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Texas Secession Petition Surpasses 100,000 Signatures

texas secession

A secession petition from Texas continues to gather steam. The petition, which was filed shortly after President Obama won re-election, has more than 100,000 signatures.

The Texas secession petition has 112,309 signatures at the moment. Petitions to secede have been filed in all 50 states since President Obama has been re-elected but Texas has the most signatures by far.

With 100,000 signatures it may seem like Texas is just a few steps away from seceding from the union. That, however, isn’t likely to happen.

For one, those 112,309 signatures make up less than a percent of the total population of Texas. According to census data from 2011, Texas has a population of 25,674,681. So far, only .4% of the population has signed the petition to secede.

Governor Rick Perry has also spoken out against the idea of seceding from the union. A statement from Perry’s office reads:

“Gov. Perry believes in the greatness of our Union and nothing should be done to change it. But he also shares the frustrations many Americans have with our federal government. Now more than ever our country needs strong leadership from states like Texas, that are making tough decisions to live within their means, keep taxes low and provide opportunities to job creators so their citizens can provide for their families and prosper. We cannot allow Washington’s tax and spend, one-size-fits-all mindset to jeopardize our children’s future, undermine our personal liberties and drive our nation down a dangerous path to greater dependence of government.”

The Texas secession petition has also been slightly discredited by two other petitions from Austin and El Paso. Both Texas cities filed petitions this week urging the government to let them secede from the state.

The El Paso petition reads:

“El Paso is tired of being a second class city within Texas … El Paso has little in common with the rest of Texas. Its demographics are more similar to New Mexico. El Paso is also proud to be part of the United States and wants no part of a state whom publicly contemplates secession from our great nation.”

The Texas secession petition has gathered more than 100,000 signatures and will receive a response from the White House. But if Texas really wants to secede it will need the Governor’s support, a little more than 100,000 signatures and will have probably have to say goodbye to two of its cities.

Still, it could happen.

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503 Responses to “Texas Secession Petition Surpasses 100,000 Signatures”

  1. Cynthia Holdcraft

    I'm embarrassed to say that I'm a Texan right now. This is a ridiculous overreaction to the election results. Apparently, at least.4% of the population of this state doesn't really want to live in a democracy, unless their candidate gets elected. That's called a dictatorship, people! Hypocrites!

  2. Roy A. Flores

    I think it's a great idea. Let all those people in Texas go somewhere else and form their own country. It will save our congress and executive branch a lot of time and trouble to have to constantly reply to their special likes and dislikes. I believe a great portion of Green Land is available.

  3. Tom Castanos

    Wow. So that's what happens when you teach rednecks to read and write! (Written by a life-long Texan BTW) I think this is just a monumental example of being a poor loser. Get over it, and yourselves.

  4. Jacob Michael Duperon

    uhhh Yahoo, get your math people on this. its.004 percent of the population. not.4 percent.

  5. David Walterscheid

    They do realize, I hope, that flying to another state could become a violation of our air space. Just so they know. Would be nice to finally be rid of the Dallas Cowboys, though.

  6. Aaron Hitson

    If the are successful I am moving to Texas! They will be the last free nation on earth.

  7. Billy Mole

    I hope they realized that the mexican cartels will be running the state and renameing it after what it was originaly MEXICO! silly dickheads i hope they git their wish.The powers that prevail will take control of this matter no matter how many names they git on a peticion.

  8. Craig Bell

    Don't count on it. Mexico may invade Texas and the USA will look the other way. Texas has no income tax but will have to have one without the Federal Govt. and what about those highway dollars and the cost of a military and, and, and. But go on and secede, we dont want your whiney asses in the USA.

  9. Craig Bell

    Don't count on it. Mexico may invade Texas and the USA will look the other way. Texas has no income tax but will have to have one without the Federal Govt. and what about those highway dollars and the cost of a military and, and, and. But go on and secede, we dont want your whiney asses in the USA.

  10. Richard Meier

    so by that logic we should have kicked Texas out when Bush was elected, A awful lot of us weren't too happy with that one either.

  11. Daniel Rhodes

    Id much prefer to live ina state disconnected from the federal government.

  12. Anonymous

    Daniel Rhodes Which means you don't get our army, our federal tax subsidies. You lose everything. And gain nothing. And what would stop us from bombing and taking it right back? I thought so. FUCK YOURSELF, YOU ANTI-AMERICAN CUNT. Please, leave. I'll be the first one there, smiling, when we conquer you.

  13. Anonymous

    Texas could never stand alone as a nation plain and simple. Hey, they could elect Bush as their president and go to war with the other states!!

  14. Anonymous

    Let those who want to stay, stay. But warn them that they are now enemies of the US Government. Take back all our army resources and federal workers. Conquer them the very next day, take their oil, and have them rebuild their own territory to OUR likings. That'll teach'em. Texas is a fag state anyway.

  15. Anonymous

    There are over 26,000,000 people in the state of Texas… why give this tiny percent of unpatriotic dirtbags any attention.

  16. Anonymous

    Stupidity doesn't excuse a comment like this!!! Dictator? So, Obama is a dictator? We wouldn't have a two party system if there were a dictator you idiot!!!

  17. Jeremy Parks

    ”El Paso is tired of being a second class city within Texas".
    Sorry El Paso, but you would be a second class citizen in Somalia. I lived there for a very short time.

  18. Anonymous

    Daniel Rhodes , What's to say that Texas would have a government that you would like in
    the first place.

  19. Kent Wilson

    haha bunch of racist rednecks pissed off cause their candidate with the magic underwear didn't win, let TX secede…they wont last a year.

  20. Matthew Steiner

    UHH you don't need permission to leave the US. But, go and don't let the door hit you in the ass on the way out.
    PS You don't get to take Texas with you.

  21. Anonymous

    sprngrboy BAHAHAHA. Sure, you faggot. I just happened to think the whole thing through, unlike racist, uneducated fucks who live in Texas, who think that secession means the US will just leave them alone. We'll conquer those fags like the faggots they are. TEXAS IS FAG LAND (And I don't mean gays — I mean FAGS!)

  22. Anonymous

    sprngrboy BAHAHAHA. Sure, you faggot. I just happened to think the whole thing through, unlike racist, uneducated fucks who live in Texas, who think that secession means the US will just leave them alone. We'll conquer those fags like the faggots they are. TEXAS IS FAG LAND (And I don't mean gays — I mean FAGS!)

  23. Perry Bailey

    Businesses are seceding from the US too, only it isn't just "symbolic". When you tax them to the point they can't make money, and have union goons bleeding them out as well, they like Hostess, have no choice but to close up shop, or go to another country. It used to be where Americans could leave a state that oppressed business, now they can't just move to another state as the whole country is infested with zombies.

  24. Vince May

    All the people who want to sucede can just leave the US any time they want. But the State of Texas stays with the US.

  25. Walter Woolf

    says the fag without the guts to tell what state hes in texas is the only state that has a chance of being its own country to those of you who are enjoying what obama is doing to this country you are as anti american as he is im born and bread texan and i dont believe texas will ever secede but we do need to regain control of our gvernment but as for those of you talking smack about texas ill bet you cant produce one shred of proof that we have talked bad about you we are just tired of the government fucking us all including you

  26. Joe Housewright

    No it's .4% might want to retake that math class remember 100% mathematically is 1.00 so .004 is .4% But at any rate it's a very small part of the population.

  27. Athie Ann Watson

    Born and raised a Texan…..will always be a Texan, even though I don't live there now……Y'all are just a bunch of haters, because Texas can actually secede legally….. Texas is an awesome state…go visit it sometime. You might actually enjoy yourself. Oh and if it did secede, some of you could actually say you have been to another country. lol

  28. Anonymous

    Carl Graves Exactly!!! Someone has done their homework! You are so right! Just look at the unsuccessful attempts around the world to bring about "democracy".

  29. Jarek Antonikowski

    all 112000 of you that want to secede are complete idiots who know nothing about government this state seceded once from the union and guess what happened we went crawling back to the union begging to join again if all you "smart" individuals want to secede go for it and keep trying its just going to end in failure and embarrisment for all of you but I guarentee you its going to fail, people will starve, thered be no order only chaos and wed go back to living in hoovervilles with no water no power no internet now personaly I think that sounds like fun so go ahead and do it :D! and aaron just so you know there's never been a free nation things like that don't exist so stop dreaming and come to the real world.

  30. Meamma Noone

    Surprise, surprise. 150 Years ago, Texas SUCCESSFULLY seceded from the Union, which helped to spur the bloodiest 4 years in American history, all because of African Americans (slaves). Now, an African American (Obama) has led them to do it again. Will the rest of the Old Confederacy follow? George Santayana said, as is oft quoted, “Those who do not learn from history are doomed to repeat it”. Well, folks, history IS being repeated before our eyes.

  31. Jonathan Henry

    Just because a white person does not vote or "like" Obama does not make them a racist… Just saying

  32. Kent Wilson

    lol its only cause they can't see past their own ignorance brother…remember this is the state that loved Bushed for 8 years….that should be everyone's first clue at how warped TX educational system is

  33. Kat Welty

    So you want to quit being an American for the rest of your life because you don't like who the president will be for the next 4 years? Feel free to give up your citizenship and move to another country if that is how you really feel.

  34. Kent Wilson

    Jonathan…I didn't say white person…I said Texan, big difference brother LOL we all know why LA, MS, GA, FL and TX filed for secession right after an election where our current Commander in Chief, who is black, was just re-elected into office, they only claim that it's his policy because they know the truth of it coming down to race will overshadow any masquerade argument they have attempted to conjure

  35. Allen Wilson

    believe it or not those 100,000 don't speak for all Texans. I'm not for it all, but for all you ignorant democratic trademarks! the U.S needs Texas a whole lot more then Texas needs the union. number one is for our Oil and Gas we have the largest production of oil and gas then any other state in the U.S. financially you think were unsound but you don't know how many other states the we support not including our own. thirdly, we have the largest and the most coal mines in the United states. with that said fourthly we have the most electricity generating plants in america. so with all do respect shut your mouths because if not for Texas the united states couldn't even be called a nation for the soul purpose we could turn you off, financially, oil and gas wise, and we could shut your electricity off. all those things are good bargaining chips with mexico to help mexico become a more prosperous nation with our leadership and capabilities. not too mention Texas counts for 60 percent whites 40 percent Latinos, 30 percent black(i cant stand that term) texans 2 percent everything else. and fifthly we have the most military forts and GUNS in every house hold so until you know a bit more speak a little less you sav.

  36. Colin Noel Vickers

    Sounds like a good idea to me! We have a lot of wealth in Texas and no income tax. If the federal income taxes which we currently send to Washington to be squandered with the rest of the entitlements remained here, I have no doubt that Texas could not only fund and expand its current National Guard to protect our Citizens, and you'd truly see border control and immigration policy that works! We already do not receive a lot of federal funds for our highways because of decisions by our legislature and local governments. I have no doubt that we'd be able to provide for all those needs by watching our own money the way we do today. I think this is an idea gathering steam because it just might work! Rick Perry may find himself on the wrong side of another issue and just have to get on the bus, or be voted out in short order! Wouldn't be the first time he didn't fully think things through! Hmmmm

  37. Michael Anthony Krems


  38. Kerry Phillips

    Texas would not need the federal govt or a state tax, the $$ that flow out of Texas to the federal coffers due to FEDERAL income tax would cease- merely keep the same (or improved) tax code but now the state of Texas keeps it, not the fed.

  39. Eric Fisher

    The US Air Force's largest repair parts cache is Kelly AFB. Let's begin by pulling it out of Texas. We have several other military complexes in the state. Pull them all out. If Texas wants our military and jobs – they can contract for the protection. And the work. News Flash: Threatening to turn Commie doesn't work anymore.

