WWE News: Latest Hint of Matt Hardy Preparing for WWE Return

WWE News: Latest Hint That Matt Hardy Is Preparing For WWE Return

Over the last few weeks, Matt Hardy’s contractual status with Impact Wrestling has fueled speculation that a WWE return is in the cards.

Hardy and his younger brother Jeff, known collectively as The Hardy Boyz, will reportedly see their Impact Wrestling deals expire next week and a new deal hasn’t been discussed, per Wrestling Inc. The WWE has also expressed in signing the duo when their deals expire, according to Cageside Seats. Since evolving his on-screen persona into “Broken” Matt Hardy, a deranged leader with a blonde streak in his hair and faux British accent, Hardy has increased his popularity among wrestling fans.

Now, with his deals set to expire, it was announced on Saturday that Hardy’s online store, Shop Matt Hardy, will be shutting down soon. The following tweets were sent out.

This ramped up speculation that Hardy was preparing for a WWE return since the company sells performers’ merchandise. However, the reason behind the online store shutting down is because Hardy’s real-life wife and mother of their son Maxell Hardy (and expecting a second child), cannot maintain the store up to her expectations

“It’s been a lot of hard work doing things all on my own – shirt design, site design/orders, customer service, shipping, etc – but I am no longer able to run the shop in the way Matt’s fans deserve,” Sky wrote on Twitter. “I will likely revisit the idea after the new baby is here, but for now, it’s impossible to be @BABYHARDYBRAND‘S Mommy, while making another kid; there are just too many sick/slow days to run properly.”

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The Hardy’s are currently set to face Ring of Honor Tag Team champions, The Young Bucks, at Ring of Honor’s Supercard of Honor XI on Saturday, April 1, in Lakeland, Florida. During an in-character interview with Sportskeeda, Hardy teased a potential appearance at Wrestlemania 33 the following night when discussing how his partnership with “Brother Nero.”

“WONDERFULLY,” Hardy said.

“I will DELETE the Bucks of Youth on April 1st at ROH, and all of MeekMahan’s tag teams will follow.”

It has been rumored that WWE is interested in notable past performers being included in a potential multiple-man tag team bout, a natural fit for the former six-time WWE Tag Team champion Hardy’s.

As pointed out by Wrestling Inc, if the Hardy’s face The Young Bucks at an ROH show the night before Wrestlemania 33, it would only be a 75-minute drive from Lakeland to Orlando. It remains to be seen if and when the Hardy’s return to WWE but Hardy addressed a potential WWE return last December.

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“I don’t know where I will be at this point. I would like to try and help Impact Wrestling grow and reach its full potential. Otherwise, Vince McMahahan would love to get his hands on me and my broken brilliance,” Hardy told Main Event Radio. “He loves me and he

“He loves me and he covets me. In a perfect world if I can come to terms with Impact Wrestling and we can agree on everything, then I could help it reach that full potential. If not I maybe will just come home to Home Hardy and manage things here. McMahahan has a huge monopoly and it’s a great platform to be on but I am not going to be a puppet, a yes man. I will not take direction, I do what I want to do. I don’t know if that will work well there. I will also not do that schedule at this time as I have to take care of young King Maxel.”

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