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Walmart Walkout Threatens To Sink Retailer On Black Friday

Walmart Walkout Threatens To Sink Retailer On Black Friday

A Walmart walkout planned for Black Friday is threatening to cripple the retailer on one of the year’s biggest shopping days as protests from angry workers grow nationwide.

The Walmart walkout plans stem from a worker strike that started in October in Los Angeles, CNN Money reported. It has since spread to 12 other cities as workers are upset about what they believe are violations of their rights.

The retailer has been accused of retaliating against employees who speak out for better pay, affordable health care, and fair schedules. This has led to union-backing groups OUR Walmart and Making Change at Wal-Mart to call on the nation’s largest employer to curtail the practices.

Walmart employees have also spoken out against the store extending Black Friday hours onto Thanksgiving evening.

“This essentially cancels Thanksgiving for hundreds of thousands of workers,” said Making Change at Walmart Director Dan Schlademan. “Lots and lots of Walmart workers are going to be forced to not have Thanksgiving because they’re going to be preparing all day for the busiest shopping day of the year.”

Protests are expected to culminate on Black Friday, when the Walmart walkout is expected to expand to include 1,000 protests, both at stores and online.

The size of the Walmart walkout itself wouldn’t matter, labor experts say. Just the optics of the worker protests on such an important shopping day would do immense damage, they say.

“Even if there aren’t that many people, it could have an effect, because their campaign in front of stores could discourage shoppers,” said Ken Margolies, senior associate at the Worker Institute a Cornell University.

Workers involved in the Walmart walkout have taken advantage of social media to organize workers, creating Facebook pages, a YouTube video, Twitter and Tumblr.

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28 Responses to “Walmart Walkout Threatens To Sink Retailer On Black Friday”

  1. Charles Diller

    How cool would this be! Walmart needs a reality check and hopefully it comes Black Friday.

  2. Charles Brian Davis

    Spoiler Alert: Love'em or hate'm, Wal Mart will be just fine regardless of your walkouts & boycotts. I boycotted Wally World for years and damn if they aren't still going strong. Now I'm boycotting Target but they haven't missed me a bit.

  3. Michael Thirion

    Wal Mart has always been unfair and used tactics against workers, nothing new. Buffet and the Corp's needs taken to judgement, but our Gov. allows them to get away with it!

  4. Charles G Ruggeri

    Glad someone besides me won't be shopping at wallyworld. Sam isn't just disappointed with his family, he is ashamed of them…. as well he should be….this chain has become the most anti American store there is in the USA and I will never ever shop there again….I refuse to and will never.

  5. Charles G Ruggeri

    If everyone would not shop there this coming "black friday"….it would be a wonderful thing but some of you have to have your chinese fix of crapola….sure wish you wouldn't go there though……

  6. Andy Colburn

    Get a life, you can tell how many people care ……..7 responces in 8 hours……… them all…there are a lot of people out there that would love to have a job, any job……..

  7. Gene Gilbert

    0 ItsMyJob.

    Its your right to seek employment at another company at our store we work hard to inprove the working conditions from within by working hard and helping our new employee's learn their job! I work for Wal-mart because I want too! No one force me and you have the right to move on! We take pride in working for a better tomorrow this is a world wide Company and it operates on sales and alot of us feel lucky to even having a paycheck to take home! This is retail and it has its ups and downs. There 23 million people out of work! But when a few people make up their minds to disrupt the Company this hurts the Company as a whole! I am just saying at our Store we have our ups and Downs but the leadership here works with us not against us. My name is Gene from #2861 and I approve this message! You all can say what you want that's your right but there is alot of us that think hardwork and pride in what we do is the right way! I am just a level one Night Stocker at the bottom and that's what I choose to be so I take pride in what I do! So when you decide to disrupt Black Friday at your stores our store will take the lead and be there with our doors open doing the job we were hired to do. Almost 13 years with the company and we our not going to let the public down now its our job, its our pride, its our Wal-Mart!

  8. Teri Hairston

    I'm sorry!, but I agree with Andy Colburn there's a lot of people out there that will gladly take the jobs that these people don't want. When I was working as a Security Officer; I always had to work Holidays. So why not everyone else. If the public wants Black Friday Sales on Thanksgiving then Wal-Marts is going to give it to them. Why? Because it's money to be made,Which keeps Wal-Marts up and going strong. Everything cost and that's life. Work your way up to higher ranks and then you might get some time off for the Holidays. Some head workers will also be there working they have to be there to run the business.That's just the way it is. They can work the schedules for the workers to where they can have some home time to cook their Holiday Meal and eat with their Family and or Friends. Happy Holidays Everyone!!!!!!!

