Leah Messer Gives Jeremy Calvert Advice Upon Learning Of His Engagement

Leah Messer Gives Jeremy Calvert Advice Upon Learning Of His Engagement

Leah Messer gives Jeremy Calvert some sound advice on the upcoming episode of Teen Mom 2. The two have been on rocky terms over decisions regarding their daughter and when they meet to exchange her, things get a little bit heated between the former spouses. Messer has been complaining this season about his lack of communication. There have been several calls between the two that have not ended well, and Calvert seems to have changed a lot since his first appearance on the reality show.

Monday night’s episode will feature Jeremy Calvert telling Leah Messer that he is engaged to Brooke Wehr. According to the Hollywood Gossip, Leah Messer was quite calm when hearing the news and didn’t react quite the way Calvert had hoped she would. Surprisingly, she offered him some unsolicited advice about marriage. Messer reminded her ex-husband that the woman he marries will be their child’s step-mother and to make sure he wants to spend the rest of his life with her. While Calvert said he did, things on that front have also changed.


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Filming for Teen Mom 2 has been hard on Leah Messer. She has come under fire for several parenting choices she has made. As she was going through the issues with Jeremy Calvert, Messer was accused of being addicted to prescription pills. While she has never admitted that was an issue, Leah spent time in an Arizona rehab facility. Corey Simms and his wife Miranda kept her twins while she was gone and her mother had her other child. Calvert didn’t stand behind his wife and shortly after all of the chaos, the two were divorced.

There have been a lot of ups and downs for Leah Messer but right now, she is in a good place. This season of Teen Mom 2 has shed light on how far she has come and the changes in her relationships with both of her ex-husbands. While things are much better with Corey Simms than Jeremy Calvert, Messer is still learning to navigate working things out with two different men. When it came time to arrange a family vacation and calling to let them know where she was taking the girls, things got chaotic. Jeremy also caught a lot of criticism for what he said about where Messer was planning to take the kids.

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Because Teen Mom 2 is taped so far in advance, the advice Leah Messer gave Jeremy Calvert is no longer needed. Last weekend, the couple split up after hurling various memes at one another on Instagram. All of the posts have since been removed but Calvert and Brooke Wehr will likely not be reconciling anytime soon. Messer hasn’t come out and commented on what has happened but she was bombarded on social media about the drama that was happening with her ex-husband. Wehr mentioned she should have listened to Messer, which shocked fans.

Fans have been commenting about how much Leah Messer has changed over the last few seasons. This has been her biggest transformation and despite all of the criticism she has been getting recently, things have changed for the better. Messer and Corey Simms have been able to co-parent without much trouble and the relationship with the girls and their step-mother is better because of that. While she has made a lot of mistakes that have been caught on camera, making progress is something Leah deserves credit for.

Monday night’s episode is going to be quite telling of how much Leah Messer has grown up when it comes to Jeremy Calvert and her advice for him shows how far she has come. Messer is far from the perfect parent but the changes she has made in two seasons have people pulling for her success.

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