibility he built up after Hurricane Sandy.

So a low-blow at Christie’s weight? Well, let’s see how Christie himself responded:

So maybe the reporter’s question was meant to elicit a laugh. Christie seemed to take it in reasonable stride and once again, played to the crowd. Luckily for him, they loved it.

Do you like Chris Christie? Also, how do you feel about Hostess closing?

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36 Responses to “Chris Christie: ‘I Will Not Answer Questions About Twinkies’ [Video]”

  1. Christina Montana

    That reporter really is a jerk. Shame on him. I genuinely feel for Christie; he shouldn't be getting picked on about his weight and feeling like he has to "get better." Let the guy live his life.

  2. Ginger Madden

    No I don't like Christie, I think he's two faced. On one hand he's a Rep, on another he kissed O's A$$ when Sandy came about just to get help faster & then look what happened, O just disappeared into the limelight. People are still waiting on help from the government or should we say "Christie OR O". As far as a candidate for VP, NO if he's two faced now, just think what he'd be as a VP. Just my opinion, we are all voicing opinions here as we have a right too. Have a good day my fella Americans….Let's hope our country can survive the next 4yrs.

  3. Anonymous

    F Christie he'll never get my vote if he ever decides to run for president! I think he might as well switch sides and call himself a democrat and I bet he has about 30 years worth of twinkies and hoho's stashed away knowing their shelf life.

  4. Kristine Simoes

    It's called working for what you got elected for, not 'kissing ass" when a governor requests aid from the President for his decimated state. Bet if one of you hillbillies lost your home, you'd be screaming that the government better help. "Quick" I believe is the speed you want your state to work within when you have no power, no roads and no place to live.

  5. Mary Rogers

    I am going to assume that you are under a great deal of stress and normally would not speak so harshly. You are representing Monmouth University. You photo,your phone,your office hours are all public information. The term "hillbillies" is pejorative. The people in the other parts of the country have suffered flooding and tornadoes on a regular basis for decades. They tend not to ask for much help,quietly cleaning up and rebuilding with the help of their neighbors. Before Hurricane Sandy even made landfall,public utility workers from these "hick" states were driving to help. Trailers were and still are being loaded with relief supplies,paid for by "hillbillies". Many of whom have better things to spend their money on,especially with the terrible crop failures they have suffered this past year. Please consider these facts before hurling invectives using your university account.

  6. Mark Francis Sinatra Vinette

    He did not kiss banana's ass at all. He thanked him for the matter at hand which was the hurricane relief. He then went on the next day to state clearly that he does not support him for president and re confirmed his choice, Mitt Romney.

  7. Mark Francis Sinatra Vinette

    Interesting Mary, you are I assume, a female with a male icon. Makes me wonder. You are the type of person who tries to use the English language to make yourself look like you are superior. How long did it take you to look up the words? All you are doing is bloviating and have not made any sense.

  8. Mark Francis Sinatra Vinette

    You are right Christina. The reporter was trying to "trap" the governor and he realized it right away. The headline made it seem like the governor was being nasty about it and the opposite was true. I think he was quite affable and found the question funny but didn't fall into the trap.

  9. Ginger Madden

    Mark, what the heck did Christie thank O for? Those people are still needing help & O hasn't helped them get the help they need, he MADE AN APPEARANCE & SHOOK CHRISTIE'S HAND. They rubbed shoulders together & O made promises, ok that's it. Why are those people still having problems? What's Christie doing? Why doesn't he call his old buddy O? Didn't O promise to help them? I don't trust him & I stand by my original statement.

  10. Mary Rogers

    The picture is of Benjamin Netanyahu because I STAND WITH ISRAEL. Probably something else you have an issue with. Wow.

  11. Duff Nash

    I used to like Christie before he turned from a liberal Republican cost cutter to a Liberal Democrat butt kisser.

  12. Allen Perkins

    "For some reason, a New Jersey reporter decided to ask Christie how he feels about Hostess closing its doors for good."

    "For some reason"? Are you blind, writers?

  13. Paul Montrim

    Christie is a snake. He kissed Obama's ass and still hasn't got the help his state needs. What a dumb fat-ass!

  14. Anonymous

    It's highly unlikely that a one week strike caused Hostess to go bankrupt. Most likely it's an attempt to deflect the blame of poor management to the bakers union.

  15. Dan Carew

    It's not an issue of his weight, you morons. It's an issue of his stance against unions. Hostess closed their plant. Anti-Union people are saying that it's because of the unions. Chris Christie is Anti-union. It's a valid question.

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