  40. Mike Hollar

    Way to go Your Mamma, thinks his sh– doesn't stink now. Hes got us Americans fighting amoung ourselves. Next step is to brain wash the remaining people into his wishes. You Want Him, You Got Him.

  41. Walter Woolf

    to all of you talking shit about texas filing to secede if you notice all 50 states filed the same petition so put that in your pipe and smoke it.

  42. Allen Wilson

    to sprngrboy, dennis, and larry until you know a bit more speak a little less

  43. Allen Wilson

    to sprngrboy, dennis, and larry until you know a bit more speak a little less

  44. Susan Meyers

    Did any of you people read the article? It clearly states that petitions to secede have been filed in all 50 states. I think this tells us that Texas has not cornered the market on idiots. We just have a larger percentage of true Republicans in a state with a large population. "Any fool can criticize, condemn and complain and most fools do." – Benjamin Franklin.

  45. Robert Shedd

    A few years ago Texans were talking about building a wall to isolate it from the other states. Most of the pledges of money to help build it came from the other states!

  46. Anonymous

    Signing a misspelled online petition written by a College freshman?
    I'm sure our enemies in the Middle East, North Korea and China are wetting their pants laughing at this one.
    Gee, I wonder what government is paying for his college since he was in the UNITED STATES marines?
    Wait a minute…..The United States Government most likely! Gratitude huh?

  47. Jim Brown

    AP, to that effect the UP of Michigan is no more valuable than Texas

    No, they build multi-million dollar stadiums for HIGH SCHOOL football. And still can't win a Super Bowl, good luck with seccession, 16 games of the Cowboys vs: Texans…….hhhaaaaahhhhhhaaaa.
    Who says Texas does'nt produce natural gas?….Rick Perry just about blew up the nation during the GOP primary debates!

  48. Anonymous

    Texas has a strong economy, if not the strongest economy in the US, meanwhile our Federal gov't can't balance the budget, they are overwhelmed in foreign entanglements, they are doing nothing to pave the way for job creation. Regardless of who is in office they are spending billions in foreign aid on countries like Pakistan and Egypt who use the money against us. As for Mexico, the invasion began a long time ago on the entire SW border and it's not just Mexico. According to many border residents other intruders are using our weak border security against us. All that being said, I don't see how Texas could do any worse than our illustrious federal government. It would be risky, but the beginning of our republic was to some great men willing to take risks.

  49. Anonymous

    Signing a misspelled online petition written by a College freshman?
    I'm sure our enemies in the Middle East, North Korea and China are wetting their pants laughing at this one.
    Gee, I wonder what government is paying for his college since he was in the UNITED STATES marines?
    Wait a minute…..The United States Government most likely! Gratitude huh?

  50. Rick Mason

    Plain and simple. If the prez was a caucasian "Barry O'bama", we wouldn't even be here! What a bunch of racist pinheads!

  51. Louise Gilstrap

    there is no way Tx, can secede,they can't affor to educate their kids without help from the Feds.
    A group of idiots.half the people woul be out of Tx. faster than one can count.I hve heard stupid before,but this from supposedly intelligent people .

  52. Jim Brown

    Come on up to Wisconsin, we will see who has more guns, and I mean real guns, you hick ass, ten gallon wearin' pointy toed bootwearin', flatlanders. We can and will do without you!

  53. Ronald D Smith

    Let um go, then let all the other states people that signed their petitions move to Texas, AND make Texas pay their part of the National Debt.

  54. Jimmy Gilliam

    Should Texas do something like the foolish want, the will still not have a free country. It will continue to be owned the the wealthy oil interests, crooked politicians, bought judges along with the sheriffs' that are more interested in their "godlike" status in their respective counties than in anything resembling law.

  55. Denzel Bo Thompson

    The U.S. needs Texas more than Texas needs the U.S.? What are u drinking? If Texas becomes independent, u can say bye to the money to repair high ways & interstates, better not hope for a hurricane because FEMA wont assist, & all military personel will be withdrawn! Did you think about mail service, border security, & social security?! Think again, Texas needs the U.S. alot more than the U.S. needs them

  56. Lin Roselli

    Agreed. People lived through Bush yet act like they can't live through Obama. Pathetic, truly, those who signed the petition.

  57. James Collins

    The only reason Texas is getting attention is because there met the required 25,000 signatures first. There are other states doing the same with smaller populations. Before you make idiotic or slanderous comments make sure you have all the facts for and against.

  58. Louise Gilstrap

    wait just a minute,I am aTexan and I think we have some rotten politics in this state.Texas is a ONE PARTY state.

  59. Anonymous

    I say let them secede and put a huge fence with a minefield around the state. Give residents a choice: Stick with the US and move out of there or renounce all rights and privileges of US citizenship (that includes any money you put into Social Security or any other federal program)and cut them off from everything. Remove any federal infrastructure and support from them. Let them sink on their own. The Mexican illegals will overrun them soon enough. One thing, though. They HAVE to keep W.

  60. Christopher Clark

    lmao that means rick perry would lead texas didn't most jobs come from feds texas would be a big fail.

  61. Jacob Michael Duperon

    i get it guys! i didnt convert the decimal to a percentage.

  62. Anonymous

    Well said. Tel them don't let the door hit you in the butt on the way to visit your new Mexican squatters.

  63. Anonymous

    Dear God, you mean that freakin' state isn't gone yet? Grant them their independence and let's move on. The only ones to whom they are important are themselves. Let them secede and get on with life. That self absorbed state will not be missed!

  64. Linda Lohman

    I thought the LAND was fought over during the civil war? If that's the case, the LAND would belong to the USA. The people could ALL leave and go make another place their home. Guess they would denounce their citizenship? How would all that work? I wouldn't want to give up Social Security but maybe if you felt strongly enough about "entitlements" that would be just a drop in the bucket for the rich Texas folk.

  65. Anonymous

    I hope you speak Spanish and like poverty. Don't cry when come age 65 or so, you have no Medicare, no Social Security and if you were a federal employee, no pension. Maybe W Will become your president and mess things up just like before. His running mate can be psycho Sarah Palin (Cheney will likely be dead)

  66. Cheryle Correa

    I would be laughing hearty if this wasn't so stupid. First Texas wants to secede from the union, then 2 cities want to secede from Texas. Anyone ever hear the saying "united we stand, divided we fall"?

  67. Anonymous

    Well Allen, I am sure we could manage without your oil and as for your electricity, I KNOW where i live I can manage with out as much as a spark of your electric. We have something up here called Niagara Falls and it generates a lot cleaner electric and a lot more than you likely. A whole lot of the Northeast and Canada get it from there and we are not at capacity.
    As for your guns, well once you secede, you can all run around and shoot each other and not worry about the Brady Law or gun control.
    If you ask nicely, the NRA might come with you.

  68. Anonymous

    If they secede they will reinstate slavery until Mexico realizes that this is a good time to get their territory back. Then white Texans will be hated gringos and for the first time realize the evils of racism.

  69. Allen Wilson

    awe look at you jim your cursing you must feel like a big boy now, ive been to Wisconsin, got back to Texas as fast as possible. and your guns what are they black cats that you buy at the fire work stand. and denzel as far as fema we dont need them for the soul purpose if you stay in the gulf while a hurricane is going on, your asking for a out come that will happen regardless of how you feel. my perspective on that is manditory evacuation. and you stay at your own risk. there is no border security listen to the news, social security barack obama basically has nullified that with his obamacare. as far as military anything in Texas will be over taken by Texas come now really.

  70. Anonymous

    There are plenty of natural gas fields already around besides Texas. A lot of drilling stopped and wells shut down due to over capacity. We don't need Texas, or it's oil or it's gas and CERTAINLY not the Dallas Cowboys.

  71. Anonymous

    Oh common! Let's swallow some pride, since both the State & the Fed Gov benefit from each other. Allen is apparently a bit defensive, unnecessarily –> If the shoe doesn't fit, don't wear it. Signatures from a few irrational losers don't speak for all of Texans.

    Regarding federal government, it accustomed to state revenue to the IRS, from ALL 50 states, so it's not seeking to give that up on a humbug. Plus, as he mentioned, Texas is known for it's oil, among it's other energy "gifts", so it's virtually impossible they'll actually break away.

  72. Dolores Snipes

    My feelings are if these people are so dissatisfied living in a democracy, then give them the option of leaving the country and giving up their rights as Americans as well as anything that they were blessed to accumulate as such. I don't recall talks of secession when Bush stole his first term as President.

  73. Anonymous

    See you Texas. Better yet, those whom want to secede…. pick another country and pack your bags if it's so awful here. We can replace Texas with Puerto Rico!

  74. Ryan Christenson

    Move then! You would get top dollar for your house…should you have one. There would be 1,000 peoplefrom other states who would take your job in a heartbeat…if you had a job. This is nothing more than a symbolic gesture similar to flying a flag upside down. If you don't get that, then take I-75 north and hang a right around Kansas, then head northeast.

  75. Anonymous

    @Daniel Rhodes. Me too! Texas seems to know how to produce jobs, unlike DC! Isn't it funny, all these people against the secession have said nothing about how the federal gov't is printing money, weakening our currency, and borrowing money from China to give to corrupt nations.

  76. Rob Purifoy

    We do not want to secede because we're sore losers due to Obama, this has been a long time coming. There is a little something people in the south say, "This is the last straw", meaning we've had it and enough is enough.

  77. Anonymous

    I also would move to Texas if the are able to Secede, I am shocked that Americans were stupid enough the re elect Obama.

  78. Kevin Brown

    and how the hell would they survive as a country. your ignorant and should just move out if you think its really that bad here…..move to Mexico or some 3rd world country and tell me how that works out for you

  79. James Granfield

    Sorry guy so does California and we want to stay in the Union, too many of our Brave
    Soldiers have died to keep The United States of America together.

  80. Allen Wilson

    no not Texas @Lindaloman it was part of the treaty that we made with the union, that we could secede anytime we felt the government was a threat to its self. like i said in first comment on the very first sentence actually those 100,000 names dont speak for all Texans, we actually like the union dont like our president, but we can deal with him hes only got 4 years anyways. i just get pissy when people want to start degrading my state. we are the only state in the U.S that can fly our flag at equal heigth with the U.S flag we can make it on our own and were the only state that can legally withdraw from the union doesnt mean all of us want to and most likely will never happen. so all this is really in vain.

  81. Richard McDonald

    I'll sign that damned petition–see you rednecked idiots later — good riddance–take your soul stunting jails and smell of cowshit with you and don't let the door hit you on the way out–better yet , why doesn't the U.S. gov't just sell Texas to Mexico? cheaply….

  82. Kim Ohyalashea Scurry

    I agree Cynthia, i'm really disgusted with Texas as I also an embarrassed Texan. This is why I say divide Texas so we can all just call it trues. I rather die an Amiercan than dying a Texan any day! Texas will be the first to go and the first to get all the terrorist into it and the first to get bombed by one. I say if this Texas secede I will bus pool to another state!

  83. Anonymous

    Allen, very intelligent post. It just goes to show how little people think in this world when I look at the impulsive and unintelligent replies to your post which by the way offer know statistical evidence to their arguments. Words like currency and inflation don't seem enter their minds. After reading your post I may seriously consider moving to Texas.

  84. Kim Ohyalashea Scurry

    Amen agreed! We should seceded in 2000 or seceded in 2004… Well said Richard, thumbs up!

  85. Kim Ohyalashea Scurry

    He disagree to secede so it be others to run his title. #Jus Sayin

  86. Kim Ohyalashea Scurry

    Hey I disagree im from Texas and I really rather let Texas be in America! I don't wanted to be hated by others!