  9. Gina Wolfe Hendershot

    You know if you don't like the conditions working at Wal-mart, quit and go somewhere else. Retail jobs are mostly part-time jobs that pay minimum wage. You know this going into these jobs, why are you complaining now? Working the holidays are long hours with grumpy, crazy customers, that is the nature of retail during Christmas. Been there, done that.

  10. Pat Duran

    Retail is not an emergency business as a police, fire, hospital type work which is a 24/7 365 days a year. Retail and most restuarants can shut their doors for a major holiday such as Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Years Day, Easter and 4th of July. It's all about the $$$$. People just plan on ahead what they will need ahead of time. I have worked my share of retail and the restaurant ,

  11. Mary Sander

    Teri Hairston What a Joy filled attitude. Because you chose a 24 hour type of employment everyone in every other industry needs to be subjected to the same treatment. Nurses and many other Medical professionals expect and understand that type of shift but not retail!. It is bad for our society to have retail open on one of the most important cultural holidays of the United States. If this store does it successfully then soon all the other retailers will HAVE to do it too to remain competitive. Are you ready for an unlimited hour work week no matter what the industry!…Ready to go back to the Industrial Revolution. Maybe children should be workiing all hours too. Mandiatory 60 hours when ever the employer wants… really ! ?

  12. Edward Press

    you are just 1 person,doesn't mean crap,walk out nation wide will surely hurt them,give their people a break,come on,is it really that import. to open thurs. night , people would like to be with their familys,let the animals attack fri. morn…….

  13. Gail Moore

    Stand your ground, guys, and I applaud you. They have been gouging their employees for too long, and I'm pleased that some of you are taking a stand. I wish you all were – a living wage and reasonable benefits are not too much to ask, and enforced overtime, esp. for parents and multi-job workers, is slavery, which was outlawed some time back. Get a legal advocate to protect yourselves, and good luck to you all.

  14. Alan C Miller

    It's true that there are many people who would "gladly" work at Wal-Mart; but this is about respecting the people who are helping make you successful. I have moved around a lot in my life and whenever I come to a new city, I am somewhat "desperate" to find a job (I am a cook), but there have been many times when I got a job quickly only to find out that the employers/owners simply treat you as a tool. How often have you started working somewhere, thankful to have a job, only to realize you could have found a better job with a better company? Wal-Mart continually treats their employees like shit and the consumers are supporting that by continuing to shop there. This walkout is intended to draw more attention. There are many people who consider themselves spiritual or compassionate for their fellow humans, but when someone is in this situation, those same "compassionate" people are just glad that it isn't them. Wake up people!

  15. Mary Sander

    “Be The Difference You Want To See In The World” ~ Mahatma Gandhi
    One person, one step at a time, is the only way. Without the history of employees working as a group toward better conditions most employees would be subjected to unsafe and unrestricted work hours without breaks. That IS how it was once. $$ talk but so can individuals.

  16. Edward Press

    Can u read , i do believe thats what is going to happen , a country wide walk out & if that doesn't open the eyes of these greedy money hungry retailers , nothing will….

  17. Tami Michelson Lucey

    I hope they walk out every thing I've read about Wal-Mart is terrible. We as consumers and conservatives should support people who want to be treated fairly by employers.

  18. Brian Savoy

    Anyone that participates will just be fired. Business as usual. At least on Long Island they are open all day on thanksgiving. Doors open at 7 am. They don't give a shit about the employees. I'm so happy I don't work there anymore. They're basically just modern day slave owners.

  19. Kathleen Barnett

    Dollar Tree open too 9-4. Got my raise too…14 cents. woo hoo!

  20. Paula Qualls Gurley

    Most retailer already do this, and most of the food industry does as well. When I was growing up, very few businesses were open on holidays……now very few aren't. It is about the money…….and all of you who want lower prices are the reason. People trample others…….to death……..for a sale. Face it, the reason WalMart and the rest do this is because the buying public has shown them that this is what they want. I am not saying it is right, but this is America……..freedom to choose.

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