Tarek El Moussa Talks Getting Back Together With Christina And Her Breakup

Tarek El Moussa Talks Getting Back Together With Christina And Her Breakup

Tarek El Moussa wasn’t rushing to give an interview about his pending divorce from wife Christina, but when she booked Good Morning America, he decided to give an interview to Today. Both aired last Tuesday and shed some light into the El Moussa marriage. From the outside, everything looked picture-perfect, but on the inside, things were falling apart. Tarek officially filed for divorce from Christina earlier this year, but they have been separated since last May.

The idea that Tarek El Moussa and Christina El Moussa were separated for months before the news was leaked to the media was shocking. They didn’t act different and they were still seen out with their two young children, despite living apart. Tarek was reportedly upset back in May and when things came to a head, the couple decided to live separately. Counseling was attempted, but ultimately, the El Moussas decided to call it quits. Tarek was the one who officially filed, but Christina is in agreement that it was for the best.

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According to Us Weekly, Tarek El Moussa hasn’t ruled out getting back together with Christina El Moussa. He commented that they may get back together “10 years from now” during a recent interview, leading fans to believe there is hope for the couple after all. They are in a good place right now, one where they can co-parent their children and work together without any awkward moments. It wasn’t always this way, especially when they were going through some tough times beginning in 2014. Christina talked about a miscarriage she experienced and how it took a toll on her marriage. That on top of Tarek’s cancer diagnosis made for some stressful times for the both of them.

Flip or Flop is currently filming the remaining episodes, and both Tarek and Christina El Moussa have been showing up and working side-by-side without issue. There has been talk that she has been shopping around a solo show on the HGTV network, but it looks like she also plans to work with Tarek as much as possible. They own a business together and flipping houses has been something they both enjoy doing together. Despite everything that has went on, Tarek still speaks highly of his soon-to-be ex-wife. During his interview circuit this week, there was no bashing of Christina at all.

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When asked to comment on Christina El Moussa’s split from Gary Anderson, Tarek El Moussa had nothing to say. He did confirm he learned about the split online, but that was all he would say. Christina and Tarek don’t discuss their love lives with one another, and despite the fact that Gary Anderson was her rumored beau and the family’s contractor, he knew very little about what was going on. He reportedly had a short fling with the couple’s former nanny that ended back in November, and he has only been spotted out with one mystery lady since.

It may be a while before Tarek and Christina El Moussa get back together, if they do at all. He mentioned that she was his soulmate and even though things faded away, he still believes that she is that same person. The El Moussas kept their private lives out of the spotlight for years. Through cancer and a miscarriage, no one knew there were marital issues happening in the Flip or Flop stars’ lives. While there have been some social media posts that could have been deemed as shade thrown from both sides, Tarek and Christina have kept things civil and amicable for their children, if nothing else. Tarek El Moussa doesn’t want his soon-to-be ex-wife back, but seems to think down the road it may happen.

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