  87. Patrick Paes

    I find it so so hard to believe , what you really think of the state of Texas , after so many American men and women have given their lives to be a state , to remain free and safe and call Texas home, part of the land and the free.If you now realize that you are ashamed , welcome home Americans , Texas and the United States welcomes you back.

  88. Kim Ohyalashea Scurry

    Agree w/ Denzel! Let Texas secede and see what will happen to Texas and blow the f*** out for oil, and gases Texas wouldn't stand a chance!

  89. Kim Ohyalashea Scurry

    Hey I'm from Texas and I strongly against this ludicrous fall.

  90. David Cihlar

    Like an 18 year old fighting to get out of his parents house…they would be crying to come back within 3 months, thankfully only a small percentage of the people are this misguided.

  91. Amanda Bunderson Peterson

    Are you all idiotic morons? While I dont support the idea of Texas seceding there is legitimacy to them wanting to do so. If you want to call them so losers then do so, but if you are blind to the fact that this country has some serious financial and moral issues then you as well need to wake up. This country has been asleep far to long when it comes to things that are happening in D.C. wake up America before it is too late and we lose all the freedoms each of us enjoys today.

  92. Kim Ohyalashea Scurry

    Funny how it has 112K signatures and out of all the percentage is.4% from Texas! It's been denied! Go to another country you big nene's!

  93. Mike Bruce


  94. Roger Garrett

    THE United States of America are not United as Americans. We are controlled by a global elite that are sucking the life out of the middle class to make more people (sheeple) dependent on the government and less likely to insist that their constitutional rights be honored. You are losing your freedom and don't even know it.Your election results are tabulated and calculated by a foreign owned and controlled company that can only audit itself. You may not count your own votes and soon you will see your friends and neighbors arrested, put in FEMA camps for re-education, and killed off in many cases. If you are a God Fearing Christian that owns a gun and believes that America should be held accountable to it's constitution, you're on the list.

  95. Chris Knecht

    As a person who lives in Texas…I appologize for these idiots are just a bunch of sore losers, considering we recieve more federal money that we send back in our taxes..I have no idea, why we would want to secede. Our great balanced budget, that Rick Perry ran on a few years ago…was balanced by President Obama's stimulus money. Fools.

  96. Damien Christian

    good luck texans -far as everyone recieving foodstamps , free medical care and social security checks , aid when there's a disater ,,, let us know how it's working for you whenever all this gets cut off –

  97. Clayton Haskew

    I think if Texas wants to secede from the Union, fine! But, all government supported programs will be cut off; including Social Security, Welfare, Highway maintenance, Grants, etc. I say let's all work together for the good of this country and if the politicians in Washington, DC don't want to help the people of THIS country, then they should be voted out of office and someone put in who will!

  98. Chris Knecht

    Carl Graves You do realize that we ARE A DEMOCRACY. A republic just means that our leaders can be appointed or elected (not inherited) In our republic…The legitimacy comes from the constitution as opposed to the divine rights of kings or something else…Considering our constitution states that we are a representative democracy. We are both a republic and a democracy, most modern republics are democracies. Are you really this stupid, Carl?

  99. Eric Larsen

    I say have the US cede Texas back to Mexico…then let Texas secede from Mexico..that way the US dosent have to spend billions of dollars to rebuild the shithole, when their independence falls on its face.

  100. Kim Ohyalashea Scurry

    That was a relief after I seen the .4% is from Texas most likely it get denied.. -yawns- to worry about other matters! :] I agree what everything you said Cynthia

  101. Bud Maness

    So all 50 States have petitions now? Great! EVERY state should secede from all the others. It would be hilarious. Like Europe, but without all that annoying "culture".

  102. Anonymous

    HEY idiots in Texas the person who needs to secede is Obama not you. Stop acting like cowards.

  103. Charles Mueller

    let texas go, I want too see how they handle ss, medicare, defense, border control. we can just remove or destroy all federal property, (army bases, air force bases, naval stations) & in twenty years mexico will have it back its long lost province.GOODBYE,

  104. Jim Wolter

    It is not, as many liberals think, a tantrum because the 'Good Guy" lost. We have seen 4 years of a steady decline in the economy, jobs, decline in morals and ethics and someone with some intelligence is sending a message that enough is enough. Obama did not win re-election because the majority of AMERICANS re-elected him. He was re-elected by those who are happy to be supported by the government and knew that their free ride would end if Romney won. We now have 4 more years of those who actually contribute to society, paying for those who refuse to get off their butts and offer something other than complaints that those who work for a living have too much. Ironic isn't it? Those who work have to support those who will not who complain because they do not have enough. Sort of like what in business is called " The Peter Principal" People rise to their highest level of incompetence. While secession will never succeed and I would never support, I understand the frustration.

  105. Chris Knecht

    Allen you have 132% in your ethnic breakdown. LMFAO. You might be the stupidest man in Texas and that is saying something….

  106. Patrick Huggins

    Allen, First you are a freaking idiot, period, because your figures don't add up. The most any percentages can add up to is 100% When one adds up your percentages, it add up to 130%. Second, If Texas does secede, does your infantile thinking tell you that you'll be able to prevent the United States Government from coming in and removing all of the military personnel and assets. Third, I would suggest you dig your head out of your butt and read your history books. When Texas was a country before they failed to prevent being attacked by Mexico, and the United States, came in to rescue your butts.

  107. Sidney Glent

    haha and Bush's big plan will be that he believes the state of Florida has weapons of mass destruction

  108. Anonymous

    Bet they could get a lot more signatures if they circulated the petition OUTSIDE Texas!

  109. Allen Wilson

    hahahaha chris out of all the posters, your the only one who caught that. you go boy!!!!!! your smart. in case your looking heres your stupid sign. did you notice it was second to the last sentence also.<—–lol i put a period at the end of that question.

  110. Don Payson

    please, its all crap. If the government of Texas and all the other states were talking of seceding, this would be different scenario. But people are just being stupid.If they should be signing a no-confidence vote not a seceding vote. You don't put your name on something you don't intend on doing.

  111. Trayce Kinkel

    HELLO ALL 50 states have Petitions to secede. Does anyone know how to READ????? What did you think would happen when you relected Obama?? Duh!!!

  112. Corey Morrell

    I too am a Texan Cynthia and there is no reason to be embarrassed. Less than .4% of Texas has signed it. There are that many idiots in any state so Texas is nothing special here. Let them bloviate and ignore them as the morons they are. Texas is and will be forever a part of the USA.

  113. Dick Coe

    Well said young man, and all of that was down with BORROWED MONEY FROM THE US GOVERNMENT.
    Check your facts and see where most of Bush and Periot Money came from…

  114. Sidney Glent

    The United States needs Texas- please do continue ill wait for something other then your oil to make a point. because the way i see it your school systems is a fucking joke and what will happen when your oil runs out, didn't think of that did you- ok lets say your oil goes forever our country would take down all that fencing by Mexico and put it up on Texas now you have no border patrol. and then what would you do for food may i ask.

  115. Jerry Low

    I think Texas was ment to be a Tex-Mex Country. The Mexicans that have come here and the anglos need to join together and create a true republic. We already have the 15 largest economy in the world. We would do fine as a nation of our own. The investments would flow in like rain from above.

  116. Linda Voboril

    Meamma: "Which helped to spur the bloodiest 4 years in American history, all because of African Americans (slaves)…" I am sorry to tell you that practically ALL of the African Americans were kidnapped from their homes and brought like animals to the U.S. to become slaves. The African Americans did not choose to come here so they could become slaves! Something you should learn, intelligence does not have a skin color. Another super smart American. . . Eleanor Roosevelt. OMG a woman!!!!!

  117. Allen Wilson

    really again there is no border control, oil and gas will run out and to correct you again it wont go on forever. Texas is also know for beef master we can grow our own food what are you thinking.

  118. Bill Polson

    The ignorant responses I have just read just goes to show how this country was dumb enough to re-elect a president who has failed at every policy he has put forth. Why would you want four more years of incompetence? This president makes Jimmy Carter look like he knew what he was doing. It is a shame that as a military member I stand to protect the freedoms of this country and then find out that the people I try to keep those freedoms for would simply vote those freedoms away.

  119. Patricia Avallone

    What a wonderful lesson we are teaching our young people. When your candidate loses, "take your ball and go home" or better yet, say that you don't want to be a part of the "family" anymore. This type of thinking is exactly why the GOP lost….it's our way or the highway and everyone who doesn't believe as we do is morally inept, or on the "take" or "getting gifts" or not patriotic, or doesn't believe in God, or hates the flag, etc. etc. The world must be laughing at us, who is supposed to be the smartest country on earth!

  120. Frank Callender

    I bet if Texas does secede I bet W will quit saying he is a Texan cause he really ain't you and I bet them hundred and something thousand names all voted for him. I feel sorry for Austin they want out but they are surrounded. And yes the illegals will try to raise up and take us back. Heck they are already here so it will be easy.

  121. Aaron Abbott

    One thing that stands out is that their stance is that we need to cut taxes on the middle class and also on the so called job creators. Which is short for the 1%. So in the Rep. stance they are going to cut taxes on all. Rich, poor everyone gets a tax break. So who will pay taxes then? Liars you pay the rich and screw the man who make the money for them. Give tax breaks to ship companys overseas to save corperate tax then say its the democrats fault that corparations are so greedy. LOL. Not to mention the 4 year fillabuster that has been demonstrated at an all time partisan move to make things look bleak. Sucks the GOP doesn't have a clue what real America is. It isn't all about makin a buck.

  122. Judy Parker

    Why would any Texan want to go to your state. Iv'e been to every state in the U.S. You can have them all. Missouri like Arkansas is full of nothing but inbred hillbillies.

  123. Tom Castanos

    Hmm. No. Born, raised, college educated right here. Sorry to not fit your stereotype.

  124. Judy Parker

    Better go do some research before you open your ignorant pie hole. Texas is a self sufficient state. We don't need the crooks in Washington. We don't need the rest of the country.

  125. Jon Waldrep

    Maybe Gov. Perry should run for President if he doesn't like the way of Federal Govenment is being run. What? Really? Oh that's right, he did. Nevermind.

  126. Anna Davis

    A few 100,000 people in any state is a serious MINORITY! The rest of us are grown ups and understand how the process works. Sometimes you win and sometimes you lose. Grow the hell up and stop acting like idiots!

  127. Anna Davis

    They are dumb. I had enough with bush, but grown ups don't behave like children and throw tantrums when they don't get their way. So pathetic!

  128. Windell Huffhines

    The US Government is the enemy. I personally would like for Texas to leave. We don't need you bastards anyway. All of the rest of the country is under water and are only leeches. We can take care of ourselves just fine. Let all of you liberal Obama lovers enjoy your new Communist government over the next 4 years. I will pledge my allegiance to the flag of TEXAS!!

  129. Windell Huffhines

    The US Government is the enemy. I personally would like for Texas to leave. We don't need you bastards anyway. All of the rest of the country is under water and are only leeches. We can take care of ourselves just fine. Let all of you liberal Obama lovers enjoy your new Communist government over the next 4 years. I will pledge my allegiance to the flag of TEXAS!!

  130. Judy Parker

    Linda Lohman Texas is a free and independent state. The U.S. does not own us. We voluntarily joined the union. We ceded lands to the U.S. that now make up five states but Texas was not part of that package.

  131. Judy Parker

    Linda Lohman Texas is a free and independent state. The U.S. does not own us. We voluntarily joined the union. We ceded lands to the U.S. that now make up five states but Texas was not part of that package.

