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‘Lion’ Star Nicole Kidman Doesn’t Take Her Oscars Too Seriously

Nicole Kidman is the kind of actress who chooses her roles for their appeal, rather than seeking out the next big commercial success capable of launching her already bright star farther into the heavens. In that vain, Kidman chose Lion, because the story touched her as a mother, as well as an actress, and she wanted to make herself a part of the story of Saroo Brierley’s quest to go home. As it turns out, Nicole wasn’t the only one to have been affected by the story told in Lion. The film has been nominated for six Oscars at this year’s Academy Awards, including a nomination for Kidman for the Best Actress award. Now, Nicole opens up about what that means to her.

Nicole Kidman Says Some Things Are More Important Than Winning An Oscar

Lion, Nicole KIdman, Susan Brierley
‘Lion’ actress Nicole Kidman hugs the real Susan Brierley. [Image by Dimitrios Kambouris/Getty Images]

Earning an Oscar nomination for her role as Susan Brierley is the furthest thing on Nicole Kidman’s mind, but, as she tells People, she still attends the event, having previously revealed that she and husband Keith Urban view it as an opportunity to have a date night.

“I try to have a sense of humor about it,” Kidman says about the whole process.

Nicole adds that she feels more joy from the love and support her family provides than the attention she gets at events like the Academy Awards. Kidman looks to Keith and their two daughters, Sunday Rose, 8 and Faith Margaret, 6, for the recognition most other actors seek from their peers.

“Love. Being loved and giving love,” Ms. Kidman describes, upon being asked when she’s at her happiest.

“That, and every now and then Faith will say, ‘Momma, you look so pretty.’ Then I glow. There’s nothing like hearing your daughter say that.”

The Lion actress adds that Urban has a way of making her shine almost as joyously as their daughters, when he tells her that her best feature is her heart. Ms. Kidman is a confirmed romantic, so she’s happy to found a sentimental heart in Keith Urban.

Speaking of her children, Ms. Kidman says she thinks of Lion as a “love letter” to the children she adopted with ex-husband, Tom Cruise. Nicole’s children from that marriage are 24-year-old Isabella and 22-year-old Connor and Kidman hopes her adopted son and daughter will appreciate the connections made in Lion and the way it parallels their situation.

Nicole Kidman And Keith Urban Want More Kids

Nicole Kidman, Keith Urban
Nicole Kidman and Keith Urban are hoping to have more children. [Image by Kevork Djansezian/Getty Images]

Proving that family is more important to both Nicole and Keith, the pair are actively investigating the possibility of having a new baby and, as Daily Mail reports, the couple is considering surrogacy. A source close to Kidman and Urban has said they are searching for the right woman to carry their third child, working through the same agent they used to conceive their youngest daughter, Faith Margaret.

Nicole and Keith hope to have found the right person sometime within the next two months, so it seems the couple is eager to have their next baby on the way well before the end of the year.

“I still have the faintest hope that something may happen to me this year,” Kidman previously said on the topic of having another baby.

Ms. Kidman admits that she’s not as young as she once was, but she adds that the women in her family have had babies well into their forties. Nicole, herself, conceived Sunday Rose when she was 41-years-old.

“Keith and I would love to have more babies. My grandmother gave birth to my mother at 49. I would be beyond happy and just welcome it with open arms.”

Wendy Day, rep for Nicole Kidman, has refused to comment on the possibility of the couple having a third child.

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