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Sandy Exposes Ship On Fire Island, Old Wreck Unearthed By Catastrophic Storm

sandy exposes ship wreck

As Long Island struggles to patch up, we have learned that Sandy exposed a ship wrecked on Fire Island nearly a century ago.

News that Sandy exposed the ship is the type of thing that would be normally notable in this area, but, as locals struggle to cope with losses, the discovery has been buried like the ship itself amid the extensive damage done to the area. In my own hometown of Babylon, the wide-ranging and devastating losses still visible near our shoreline causes the significant discovery to pale contrasted with the destruction, but local historians did receive a boon in the otherwise horrible weather event.

The ship Sandy exposed on Fire Island was run aground near Smith’s Point near Patchogue in either 1919 or 1922. Her crew survived with one injury attributed to a capsized lifeboat, but the vessel’s cargo and as well as the ship itself were unsalvageable.

Until Sandy, the now-exposed ship lay mostly undisturbed save for some unearthing during previous storms.

And while Long Island is still in tatters, Fire Island media contact Paula Valentine admits that the discovery is one that delights preservationists:

“There’s so little of it left we may not be not be able to determine which ship it actually is, but we may be able to learn more about its age … It’s just a rare treat to see something exposed.”

And still, the ship Sandy exposed comes at a cost to our dunes — until the vessel was uncovered, it remained beneath the sand, which ultimately eroded 72 feet and revealed the wreck.

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9 Responses to “Sandy Exposes Ship On Fire Island, Old Wreck Unearthed By Catastrophic Storm”

  1. Mike Hultquist

    1919 or later. Slavery was already illegal when it ran aground.

  2. Anonymous

    Yes, because slavery didn't end on December 6th in 1865. 60 some odd years before this ship crashed. Also keep in mind the average life expectancy of someone in the early 1900's was like 50 which means no one on the boat even was alive during slavery in America.

    I am sure you already knew all of this, just let your ignorance shine

  3. Chris Halley

    There's my ship! It's name, Diversity. It was lost long long ago.

  4. Jim Garoutte

    How can they say at the first of the article that it was wrecked in 1919 or 1922 and there was one injury when a lifeboat capsized and at the end of the story they say that there is so little left they can't determine the age or which ship it is. Is the Government involved here somehow? lol

  5. Kim LaCapria

    It would appear that records from the time the ship was wrecked indicate only those things- that the exact age is not known, only an approximate of the final voyage date, and that despite the wreck's condition, records indicate that the ship (which was known to have been wrecked at that site at some point between 1919 and 1922) had no fatalities and one crew injury.

    It would be nice to know more, but it was almost 100 years ago, and that's all we know.

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