  132. James Head

    Yeah, you Texans done did it. You got everyone raving about whether ya'll are traitors or patriots. Well if ya'll push the envelope like South Carolina did in 1861 you will have a real hornets nest to deal with. A lot of damn-yankees will leave, but you'll get a lot of Independent types to join ya. You can bet a few other States would side up with ya too. This time though, you need to get a REAL president. Maybe a Ron Paul type, (he would be good for the politics but let the Generals fight the war). If you work it right, you can get Alaska, Arizona and most of the western mineral and oil producing States to join you. Be careful with Mexico, that's one heck of a border to defend. But most of Mexico and the world are torked at the US, so they may not even bother with ya as long as your fighting against it, (they may even sign up). Nukes could be tuff to work with. There ain't many in the world that have nukes AND the outlook of Texans. And of course some crazy flipper in DC would suggest putting down the rebellion by releasing a few (tactical) nukes.
    Ya'll got some strategizing to do down there. You've always tried to convince me that a Texan is the greatest thing on earth, so lead the way! As always, the winner will determine who was the traitors and patriots! (by the way, I love siding up with an underdog in a good fight!)

  133. Heather Smith

    Read the consitution Dan Mabbot, They are doing nothing Wrong. They are using their consitutional right. The government is supposed to work for us not the other way around!!! If they choose to leave because they want to government to get off their ass and do something to fix the deficit then so be it!!! IF the government does not do something soon about the DEBT we owe CHINA THERE WILL NO LONGER BE AN AMERICA!!!!! CHINA WILL OWN US!!!!!!!

  134. Ricardo Johnson

    I moved here 4 years ago brother, amd it was the biggest mistake of my life. You are right a bunch of hicks, and if they secede im leaving and never coming back to this hillbilly, backwoods place.

  135. Anna Davis

    Bull$hit Jim! Its is a tantrum. This country started "declining" long before Obama became president. There is no more a decline in morals than any other time. The majority of Americans did re elect him, that's why he is still President..Duh! You are and idiot if you truley believe that you are taking care of people who are lazy. Now, there are a few of those, but the majority of people who are on welfare stay on less than 18 months. They are hardworking American's who just happen too be down on thier luck, ie laid off, can't find a job…and then they do and move on. These people are acting like2 year olds.

  136. Jimmy Gallop

    A salt mine and helium mine and sulfur mine.And more gas refineries than any one .Oh and a gulf.

  137. Jeremy Krupinski

    wow 100,000 out of ummmmm almost 25 MILLION why are we even giving these idiots air time its NEVER going to happen since when does a minority of people speak for the masses?

  138. Stacey S. McBride

    This coming from somone from Palestine HS.
    The short bus is waiting for you.

  139. Anonymous

    The best idea I can think of is to sell Texas to Venezuela, and apply the money to the national debt.

  140. Jorge A Rodriguez

    I'm from Dallas Tx. Born and raised. If that happens, I'm out of here. And good luck fighting off the invasion of multi billion dollars cartel organizations taking over and making texas a legitimate Narco country without the back of the U.S military. if that happens, which I doubt it will, but if it does. Texas will be crying back to the U.S once the first car bomb explodes in Down town Austin.

  141. Judy Parker

    Louise Gilstrap Really , Texas has the 14th largest economy in the world, the 2nd largest in the U.S. I think we can afford to educate our kids. Once we get the idiots in washington out of our schools w can actually teach them.

  142. Ricardo Johnson

    Judy Parker Texas is a bunch of inbred hillbillies and ignorant confederate accents. peole down there sound like a retarded elmer fudd. You wascalin wabbit.

  143. Anonymous

    I want to move to texas and go to the Alamo maybe it will turn out differant this time.

  144. Joshua Arrant

    I love Texas born and raised. So go ahead insult my great state for it's faults. Every state has ignorant people just look at most of these posts even the posts from people in Texas.

  145. Joseph S Cleveland

    So, the City of Austin… Austin, Texas. THE FUCKING CAPITOL of Texas wants to secede from the rest of the state? That should tell you how crazy the rest of Texas is.

  146. Allen Wilson

    ok listen very carefully, the fact that some of you have argued with me for over an hour only shows how ignorant you are. ok im gonna say it slow so pay attention 100,000 signatures is not going to make texas secede. no matter how much they want to or not, its not going to happen. i love the united states of america, i like watching football every sunday, i like going to eat without fear everyday. i love spending time with my family without fear, i love our soldiers that put their lives on the line everyday. texas is not the only state that has coal mines its not the only state that has gas and oil, not the only state that has electricity, lol not the only state that has food. and certainly not the largest at production at either catogory. the fact of the matter is, is your all retards for allowing a texan to manipulate you the way that i have manipulated you into this conversation.

  147. Anonymous

    So as not to punish the sensible Texas people, lets just take the ones who want to secede and put them out on an island somewhere and let them rule themselves. Let them go. In fact, put all the ones in the rest of the USA who want to go. They do not have the balls to leave on their own, they just want to take democracy away from the rest of the UNITED States. So lets send them to their own State. The selfish cry babies who no longer want to be part of the USA.

  148. Lee Grayson

    Send every one of the fucking people who signed the petition to the country of their choice….with no passport to return. They will BEG to come back soon enough.

  149. Anonymous

    Austin is such a hip city. I was saddened that they would be lost to the secession, and that they felt that way. Thanks so much Austin for filing to leave Texas! I love you man…

  150. Judy Parker

    The cartels are already her and the government is doing nothing. Millions of our tax dollars down the tube fighting a drug war they ain't gonna win.The redneck good ole boys would do a better job.

  151. Alberta Shanta Jacobs

    This is absolutely ridiculous and whoever signed it is apparently anti-american. Thank God this won't work because not all Texans feel this way. Ugh!

  152. Boycott Flag Desecraters

    Secession? So much for the PLEDGE these citizens took everyday throughout school which includes the word INDIVISIBLE. They are no better than the "good citizens" desecrating our flag. Take a look at a Sayreville, NJ business who have chosen to desecrate the American flag to make a political statement about the Obama re-election.

    Any assumptions about Viking Terminal sending a distress signal resulting from Hurricane Sandy and the resulting flooding however are incorrect.

    1- A black wreath displayed on the upside down flag: clear indication that the owners feel our country is dead as a result of the election.
    2- A fast check on the owners into their Facebook accounts and other sources shows a pattern of right wing activity.
    3- Repeated requests for comment from the business on the flag display have been ignored.

    I have no problem with any of their political affiliations or activities. I do object however to their disrespectful use of our flag to make a statement.

    There is a grassroots Facebook website set up to rally members in the hopes of boycotting this business until they remove their distasteful display. Please LIKE and SHARE:

    Search "Boycott Flag Desecraters" on Facebook or cut and paste:

    If those pictures don't make you sick, check your pulse.

    Boycott Flag Desecraters does NOT accept donations. It is a labor of love. Its goal is to notify the public of businesses that desecrate Old Glory.

  153. Mike Schusler

    Wow, not a good time to be a Texan now. Those of you that are signing this petition, think about this. There is no state in the union that can be on its own without federal funding, no state! San Antonio is home to several military bases, who do you think pays their salaries? That's federal funding. WIC? Federal funding! I think all of the yippy ki yays of Texas really need to get a grip or educate themselves before spewing this stupid ploy.

  154. Terrie Malin

    Texas has the 15th largest economy in the entire world. This is really quite a feat, considering that there are entire countries economically lagging behind the lone star state. After Alaska, Texas is the largest state in America. It also has the highest population, after California. It’s economy certainly does its size justice. The economy grew and developed greatly during the mid 20th century, along with technological growth. Texas grosses annual numbers that rival countries like India or China, ringing in over 100 billion a year in trade with other nations. It leads the way in regards to cotton production. In fact, Texas is the most agriculturally productive state. In acreage and numbers, it has more farms than any other state.

  155. Bobby LeQuia

    Personally, I don't believe in seceding from the Union but I can definately understand why.
    Obama needs to be impeached.

  156. Lisa Thompson

    If Texas no longer wants to be a part of this awesome country, then let them go! To hell with them and their ass backwards way of living. And that goes to any state that wants to leave! Just because you don't like the current the currect president or any of our politicians for that matter, is no reason to not want to be a part of this great nation. America is the best country in the world! It has it''s faults, don't get me wrong, but people from all over die trying to get here! If it's bad for you, maybe you need to get off your ass and get busy! You are in one of the few countries that you can be born in the ghetto and rise to be a billionaire by the time you are 30! It just takes motivation and commitment! No, I am not rich, but I have a job that I love and I am proud to call myself an American!

  157. Mike Schusler

    Allen, relax, I live in Texas. Its ok, you just dont know any better. Like all of the non-educated people that are moving here cause they couldnt make a name for themselves in their neck of the woods. Texas needs the Feds and Union more than anything. You speak of Military, ummm, thats federal funds there chappy. Local state tax payers might account for the National Guard but you secede from the Union, say goodby to all of the Military bases and hundreds of thousands of jobs.

  158. Judy Parker

    Has nothing to do with a black man in the white house. He's not the first one to be there even though he likes to claim he is. It's the fact that he's the worst to ever sit in the oval office. We are sick of the government interfering in every aspect of our lives. We are sick of the endless debt and he just keeps spending. we are sick of the wars and just about every other aspect of the crooks in washington. We don't need them or want them running our lives. The constitution limits the power of the government and the president but apparently none of them know how to read.

  159. John Combs

    I suggest the pettioners move. They do not represent me. The loss of federal funds for jobs, military bases and more would cause taxes to go through the roof.

  160. Anonymous

    I think people may be missing the point – the petitions are not real petitions, meaning they have not been filed in any court (nor will they be accepted by any court – since secession is prohibited), rather they are posted through a website that is maintained by the White House itself. If a petition reaches 25,000 signatures the President is obligated to address the concerns in that petition. The purpose of the site is to facilitate direct communication between the American people and the President, without interference from other elected officials. And if I were the President, I think I would want to know that every single state shares the same concerns.

  161. Sadia Fayyaz

    Let the American's decide their fate.If they have right to vote they should have right to secede.American's belief in democracy and freedom of choice.

  162. Katie Kobylski

    wow way to play the race card. you clearly have no understanding of the problems this country is facing if you think that people simply don't like him because he's black. and BTW he is only HALF black.

  163. Blake Sawyer Riley

    I love how people are focusing on just Texas. All 50 states have started a succession petition, yet in the comments, all you see are "Stupid Rednecks" and "Let them leave! Texas sucks!". Yeah, Texas has the most signatures, but look how many people are in Texas compared to most states! I also find it funny that even in the article in clearly states about 4% of Texas has signed this petition, so that leaves 96% that hasn't but people are still slandering Texas as a whole, and the people that live in it. I say just ignore the petition and let it go away. Don't attack the Texas people as a whole. Trust me, we don't all believe in this.

  164. David Bryant

    Linda Lohman we don't live on entitlements in Texas….Social security as you know it will be deleted by the broncobama administration…

  165. James Head

    Ya'll Texans done did it now! Ya have everyone raving as to whether you're traitors or patriots!
    Well, if you decide to push it like South Carolina did in 1861, then ya'll best be ready to weather the storm.
    This time you need to elect a REAL president, maybe a Ron Paul type that can politic but let the Generals do the fighting.
    If you do it right, you might get Alaska, Arizona and a few other western mineral and oil producers on your side (we'll have to squeeze New Mexico and Colorado out of the way though). Mexico could be a problem. But they, and most of the world, are torked at the US and may just sit it out as long as you are fighting them damn-yankees, (they may even join you). Nukes are a BIG problem. It's hard to find an ally that has nukes AND the outlook of Texans. But I will concede that between ya'll and a few other Confederate States you may be able to put some nukes together.
    Ya'll got some serious strategizing to do! You Texan types have always tried to convince me that your the best thing to grace the planet earth, so prove it and lead the way!
    Of course, as always, the winners will decide who were the traitors and patriots. (btw, I've always loved to side up with the underdog in a GOOD fight)!

