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Sex Clubs: A Glimpse Into The Swinging Lifestyle In America [Interview]

Sex clubs have been around for decades, but the taboo nature of visiting such an establishment has greatly diminished in recent years. The swingers lifestyle attracts participants from across a broad spectrum of careers, racial backgrounds, and income brackets. What goes on behind the closed doors of a swingers club? The Inquisitr sat down with The Princeton Club co-owner “Kitty” to find out. The Columbus, Ohio sex club is often referred to as the largest swingers club in the Midwest and the third best swingers lifestyle club in the United States.

IQ – What prompted a highly educated and professional woman to hook her financial future to a sex club?

Kitty – In the 1980s, alternative medicine began to emerge as “the next best thing” and I went to seminars lead by Depek Chopra, Mary Ann Williamson, Larry Dossey, and several others. They made me aware that some truly remarkable healthcare changes were about to happen. In 1999, I left the medical field because I thought very little had changed since the 1980s and started a career in commercial real estate. In 1997, a friend had introduced me to the “lifestyle,” and I thought it was the most remarkable and enlightening thing I had ever experienced.

Through commercial real estate, I had the opportunity to invest in The Princeton Club, which is something I felt very strongly about and something that I knew would positively change peoples’ lives. I feel more strongly than ever that the “lifestyle” is a healthy choice as long as all involved approach it knowingly, respectfully, and with a willingness to expand their relationship as they explore their feelings, desires, and interests.

IQ – What role do you see the swingers club playing in patron’s lives?

Kitty – I think of Club Princeton as a “New Age Hospital” and the member are my patients. It is a hospital that is focused on pleasure instead of pain and illness. Howard Reingold wrote a book titled Virtual Reality. In 1998, I met with an investigator from Washington University, Hunter Hoffman. He was the focus of the book. Yesterday Hunter was on the Today show explaining the mechanisms behind a new paradigm for pain treatment that uses no drugs! Virtual Reality is used instead of drugs to block the signal that the pain uses to send to the brain. I suggest buying the book and reading what is coming down the road regarding virtual reality and sex teledildonics.

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