Mama June Wearing A Fat Suit Star Reveals Reason Weight Loss

Mama June Wearing Fat Suit: Star Reveals Reason For Weight Loss Amid Rumors

Rumors that “Mama” June Shannon is wearing a fat suit in her new show; “Mama June: From Not To Hot” have begun to circulate as the reality star reveals the reason behind her dramatic weight loss.

In Friday’s premiere of the WEtv docu-drama, Shannon revealed that her motivation for getting into shape is revenge on her estranged partner Mike “Sugar Bear” Thompson.

Mama June Wearing Fat Suit Reveals Reason Weight Loss Sugar Bear
“Mama” June Shannon has revealed that a desire to get revenge on her estranged partner Mike “Sugar Bear” Thompson is the reason behind her dramatic weight loss. [Image by Dan Hallman/AP Images]

The show, which chronicles the reality star’s weight loss journey from an original weight of 352 lbs. to a reported size four already has audiences talking. Fans have taken to social media with screen grabs from Friday’s premiere episode, “Thin-tervention” that they claim show Shannon is wearing a prosthetic chin and fat suit.

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Mama June has kept out of the spotlight in recent times, with the network ensuring the status of her weight loss and new size four figure remain a secret from the media.

Shannon’s appearance in the show is dramatically different from what fans may remember, with styled blonde hair and heavy makeup making the star almost unrecognizable from her former self.

Following his split with Mama June in 2014, Mike “Sugar Bear” Thompson was married to new girlfriend Jennifer Lamb in a ceremony in the backyard of the couple’s Atlanta home. On the premiere of “Mama June: From Not To Hot,” Shannon airs her feelings on Sugar Bear’s new relationship.

“It’s not like I want Sugar back or anything, but I’m not ready to see him with anyone else, either.”

She continues on his haste to marry Lamb.

“I told the bastard to move the f**k on, but I didn’t think he would move along this soon. F**k him! Shoot that motherf**ker!”

Discussing the situation with her family, it seems June’s niece Amber gave her the idea for the revenge body, telling her to attend Sugar Bear’s wedding to show him what he is missing.

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“Just [go and] be drop dead gorgeous. Put on a nice little tight dress and go and say, ‘Huh, look what you’re missing.'”

In between shots of Shannon’s new workout routine, the show documents her return to the dating world, which the star confesses is “harder than I thought it was going to be”.

In describing her ideal man, it is clear Thompson is still on the reality star’s mind.

“The type of guy I’m looking for is older, taller, got their s**t together. Basically the way opposite end of the spectrum from Sugar Bear.”

The camera follows as Shannon goes on a disastrous dinner date with a mystery man. While Mama June stays true to her diet and sticks to the salad bar, her suitor excuses himself to the bathroom and uses the opportunity to make a getaway in his car.

This is far from the first time Mama June has been unlucky in love. Following her split from Sugar Bear in 2014, the reality star faced allegations that she had rekindled her romance with ex-boyfriend Mark McDaniel, who had recently been released from prison after serving time on charges of molesting June’s eldest daughter, Anna, when the child was eight-years-old.

Following Friday’s debut episode, Twitter has been alight with fans speculating about Mama June. While some are convinced producers are duping fans with the use of a fat suit, many are using the platform to send messages of encouragement to the star.

You can catch “Mama June: From Not To Hot” Fridays at 10:00 p.m. ET on WEtv.

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