  166. Michael Barrett

    I think the 14th largest economy in the world could succeed if it seceded. I'd move back home if it did. For those of you who think its just about the election – its no wonder Obama won again. Morons voting for a communist. "Gimme gimme gimme." This is about freedom, the Constitution, health care, and the criminals who inhabit the white house. Nixon was run out of office for less. Wake up, America!

  167. John Fox

    politicians and parasites in Austin the political hub of Texas and El mexico Paso who just elected their new dictator who they will soon find out lied to them want to embrace the government and all the hard work somebody else did.

  168. Anonymous

    If you have a problem with the way the country is being ran, then move. no need to make petitions to secede when there is plenty of other people who would like to stay and don't have a problem with what is going on. lifes a b**ch then you die, get over it. you don't always get what you want, especially in politics.

  169. Jennifer-May Chamberlin

    I'm a republican and I agree that it is silly and taking it too far. I liked Romney and voted for him but I teach my kids to respect both candidates and be informed and vote for whoever. We all have to learn to work together.

  170. Johnell Kirby Barkley

    I wish I were still in Texas. It's a great state with wonderful people and they like their independence rather than heading to socialism which is what is going to happen under the current admin.

  171. Anonymous

    Are Texans ready to pay the tariffs that the U.S. would charge on all commerce going in to and out of their republic. How will they get passed the naval blockaded that will be placed off their shores and whose air space will they use when they can no longer use that of the U.S. But this is all nonsense, if only Texans would read their history none of this would ever be discussed.

  172. Chris Daniels

    I am from Texas living in Chicago and I am highly embarrassed! I know it's less than 1% of the population and probably 95% of them are racists, but as adults we should not act like Children, or act like we are nut jobs! The greatest union in the world and this is what some want? Wow! Hey I lived through that moron Bush and made it. I may not have liked going to a bogus war or feeling the effects of the fraud/shady activities afterwards, but I am still proud to be an American! My god some Rightwingers are fools!

  173. Doug Morrison

    What would they do when military bases close and ship all of the men and women to other bases. No one would defend them when someone invades them and would not be U.S.. They would need a new Capitol, because Austin wants no part of it. All sports teams would need to move unless each sport deals internationally, only 3 do now (no more Dallas Cowboys or Houston Texans). The NBA, MLB and NHL would need to structure a new country in. Texans would need passports to travel in the United States. Everything from elsewhere around the country would be tarried to them and why would the U.S. want to buy any products from them. Many companies would move facilities to the U.S. to get better support. El Paso says they are more akin to New Mexico, they would like to move to another state now.

  174. Sandra Brown Ryan

    As a Texas…here is my message to those of you who wish to secede: The MAJORITY of Texans do NOT wish to secede, so please find somewhere else for you to secede to! We no longer want you in Texas….MAJORITY RULES.
    Good bye! and Thank you for leaving as soon as possible…….you are NOT welcome to return.

  175. Beverly Chambers Urban

    The only ones who want to secede, no doubt, are Republicans. Texans do vote and, as a Texan, I vote that we deport these idiots to Mexico so they can find out how it feels to be an illegal alien.

  176. Veronica C. Williams

    All of you talking bad about Texas–you are aware that ALL 50 STATES have filed to secede from the United States, right? Everyone keeps saying 'they filed for a secession, so kick them out', but if all the states that filed secessions were to leave, where would that leave you? In D.C.–the very place that created all of this mess in the first place!

  177. Yoan Vivas

    I signed the petition, from California. If they want to leave, let them. Our country is better off without them anyways. Support Texas Secession!

  178. Anonymous

    funny thing is….there are millions of texans who don't agree with this stupid idea. Secession? this must be stupidest idea ever introduced in Texas.

  179. Anonymous


  180. Gretchen White

    Close down all military bases in Texas and move NASA too. I am sure there are plenty of states that would love the economy boost from having a goverment facility in their backyard..

  181. Amanda Ely

    It will never happen, it says in black and white with all the states that when they became such, that if they tried, they could very well be tried for treason, they will also very likely lose all federal funding, with a few other reprocussions.

  182. Eugene Morris

    PLEASE, Put a fence around that raciest State and shoot anyone coming out.

  183. Raymond Bass

    Texans: Looks like that when the going gets tough, they get going….. (Some of them, in any case.)

    Don't like it, change it democratically — or leave.

  184. Anthony Rompa

    Everyone who signs a petition should receive a free tax audit and a bus pass to anywhere outside the US, America love it or leave it, get out.

  185. Miguel Mendoza

    why do they want to leave the union i frankly dont mind but i wondr why

  186. Raymond Bass

    We can all bear arms, Gina. There's nothing special about shooting a rattlesnake… (who, by the way, seem to be much nicer than you, as they give fair warning when you approach them … and they never whine.)

  187. Billy Tinkham

    You're missing the point there Cynthia. It's not about being in a Republic (which isn't a democracy btw), it's about personal liberty and freedom. It's not only unconstitutional to force people to pay for healthcare, it's purely unethical. Your short-sighted opinion on the matter added to your assumption that because Romney didn't win the election follows as reason is quite a laugh. Small people like you with small words without thought are actually evil. You type of people are the reason that shit goes the wrong way. Check your tone, and your facts, and keep your simple opinions close.

  188. Mary Kops

    If any state tries to seced from the USA, you are only giving the WH more power. remember; united we stand, divided we fall. We must unite and fight for what is right for all Americans.

  189. Norman Wright

    The last time states seceded, we had a bloody Civil War; I don't think Americans want another. My remedy is to split the nation into 2 nations east and west of the Mississippi, to keep the loose nuts from rolling into our beautiful West. LOL

  190. Norman Wright

    El Paso definitely should be annexed by New Mexico, it doesn't have a lot in common with Texas.

  191. Shawn Rodriguez

    Meanwhile, none of you idiots don't even care that the whole election just might have been a complete farce! With some place having whole districts where Romney didn't even get ONE vote, and others where obama got 108% of the vote and Romney getting -8%. This is the most weak minded breed of Americans ever. Gullible as hell.

  192. Beverly Kelly

    Says who? It's a start! Then maybe all the other states will follow. Then Obama can just rule DC! And then most everybody will be happy, especially this ashamed to be Californian!

  193. Ray Wortel

    The real story here is that 112,309 ignorant hillbillies were able to spell their own names.

  194. Clayton W. Hilton

    took an Oath to the United States of America, not to Texas. If this nonsence happens I have to leave this State, because I remember what happen the last time a group of D.A.'s did this. They lost, and if you don't think it will not happen again then you need to get your Head out of your back pocket. Now if you people don't like it here go visit anoher country for a year, you will be back here at home and not thinking of this secession Crap. And like the Lady said Texas can not afford to run it's own Goverment with out help from the Feds. The Govenor has showed us his group cannot run water, muchless a Independent Country.

  195. Virginia Morris

    hey people I think we just wanted to prove a point we do not like obama care or his tyrant ways his attitude of his way or the highway like we are all children without an opinion texans love america we just wanted people in the house in washington to know we are not happy can the rest of you get a grip on this none of us are better than someone else. being we are americans still we do or I thought had a right to the way we feel as well but I guess that is part of the obama religion as well.

  196. Kyler Mickelson

    We have not seen 4 years of steady decline in the economy haha. The economy is growing and that is fact! look it up. I agree with you Anna crazy how people can believe that crap

  197. Janet Atkinson Garinger

    Judy Parker Your Beloved Bush started those wars we are in and lied to Americans to justify it. Check the records sometime and see how we went from having a surplus to trillions in debt, all under Republicans. I cannot believe people like you ignore the facts, wake up, facts are NOT opinions. Learn a little truth and then tell me it isn't about the president being black.

  198. John Pacheco

    with a pop 24,000,000 people living in Texas 100,000 signatures You need to try a little harder. I love to see you leave, take all the bushs with you John Cornig ca.

  199. Clinton Otis

    It will be nice when we stop being Republicans or Democrats and start being AMERICANS. The corrupted souls of a few have tainted the hearts of many. A twisted sense of entitlement makes this great nation weak. It's horrible that soldiers are dying for this blind collection of people. The office of the president has never had real power, it can only make decisions with the approval of the United States Congress, if these states are trying to secede because they feel like the US Government hasn't fulfilled their promise to us I'm all for it. But if you are seceding because a Black/Mulatto/Nigger/Man, whatever you want to call him, is in office maybe seceding is the wrong paper for you maybe you should be signing your papers to leave the country all together because you are what's wrong with this country.

  200. Anonymous

    I don't think they should only secede. They should become part of Mexico. So when they try to get back in, they will get electricuted or shot at or be squeezed into a truck with 10,000 other texans sneaking across the boarder.

  201. Brad Henry

    24,326,974 plus live in Texas. 100,000 signed this… How is this news? Let me know when it gets close to half 12,000,000.

  202. Jim Myer

    First of all let's clear up one thing. There was NO clause when Texas entered the Union that they could secede from the the Union at any time. I've heard that crap for the 30+ years that I've lived in Texas. It simply isn't true. Secondly, cheers to El Paso with their petition to secede from Texas because of their secession petition. People in Texas need to grow up and go on with their lives.

  203. Lilia Rachel

    Those that want to secede have been watching too much Fox news. This is ridiculous Americans divided over Obama's re-election! Instead of seceding write to the president over your concerns. God will punish everyone in America for being a divided nation just to teach us a lesson.

  204. Lilia Rachel

    Those that want to secede have been watching too much Fox news. This is ridiculous Americans divided over Obama's re-election! Instead of seceding write to the president over your concerns. God is going to punish us all for being a divided nation just to teach us a lesson. And doesn't this dishonor our troops?

  205. Gena Taylor

    The petition, I chose to believe, is just a protest and a way of letting Obama know he is not liked in Texas, and since Romney carried Texas with a margin of over one million votes, this is just a way for people to let off a little steam. I haven't signed it, won't sign it, and even Gov Perry has come out and said secession would be foolish and a big mistake.

  206. Jenifer Church

    you know I have read in these comments that we are sore losers. But the fact is, the U.S. government doesn't have the whole country support with their tactics. I am afraid to call myself an American. My husband was born in Indiana, and they filed a petition as well. So I know I am proud to be a Texan, and the U.S. Government is going to ruin the economy, it isn't who is in office, but it the misuse of the power. I understand how most of you feel. My husband has a medical condition that isn't usually covered by any other medical insurance. But I am afraid Obamacare will cost too much, and my husband and I can't afford medical insurance right now. I have decided to stand up for my values and beliefs, so why can't we have a voice? If we surrender to what we believe is wrong, then we will be persecuted by the U.S. government. So if Texas can save us from the corruption I see, then let them succeed. I agree that U.S. needs Texas, more than we need them. So I am proud to be a Texan and so is my husband. He followed my lead, and he signed the petition. It might seem like this will fall on deaf ears, but I will feel like we just didn't go quietly in the night. Is it some disgruntled people who doesn't like the outcome of the election? No, it is some true patriots to the values of what the founding fathers would want. Why should we allow the few to dictate the lives of the majority? With my voice, I say let TEXAS GOVERN ITSELF. And if some are ashamed to be called a Texan, well I am sorry you feel that way. Texas has always treated me good, and it still will. And whatever is decided, I will be proud no matter the outcome because at least we got our voice out. The first amendment is the freedom of speech and other things. Go TEXAS!

  207. William Sastard

    I say let em go. they'll elect another bush and then they'll be a mini western china working for pennies on the dollar by the end of the decade. TRICKLE DOWN ECONOMICS DOES NOT WORK. lololol if they wanted to secede because of how bad the president was why the fuck didn't they try to secede during the reign of the most retarded and worst president in history, their very own GW Bush?

