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White House Reportedly Implements Random Phone Search On Sean Spicer’s Staffers

Due to recent leaks out of the White House, it appears that the Trump administration is trying to crack down on things and decided to do random phone searches on press secretary Sean Spicer’s staffers. President Donald Trump recently voiced great frustration over leaks that came out of his administration. Clearly with the president not being happy about the leaks, a search had to get underway.

Politico is reporting that information had been allegedly leaked directly from a meeting attended recently by roughly a dozen members of Sean Spicer’s staffers. Of course, this does not mean all involved leaked things to the press, but it does mean that people on the staff may have leaked something. At least, that is what the Trump administration is trying to determine.

Due to all of this, Sean Spicer is cracking down on security. He has already held another meeting and even checked the phones of the members on his staff. What he found could possibly be a violation of the Federal Records Act. Being founded in 1950, the Federal Records Act provides the legal framework for federal records management. This includes record creation, maintenance, and disposition.

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Obviously, if Sean Spicer found something that would violate such a thing, he may want to go public to tell the press that there was something found and that it was handled. However, he has yet to comment, but one can imagine that he would have already spoken with the others in the Trump administration about the findings. This all comes just days after Spicer barred press access to top media outlets Politico, New York Times, and CNN.

Many Americans felt it was wrong to remove them from the press briefing, and there is hope that they are not removed from any other press conferences in the future. According to The Hill, the information that leaked came from phones using applications that deleted texts automatically. Applications such as Confide and Signal are reportedly the ones that could have been used. The encryption messaging applications are quite useful in situations like this, but one can still get caught.

The idea behind apps like this is to do exactly as the people involved did, in that if their phone is spot checked nothing would be seen. Of course, the White House, and the government as a whole, has amazing technology teams that can crack through things like this if the phone is sent to be studied.

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Sean Spicer apparently discussed his frustrations with the leaks that have been seen in recent news reports and even allegedly yelled at his staff regarding their use of the messaging app. He then warned the staffers about leaking information to the press, including details of the phone leaks and new security measures being taken.

However, Politico, among others, knew about the new measures pretty quickly when the “emergency meeting” was called earlier today. Spicer reportedly told the staff that more problems could come if the meeting about the leaks were leaked to the media. Which they did, so it’ll be interesting to see how his staff is used going forward. Politico claimed that this was not the first time something like this happened.

“The State Department’s legal office issued a four-page memo warning of the dangers of leaks, and that memo was immediately posted by The Washington Post.”

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The issues within the Trump administration have caused for a lot of tension, and things are allegedly rough. Politico commented on that tension.

“Tension inside the West Wing over stories portraying an administration lurching between crises and simmering in dysfunction, aides are increasingly frustrated by the pressure-cooker environment and worried about their futures there. Within the communications office, the mood has grown tense. During a recent staff meeting, Spicer harshly criticized some of the work deputy communications director Jessica Ditto had done, causing her to cry, according to two people familiar with the incident.”

Spicer made a comment about Miss Ditto.

“The only time Jessica recalls almost getting emotional is when we had to relay the information on the death of Chief Ryan Owens,” Spicer said. This was of course referring to the Navy SEAL killed recently in action in Yemen. Ditto also denied the report on this, claiming that she and Press Secretary Spicer have a great working relationship. Of course, this is not the first time people have denied problems in the White House. It’s often not spoken of until after people leave office. Stay tuned to see what comes out of all of this for both Sean Spicer and his staffers.

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