Supernatural Family Feud

‘Supernatural’ Review: ‘Family Feud’ For Crowley, Rowena, And The Winchesters

As noted by The Den of Geek, the most recent Supernatural episode lived up to its name. Titled “Family Feud,” we get to see a rift slowly forming in the Winchester family between Sam and Dean and their mother Mary. Then there is the much more serious and vicious feud between Crowley and his mother. Finally, there was the bit about Kelly – who’s helping Satan expand his own family. It made for an engaging hour of television and one of the show’s better recent episodes.

Winchester Versus Winchester

Mary’s continuing involvement with the Men of Letters group from Britain has forced her to increasingly lie to Sam and Dean about what she’s doing when they’re not around. With the help of the Men of Letters gadgetry, she’s offing baddies at a high rate, but at a cost.

In the previous episode, the Men of Letters lied to her, resulting in the death of a friend. She let them pass, but things come to a head in this episode. Mr. Ketch suggests that she separate herself from her boys so she can focus on her work with their group.

In this end – thankfully – this isn’t what she does. But that’s not to say she might not follow that advice in the future. After all, she does like all the cool British killing gizmos.

Instead, by the end of the episode, she comes clean to her sons about her involvement with the Men of Letters. Naturally, the boys don’t take this too well – especially given that a supposedly rogue agent from the Men of Letters tortured them. It’s not clear at the end how all of this will play out, but at least they are talking about it.

Crowley and Son

Gavin MacLeod made his reappearance in this episode. Gavin is Crowley’s son and is residing in the 21st century thanks to a bit of time travel shenanigans and Crowley’s successful efforts to keep the Winchesters from sending him back to his own time. But that’s not going to last.

In this episode, it turns out that teachers are being killed in museums because of a revenge seeking ghosts from Gavin’s past. Unknown to him, his fiancé died on the ship that he failed to board because he was whisked off to the future. Because the town teacher let her be attacked and –apparently – raped, she is seeking vengeance on all teachers. No, that bit doesn’t make much sense.

In the end, Gavin agrees to go back in time so he can die with her on the ship. Crowley tries to stop this, but granny Rowena wasn’t having any of that and stopped Crowley in his tracks. Funnily enough, the audience is the first to have the impression that she did this to help her grandson, but it later turned out she did it just to hurt Crowley.

The Devil Has A Son In The Oven

We also get to see more of the Devil again in this episode, with him tied to a chair with supposedly unbreakable chains. But even he points out to Crowley that this probably won’t end well for him – and the audience know it too.

“I can still feel it, its heart, its power. It sort of makes me proud, a chip off the old ball of heavenly light if you know what I mean.”

Along with the scene in which the Devil wants to compare father-ship notes with Crowley, we also get a scene of Dagon finding and securing the Devil’s baby carrier, Kelly. It looks like everything might be going the Devil’s way.

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