  208. Anonymous

    You needed help from American heroes from Tennessee and Arkansas the last time you made such "Alamo: claims. Good luck getting it this time.

  209. Stephen Wiegman

    If I may, I'm a native Texan, I love my state, and in my opinion I think its the best state. However, hands down and simply put, no matter how much we all argue with each other; Texas needs the US and the US needs Texas. All of this fighting does nothing but seperate us further. Texas produces many resources and services to the rest of the Nation while we have been under Federal law and funding. Take that away and many things that we enjoy will be taken from us. I'm not the most educated person but one number I do know is that it took america 236 years to create the government we know. It would take a few years to establish the new order of things and get a self sustained economy that will rely solely on itself rather than the other states. Next, this isn't the first time this petition has gone up, its just another news story that proves the degradation of headlines nowadays. America was created as an ideal and mindset, all of this bickering does nothing more than fuel the thoughts for a second civil war. If you argue points argue points, but insulting and childish bickering gets us nowhere.

  210. Shawn McAlister

    Its not just texas, its a number of states. Alabama, North Carolina, Florida, Georgia, Louisiana, Tennessee have already reached the 25,000 threshold to reach the white house. Texas has the most mainly because they have a higher population than the states in question. Apparently this happens all the time but its never had this many people apart of it. Check your state, there's most likely one going on there as well. I live in PA and there's already 11,000 people who signed it. It does seem kind of ironic that its the southern states that are the ones reaching the threshold.

  211. Anonymous

    anyone notice that the secession movement has for most part been removed frome the media.

  212. Kerry Petrie

    An overreaction without a doubt, but a sign of the discord and frustration in our broken nation. I fear a civil war is ahead and always thought that Obama agenda would usher it in. Worrisome times for our nation and for the republic we try to hang onto, history shows this is always going to be an uphill battle and no one in history has been able to hang on as far as I know.

  213. Mathew Combs

    How stupid are they to put their personal information on paper that they ate enemies of the state/domestic threats to the Union???

  214. Kenneth Taylor

    My guess is that, SOME OF THE PEOPLE are doing it whether Romney or Obama won. I'm sure the lack of truely ethical politicians who are sincerely FOR THE PEOPLE has something to do with their reaction. They should have started this BEFORE the election if they really wanted to make THAT statement.

  215. Ed Doubleu

    Let em go! They can hook up with Mexico; they deserve each other. But when they go, they leave behind or return all the dollars that the rest of the country spent to improve things for them.

  216. Paul K. Fowler

    notice they did not do that when George was in office. it is just sour grapes. i read this happens after every election. An attorney who handles.people.leaving the country said out of the thousands of inquiries he gets only two people have actually done it. if through 8 years of Bush they will Obama. however this is amd only is because he is balck.

  217. Kenneth Taylor

    I think its just that Politicians in general are 'disconnected' from the real world so theres no real empathy for them to relate to, unlike it used to be many years ago. When people get in the spotlight, they lose their perspective. I agree that both candidates were HORRIBLE choices. So I wont pick the lesser of two evils. Its true of my local government too more or less. 8 years of Bush, lol.. we got through it, but are paying for it now.

  218. Anonymous

    Even though the idea of a state seceding from the union seems rididulous, it does show that many people(including me) are very opposed with the direction that President Obama wants to take our country. He wants to change America(not make changes to it). Most Americans (at least those who voted for him) don't really know or understand the current president's political or social philosophy. He was greatly influenced by communist/socialist leaders and teachers. I challenge all to read his own book, "Dreams from my father" and then watch the film "Obama 2016."

  219. Arlene Jantz

    These people who are signing this petition need to find something more positive to do and then contribute an issue that would help and support the good ole USA.

  220. Timothy Greensweight

    let el paso and the valley go for all you saying it do to the election wrong about 4 % has been wanting to leave from the 80 s we send more taxes to the feds if we go we will have the 5th largest econ we will have a 3a rating un like the usa. lets see how fast cal or the rest of the union come with guns to force ys back in no more free oil no more nasa no more free elec get the idea some of us here in TEXAS just wants to be free.

  221. Rusty Simons

    secession will never happen after two terms of bush and the "savior" obama not showing any results the people of all fifty states not just texas want answers and not empty promises my candidate didn't win and yes I'm pissed and there is no race card to be played no matter who is in the white house there is still a mess to clean up the question is r we going to see results or another four years of a dwindling economy and rising unemployment.

  222. Rolltide Rt

    Do any of them need help packing? This is called "harvesting the dopes." Gets rid of the riff-raff and makes room for immigrants that REALLY want to be here. Oh, and don't let the door hit you on the ass…..

  223. Dirk Willard

    Let Texas secede. As a Ohio yankee, I really don't see the value of them. They inflicted their last governor on us. Then, there is, of course Lyndon. No, actually, all this nonsense about secession is a distraction from our common problems.

  224. Robert Church

    I think it is great that Americans can express themselves in this way and should be able to voice their opinions.
    I would cheer on anyone who wants to secede from the great United States of America and will happily help them pack up and leave. This is MY choice to voice my own opinion and I have as much right as the secessionists do to say what I think.

  225. Rick Rodriguez

    All of you who want sucession should be charged with TREASON… I'm embarrassed that you are part of our state…Can't even imagine what is in your head much less your heart… Treasonist is the only way to discribe you….

  226. Charlie Tieman

    Your dearly beloved newly re-elected president does't photo with our flag'doesn't pledge allegiance and won't place hand over heart for our natinal anthem and WE have a problem??? By the way ALL 49 other states have ALSO filed petition for secession – – -maybe there is hope for US yet??? I pray daily that it would be so.

  227. Joseph Wiggins

    all texas is saying is that we don't agree with the politics make Obama very aware that people are not happy. just say we elected Hitler as a president of the United states of America would it be bad to get pissed and want out. I AM NOT saying Obama is Hitler in anyway. we the people are just expressing our concerns an this right here is the best way to get heard. I have not signed up an will not, but as of right now I'm proud to be a texan because sooner or later Obama will have to speak out and say something and hopefully fix it.

  228. Kim Casey Nugent Roberds

    Jamie said New Mexico is also trying to do this as well as Oregon. I too will be moving if this does happen. People are stupid they will lose so much, SSI< SSD< SS< and TANIF< Food Stamp…

  229. Gail Moore

    Thoise who want to leave should go – and go now, spoiled brats that they are. Those who want to stick around and help our nation regain itself, please do.

  230. Wm Burt White

    Please do secede! it's like having a state of uncivilized cavemen redneck rasist in my country. Please go! Tex Ass get more federal money than any other state. LOL GOOOOOO!

  231. Tony McCleary

    Let them do it, in a short time their population would shrink to 100,000 (as people moved out) and they would soon starve to death. Then the ones who moved can move back and live in a dumbarse free state.

  232. Anonymous

    the people signing these petitions are either uneducated or delusional the USA had to come and save Texas from mexico in the 1800s but maybe they want to join mexico.

  233. Robert DAgostino

    talk about being anti-american. this is pathetic. nothing but cowards. gutless souless degenerates. well at least we have the names of all the racist pigs in texas. these people should be jailed. utterly disgusting.

  234. Stella Morales


  235. Pamela Bunting Lewis

    "The Lone Star State." Must have been reasons for calling Texas that. The first song I learned to sing was Jesus Loves Me, the second was Away in a Manger, and the third was Yellow Rose of Texas. A real part of Americana. Six gallon hats, Six Flags, The Stockyard, shoot outs of the old wild west days, oil, and Dallas, the TV show and in real life too. Ross Perot lives there. He told us about the Post Office when he tried to run for President. He was right too! We would miss Texas. "United We Stand. Divided We Fall." Do we want to fall? Who will catch us? Majority rules in this nation and I have been an American citizen for all of my life.

    The one good thing about the United States of America if I were only going to name one, is that it has always been about change. POSITIVE change is what we need. We need all 50 states on board. We are a United States of America. God Bless and I hope and pray that God thinks that we are all still worth blessing and that He will once again, bless America. Pamela Bunting Lewis Non partisan. November 17th, 2012. Saturday, all day!

  236. Joseph Wiggins

    the country is getting worse. unemployment rate. the obama care will benefit me but its already causing people to loose jobs. jobs that do part time will now be >30hrs a week so you will need multiple jobs. opening up a small business will be very hard.

  237. Anonymous

    I wish Texas would secede! There stupid politicians: LBJ and George Bush Jr., are responsible for 2 of the stupidest wars in American History… The Viet Nam Fiasco and Iraq both fought with counties who never attacked us, both lasted 10 plus years where nothing was accomplished except..the world recognizing the USA as bullies….Texans love to start a fight but their egos are Too Big to get out of one! and despite their fair weather patriotism they are always the First state who wants to Bail when the going gets tough so much for Texans being Real cowboys! I think Washington should GIVE Texas back to Mexico!

  238. Jay Martinez

    Wow, Put these people in JAIL, Its time to make an example of an insane group of people. I have many friends in TEXAS and they don't think like these NUTs.

  239. Joel Hegemeyer

    Come on People, Mitt lost! This is what democracy is all about! I guess all you Conservative losers want a dictatorship rather than a democracy! Get a grip and lets work with the President to solve our issues and quit whinning!

  240. Joseph Rome

    I don’t consider this an overreaction. It is a slap in the face to the Democrats and no more. With Obama care we will lose full time jobs and still have uninsured, even more so. They are around 8 million uninsured at this time, one year after Obama care becomes law this will jump to 20 million.
    Large companies will release workers and try to cut the remaining workers to part time to avoid the extra cost of health insurance leaving the poor to work harder to make things meet. They will make more money this way. You will also see the citizens below poverty level jump from 50 million to 80 million. Thanks Obama.
    With 59 districts in the east voting 100% Obama, this was not racist? I voted for him the first time because he promised things which he will never deliver. Poor people will be hurt by this administration and they should be made aware of this.
    Where does the buck stop? In the Libyan Attack, if the president was not weak he would have accepted responsibility, he is the chief administrator. But the truth is being denied the citizens to protect his administration? It is not the attack itself which has my concern in this matter, it is the fact they requested support from this administration before the attack and the responses to these request are being held back.
    SO! We (Texas) should not be concern with leaving the United States. How dumb Congress is we could get far more aid than we received from our taxes anyway.

  241. Gina Smalley

    I say we let them go; all Texas has to do is forever relinquish United States citizenship. Let them try their luck elsewhere.

  242. Anonymous

    I Pledge Allegiance to the flag.
    of the United States of America.
    and to the Republic.
    for which it stands,
    one Nation under God,
    with liberty and justice for all.

  243. Anonymous

    Ummm… this should be looked upon as treason and EVERYONE who put their signatures on this petition should be dealt with accordingly.

  244. David Martin

    Right wing conservatives, like those from Texas love to back Israel. I say make a double deal and allow peace in the middle east to proliferate. God never said Israel had to be where it is, WE DID! So I submit a resolution to the problem. Allow Texas to secede under one stipulation, they must house the entire nation of Israel. Not too big of a problem, it's more land than they are used to. Let them bring all their people here, we're such good friends to them as it is. They won't have any more middle east turmoil, and can instead fight Mexico and the drug war for us. And maybe annex some of Mexico at the same time, as if Mexico is going to fight back. And finally – let's call the new country, TexRael. What do you say Texans, " Not in our backyard?" – Hypocrites. You so support Israel as it is, this could mean WORLD PEACE and you don't G.A.F.

  245. David Martin

    Right wing conservatives, like those from Texas love to back Israel. I say make a double deal and allow peace in the middle east to proliferate. God never said Israel had to be where it is, WE DID! So I submit a resolution to the problem. Allow Texas to secede under one stipulation, they must house the entire nation of Israel. Not too big of a problem, it's more land than they are used to. Let them bring all their people here and give back the existing land called Israel to the rightful owners, we're such good friends to them as it is. They won't have any more middle east turmoil, and can instead fight Mexico and the drug war for us. And maybe annex some of Mexico at the same time, as if Mexico is going to fight back. And finally – let's call the new country, TexRael. What do you say Texans, " Not in our backyard?" – Hypocrites. You so support Israel as it is, this could mean WORLD PEACE and you don't G.A.F.

  246. Mark Mitchell

    "Now more than ever our country needs strong leadership from states like Texas, that are making tough decisions to live within their means, keep taxes low and provide opportunities to job creators so their citizens can provide for their families and prosper."

    Pop Quiz about that mission statement:

    1) Who makes the sacrifices?

    2) Who benefits the most from low taxes?

    3) Who benefits from "opportunities" provided by the government?

    4) Who has to wait for the prosperity to trickle down so they can provide for their families?

    Bonus: Who realizes that after 30 years of this philosophy, middle-class wages are stagnant, there are more poor than ever, and the rich have never been richer?

  247. Anonymous

    I am seeing tons of comments talking smack about Texas, but ALL 50 states have a petition going, and THAT speaks for something in itself. This is the most divided the country has EVER been. And I keep seeing comments about Obama and how we "elected" him into office, whether it is good or bad, plenty of people seem to be slamming the election. Does anyone realize that "We the People" do not actually elect the President of the U.S. That no matter if 350 million Americans would have voted for Mitt Romney or Barrack Obama, it is only 538 votes that actually matters, which a candidate needs 270? THIS is what needs to change first off, put the election IN our hands, let us decide who we want. Until then the lobbyists and special interests groups will ALWAYS control the election to their benefit and the rest of the country such as ourselves has to suffer through it.

  248. Anonymous

    I would love to relocate from all the racism. It just shows everyone that United States is the same and will never change. Obama ia President and nothing will change that. OBAMA 2012!

  249. Anonymous

    I will not miss Texas, Racist police, judges, courts, teachers in our schools, and the list goes on. President Obama was elected and that should be the end of it. We accept who ever the people choose. There has been many Presidents that were chosen that I didn't choose and I never felt like I wanted to stoop to this level. You respect who was chosen and move on.

  250. Anonymous

    Losing the election is not what this is about. However, the election was a perfect example of the state of the country. I don't think anyone expects the United States to grant a petition to secede, but what is the answer to making an attempt to reunite our once great "United" States? This country has become divided to the point that "reuniting" is impossible. We have become a nation where almost exactly 1/2 of the citizens support and believe in our constitution (small non-intrusive government) and and almost exactly 1/2 of the citizens support and believe in a socialist way of life where the government is large, powerful, and should provide for their every need. Honestly, splitting the country down the middle, and allowing people to choose which lifestyle they prefer is the only answer. Anyone who thinks it is possible to leave the "socialistic" ways of the current state of our country and live "life as usual" is foolish. Anyone who thinks that the "socialistic" way of life would continue without those of us who are willing to be responsible, work for a living, and strive for independence is just as foolish. I personally would be willing to live in a country where the citizens are responsible for whether or not they had food to eat or a roof over their heads. If you work at it, you can have it. If you aren't willing to work for it, then you don't have it. People are naturally charitable, and would willingly help those who NEED it, but would choose not to help those who are lazy, and they can all go live in the socialist country. I would be willing to live a very hard life in order to have the freedom and independence this country was built on. That was the attitude that founded the "United States" and that was the attitude that made this country great! Once we began to look to the government to make our live easier, and provide for us, we began the downward spiral on the slippery slope, and while we have slowed the decent at times, we will never be able to begin that upward climb to greatness. We are too far gone, and we have far too many "dependent" voters. The comments I have read here only reinforce what I already know. What would we do without the government subsidies? Live a free and independent life, or die trying. That choice was made by a great nation in 1776, and that is the choice I would make for myself, and my children.

  251. Kin Chau

    Those 100,000+ people signed their names on it. Well… question to you all : How and what do you say to those who fought and died for Tx in Alomo?

  252. Anonymous

    Those 100,00+ signed their signatures on it…..well….my question to you all IS : HOW and WHAT do you have to say to those fellow Americans who fought and died for Tx?

  253. John Slaughterbeck

    I doubt any Texan has forgotten about their guns. I could tell you where each of mine are, how many are loaded, and ready to go; as well as how many rounds are with each of them.

  254. Charlie Ewing

    Honestly, I don't think anything will come of it, but it needs to be a conversation point. Like when a relationship gets to where one feels they should leave is when you know there is a problem that you're not talking about.

  255. Ibme Jones

    obviously no one on here even knows that all 50–yes all 50 states have petitions for secession- at this very moment-
    texas has the most signatures -but it would appear that all the states would like to have a better national government than that which obama has taken the liberty of abusing and running into the ground.

  256. Ibme Jones

    and cynthia holdcraft –we as americans are embarrassed to have you-if you did not watch what obama did to this country in his first term you will surely feel the abuse this time around-and get to see what a dictator is —
    he has already stepped beyond the constitution -he will do worse -and soon -keep your eyes open the next 3 months will be a ride to hell.

  257. Ibme Jones

    if all you haters and idiots want something to hate–do some real homework on who barak hussein obama really is –
    the info is out there -get a life and check it out -see who sponsored him -see who supported him –
    see where his money came from and who and how he went to college-see his connections to iran -iraq- and the muslim brotherhood-do it fast -or he will rewrite history before your very eyes.

  258. Jenny Joy White

    it would be pretty funny if this happens because when they try to sneek back into the country we can assume this would make them immigrants and not to mention that when a huge national disaster stricks you will not get any aid from us. your lack of faith in the system will be your own demise…

  259. Julie Munoz

    I would love to secede, I am sick to death of Obama and his communistic leanings. I do not want USA to be socialist much less communist. I signed the petition and stick by it. It is not about being a sore loser, it is about not wishing to be a part of the downfall of a nation. I like freedom and very little government interference. The nanny state is getting worse.

  260. Anonymous

    OMG! Texas is not going anywhere. Period. You have 100K yahoos who think they are an independent nation any way that needed the US agianst Mexico in a little war back in the 1800s. Suck it up for 4 years and nominate a candidate that can actually win the oval office. Try another Bush. Worked twice before didn't it?

  261. Alex L. Brown

    Texans that want to secede sure have that illness CRS (Can't Remember Squat). I guess that the folks that want to secede from the USA forgot about "Remember The Alamo" and that America had to stump a mud-hole into Mexico's rear end in order to avenge what the Mexicans did to Davy Crocket and Jim Bowie and the rest of those fighters. The Mexicans would jump on these seceding whiny loser of the past election wanna-be Texans so fast that those Texans would be eating tacos for breakfast. And then we Americans would have to stomp another mud-hole in the Mexicans rear-end once again for messing with those whiny used to be Americans that seceded from this great nation because of this past election… Wow what a bunch of Texas-sized whiners…

  262. Anonymous

    I think we should give Texas back to Mexico. don't forget that it was Texan- LBJ who was responsible for the stupid Viet Nam war and George Bush Jr for the stupid Iraq war! There is too much stupidity in the world!

  263. Jeffrey Corcoran

    They gave us Bush, they should be kicked out of the union! Let them go, they will realize shortly after they can't function independently without completely changing how their government functions, then they can become a territory.

  264. Karen Dees

    Hey Joel, lots of people would love to work with him, but really don't like what his policies have done to their businesses! For instance, in my family business, due to excessive regulations (that have been pushed thru without passing one law…to date, roughly 68 new regulations per day have been added since Obama was elected the first time). We have been forced to take jobs offshore to the Philippines to break even, lay off in excess of 40% of the workers here due to the added cost of Obamacare, etc! It's a lovely thought to want to take care of everyone, but SOMEONE has to pay for it! When you disincentify the small business owner, Jobs are lost! I don't know what the answer is, but it's sure not more and more regulations… This doesn't even include the increased taxes on our business! It makes to really hard for small businesses to justify expansion and hiring which ultimately end up hurting the economy and jobs!

  265. Ben Caplan

    I say go for it, Texans. Don't wimp out on us now. Secession is even cooler now than last time. Why? Because unlike last time, you have our full blessing. Also, your tax plan of no taxes for anyone under any conditions will make you the envy of the world, second only to the respect your science classes of our 6,000 year old world that we co-inhabited with dinosaurs will net you. Don't let the door smack you on your ass on your way out, and say hello to President Hank Williams Jr. for us.

  266. Anonymous

    Texas really does not have any desire to seceed. However if it were available to recall President Obama on grounds of incompetence we would most likely support that. The only problem with is Gaffomatic Joe Biden would be taking his place. I have a very strange feeling that between Fast and Furious and Benghazi President Obama is going to quite busy answering for his actions(or lack there of).

  267. Anonymous

    A bunch of yahoo wags here in Kentucky signed a similar petition. As a veteran politico out in the state put it, "It's absurd. It's absurdity on stilts." Texas is one thing, I guess, since it was once its own nation. But the signers of the petition in Kentucky don't seem to realize that the independent nation of Kentucky would be a third world country.

  268. Anonymous

    This confirms what we always thought about Texans! Please….secede.

  269. Evelyn Danelle Weibel

    As someone interested in political science, alternate history, and speculative fiction, it would create an interesting future if Texas did secede. Not saying they should, but just considering (far out) possibilities…

  270. Anonymous

    We are not a Republic! That died with the end of the Civil War. No more state rights. This is an empire!

  271. Ed Goforth

    I call B.S. on that. Unless they're counting X"s , there aren't 100,000 people who can write their names in Texas.

  272. Anonymous

    Big deal…this is just a hissy fit, folks…let's not get stuck in "STUPID" gear.
    Groups in California and Oregon wanted to secede after Bush got re-elected in 2004. (The Oregon secession petition even stated that they planned to ask Canada if they could join and become a new province.) The internet has just given all the whiners a place to go and whine with those of similar opinions.

  273. Raymond VandeGiessen

    Texas is 42nd in per capita federal taxes paid, and 9th in soaking up federal dollars. They cost the U. S. $1.66 for every dollar they pay. Let them go. Good riddance. If we get a few more of these idiot states to join them, we'll balance our budget AND create a country of greater tolerance, freedom, and fairness. Do we have to wait for them to secede? Can we force them out?

  274. Rake Maker

    First of all, good riddance if you pull it off. Second I would like to see proof that each and every idiot that signed this petition is a registered voter and voted in the last election. Finally I would like to see each and every person's name and address and zip listed. Oh don't get me wrong I believe there are a hell of a lot more than 100,000 complete morons in the state of Texas, I just don't believe there are 100,000 that are of the electorate base, which is all that counts.

  275. Chris Knoppel

    I think that people in texas who sign this should think about mexico.just think no more government, no military , no football. But you will have all the pot you can smoke. Learn to play soccer.mexico will welcome you back.

  276. Renz Feria

    This is what's happening to our great nation? A nation that took more than a hundred years to build.
    50 amazing states were meant to stand together.

  277. Bob Clark

    I lived in El Paso and New Mexico a number of years ago and I will agree that El Paso is a lot more like New Mexico or even Old Mexico. It is FAR from the rest of the state and does get treated like an ugly stepsister. As far as Austin goes, I wish it would just go. It is more like San Francisco with cowboy hats. I wouldn't miss it. There will be no secession. Don't get your undies in a bunch.

  278. Jennifer Mims

    It sounds like poor sportsmanship. With all the Texan sports folks, you would think that they would know how to graciously lose. I can see their points, though especially as to abortion. I do agree that the USA is a baby killing abomonation. They will get their share of retribution. However, Texas, please see how this looks to the rest of the people. It also hurts your cause and does nothing to keep babies alive as they should be! Mimsy

  279. Lee Newman

    LET THEM SECEDE! its a garbage state with garbage minded people and we should allow them to secede along with most other red states. eventualy some other country will go in and smash them and we'll simply take it back after theyve removed the trash. ever notice how not one state that actualy matters to the big picture of this nation is red? the south is still salty that they got the everlovin shit beat out of them in the civil war. and are clearly still mad they cant own other human beings. funny how many dumbshit hicks are suddenly interested in politics because a black guy is president. what's funnier is what these complete morons will believe. I heard some kentucky dumbfk tell me president obama will turn over our nation to the un and insert tracking chips in americans.they are too fn stupid to know that our process of government would make this impossible even if it was intended. I just wonder where they all go when all of their information proves wrong as usual.

  280. Mike Schillhahn

    Yep, a hundred thoiusand out of 26 million people who live in Texas.

  281. Tracy Thomas-Smith

    If they want to go I say "nice knowing ya" These are just a bunch of compaining people who just honestly don't want a black president period point blank.

  282. Pat Hill

    It's a dumb petition after losing the elections. It's pretty much unpatriotic in a way that discourage what the founder fathers had to endure to bring the nation together as the United States only to have a bunch of upset people want to destroyed it for their personal reasons. It's like half the nation is in the dark while the others our in the light. Get over it! I mean people have once had been rejected, divorce, or even heart broke but yet, they remain themselves. To read each comment where there is bias or other types of rhetoric devices sounding off on here, it seems that people can't really have a conversation without someone getting upset. It's like this nation is close to being a Israel vs Hamas away from disaster where you have a bunch pissed off portion of the south vs the happy off portion of the North.

  283. Allen Johnson

    If Texas secede from the union, I promise you the moment government funding dry up, they would be on their knees giving the United States head, begging to get back into the union.

  284. Mike Santos

    100,000 people out of 30 million ( Texas' population).
    That's one third of one percent of the total population of Texas…
    It would seem to me if these people truely do not want to be a part of The United States of America any longer then they are free to leave. They can give up their citizenship and move to any other country they wish in the World but, The State of Texas is a Part of The United States of America and the other 29 million 900 thousand that live in Texas and do not want to leave get first rights to the state and to stay United States Citizens as a part of these United States of America.
    If these disrespectful, selfish, childish, and self centered individuals truely want to leave then show the rest of us that you really have the courage and just GET THE HELL OUT OF OUR COUNTRY!

  285. Brendan Slute

    I just wanted to congratulate Texas on gaining the same status as Quebec.

    Whinny crying bastards.

  286. Lee Newman

    allowing texas and many other red states to secede would be equal to having a loud mouthed obnoxious misinformed relative finaly leave your house after months of stinkin up your guest room. dummy red states have held this country back for so long with their fantasy cult religions and plain dumbness. it would be better late than never if they left. they can all migrate to mexico after we woop their asses AGAIN. theyd fit in better there. it takes more than guns and beer cans to "gitter done" as those dummies found out the last time they tried this shit. I'm just glad most of the origional 13 states aren't red or we'd still be under british rule.

  287. Taha Farooqi

    We gave 2 terms to a Texan and Republican (Bush) to get us into a war and to fuck shit up in our country. We should give 2 terms to a Democrat and someone not from Texas (Obama) to fix things and try to restore the country.

  288. Sara DeVeaux

    I am always so amazed at how many people think that the idea of secession for Texas is something "new" or something that was precipated by Obama being elected. This is a knee jerk, thought reaction that Washington expects from you and in which they utilize to their benefit. Texas is one of the few states that has maintained a strong economy and survived the real estate crisis, unlike most other states. Texas is also extremely diversified in its GDP and continues to boast a better standard of living than most of the country.

    The Federal Government, the T.S.A. and the thieves on Wall Street which have infiltrated our government and for the most part OWN it, have become overly intrusive and have systematically dismantled both our Constitution and our Bill of Rights at an alarming rate, never before seen in America's history.

    I know that I am most likely talking over everyone's heads when I mention our Constitution and the Bill of Rights, because it would seem that no one knows what they are, or what freedom's they have ALWAYS guaranteed US and our CHILDREN.

    If you decide that FREEDOM is an important aspect of your life, maybe check out a FREE course on how, up until now, we have been guaranteed certain FREEDOM'S by our Constitution and the BILL OF RIGHTS ~ then do yourselves a favor and invest the time (less than 20 minutes a day) to study about it in this FREE online course from Hillsdale College:

    Without these tow VERY IMPORTANT GUARANTEE'S, America is quickly headed towards Socialism and then seguing into Facism. And your children and grandchildren will only be able to hear "stories" about what America used to be because it will NOT be in any of the "history" books they read in school.

    If you could care less about the future, or your children or grandchildrens future, then continue on your way, blithely ignorant and unconcerned.

    But if you do not want your children and grandchildren to become nothing more than indentured servants, PLEASE, I BEG OF YOU, READ THE CONSTITUTION AND THE BILL OF RIGHTS.

    Then do an hour or two of research to see how many of those rights have been lost since Obama became president and how many of those rights were lost not due to our CONGRESS that our Constitution put in place to GUARANTEE a STOP GAP measure, but by PRESIDENTIAL EXECUTIVE ORDER. And then ASK YOURSELVES WHY?

    Then dig out your history books and look and see how many other governments over the past 250 years succumbed to the same tyranny, and how it turned out for them. Then if you have another 20 – 30 minutes to spare, make some comparisons with those countries THEN and our country NOW.

    Then tell me ONE GOOD REASON why Texas should elect to stay in this G-d Forsaken Rogue Government.


  289. Pamela Cranston

    My suggestion is that everyone who wants to secede from the USA are welcome to "self-deport." Those of us who are true patriots will be happy to stay in America.

  290. Chris Bornstedt

    Let em Go, If any State was able to this it is Texas! Why force people to stay if they do not want to? The Fed continue to over step so I say to any State that wants to leave I will support it!

  291. Marion Johnson

    Ya'll do realize that when you secede, no Texan will receive any money from the federal government? No Social Security retirement benefits, no aid to children, no disability benefits, no Medicare, no Medicaid, no oil subsidies, no agriculture subsidies, no drug subsidies, no chemical subsidies, no educational funding, all the military bases will be closed and no jobs will be available to any Texans from the federal government? You now receive $1.45 in federal funding for each $1.00 you send to the feds in taxes. You will receive nothing if you secede. You will merely keep your $1.

  292. Timothy Bishop

    Hasn't anyone ever read about how texas was a nation state once? If I remeber correctly they made it about 8 years as a nation before failing miserably being in complete financial disarray and desperately needed into the union.

  293. Anonymous

    Get to steppin Texas. If this is your reaction to President Obama being elected again then we don't want you. You are too weak. If this country was to be invaded you would be the first to run and/or sell the rest of us out.

  294. Anonymous

    so.4% of the population of texas is either stupid or are rich and don't want to pay any taxes and treat their employees like they do in sweat shops in china.

  295. Anonymous

    100,00 signed, population of Texas…..25.6 million to go. there is no point in this. Where they going to go? Arizona?

  296. Mudbubble Benton

    I highly doubt if Texas secedes but, if they do! My ass is leaving on the next thing smoking. Do ya'll know how many redneck laws will be created if that happens? It would be open season on blacks, hispanics, hindis, and jews, especially since most Texans feel as if they are the purest Christians that walk the earth and God is always in their favor. This I don't have the time for. Its way too many idiots out there about this crap because their guy didn't freakin win a stupid ass election. Eat a dick please!

  297. Tim Ferrill

    Anyone wonder why the Whitehouse created this issue? Perhaps to stir up class warfare and distract people from the real blunders the current administration is making? Anyone?

  298. Benton James

    Not me i gone sit back and see how they gone act. If they start that old jim crow south shit im picking me some muthafuckas off if they come my way.

  299. Helene Champlin

    Fine, go ahead. Print your own money, which will not be accepted in the U.S. When disaster strikes, do not look to the U.S. for assistance, make sure there are plenty of passports and visas to visit in the U.S. Make sure Texas has their own postal service. Now, doesn't that sound as ridiculous as secession?

  300. Anonymous

    Every state should consider secession purely for survival reasons. Realistically how can any state really afford to remain within the union? The federal government is enslaving you, your children and your grandchildren with debt so that they can continue to enjoy a lavish lifestyle.

  301. Shedria Ria Petty

    What gets me is, they don't speak for everyone that lives there. I don't like any of it. Its kinda like if u don't have the right social status and money, ur opinion doesn't count. The whole idea is stupid. They won't have an army, currency, or any part of our (Americans) laws. Then what u gone do then if some terrorists attack? Some of the humblest folks have so much power #romney, bush, should i go on?

  302. Karen Dees

    P.S. this succession thing is ridiculous, but it just shows you how divided we are as a nation! Sad!

  303. Brian Keathley

    Looks like a lot of folks in Texas feel ENTITLED – to keep what the worked for. Petitions in 29 other states as well right now.

  304. Theresa Kelly

    No Cynthia, it's because of a long train of abuses by the federal government that has brought us to this point!
    The Dec of Indep is the Charter to the U.S. Constitution and if you had read it you would know the secession is a God-given right!

  305. Theresa Kelly

    Imagine life without the TSA, DHS, EPA, FDA, IRS, DEA and so on…such vast expansion of the federal government only serves to oppress the people!

  306. Meche Davis

    I don't no why you still have them on your page!! Don't entertain that BS!! Stay away from the negativity!

  307. David Martin

    All the petitions speak is "Extreme Right Wing Conservatives Can't Handle Losing Another Election and are QQ'ing over spilt milk. If they can't have their candidate win, then they want a dictatorship to put him in anyhow" – That was what happened with Bush/Gore, remember where that GOT US?

  308. Rick Deleon

    Let el Paso go it sucks anyway, besides if they don't see the road this country is going down they need to be with it. The governor better get on board or start kicking rocks down the road, Ron Paul is freeing up and Ross Perot is out there as well

  309. Gerardo Munoz

    I think we should Move our capital to San Antonio. If Austin doesnt want to secede with us!

  310. Anonymous

    Why is everyone on texas ass….if you read "ALL 50 STATES" are trying to secede from the states. Personal I can care less who gets elected just someone who has strong leadership and will benefit the country through their ideas. And texas could deal finanically on their own since their the 15th richest economical in the world. HAPPY THANKSGIVING EVERYONE!

  311. Nathaniel Ryan Trejo

    I find it funny, all of you Texas bashers are ignorant. Even the people who do live here and don't want to secede. They are ignorant as well. I do not ever remember hearing a song called god bless any individual state. But there is a song called GOD BLESS TEXAS! Plus, we have more oil, and more bullets. We are sophisticated, and highly intelegant. We do not take kindly to people who want to take away our rights as free Americans. We secede to protect our rights. Only Texas has that right, and we are Extemely proud of it. We are proud Texans, and always will be. And again, to all of you ignorant assholes, I think y'all should look up the history of rednecks. They were also very proud people. Next time you want to insult someone, at least know the history of words and their meanings before you insult people. Then you can sound smart while hurting their feelings. But only a jackass does all of that. A real Texan likes to make people happy and feel good about themselves. So true texans are better people. They are civilized. I love Texas.

  312. Karen Maffucci DiPietro

    Why do you assume that someone that doesn't agree with you is a moron? Have you ever tried to understand the reasons why someone might disagree with your view? Don't you think that is a more humble and becoming approach? If your mission is merely to rant and create a greater divide… well done.

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