Brad Pitt Or Angelina Jolie – Whose Side Are You On? [Poll]

Brad Pitt Or Angelina Jolie - Whose Side Are You On? [Poll] [Featured Image by Anthony Harvey/Getty Images]

It appears as though Hollywood has taken Brad Pitt’s side in his heated divorce with Angelina Jolie. From Pitt’s extra-warm welcome at the Golden Globes to landing a major role in an upcoming movie, it’s clear where Hollywood stands. Which side are you on?

Jolie initially had the upper hand when she filed for divorce in September. While the media scrambled to learn the juicy details, Pitt almost immediately came under fire with rumors of drinking, drug use, and child abuse. A few months later, however, News is reporting that Pitt started making a comeback with a surprise appearance at the Golden Globes.

Pitt took the stage to introduce his production company’s newest movie, Moonlight. But before he even started the speech, OK Magazine reports the crowd gave him a long and boisterous standing ovation. Not only was Pitt surprised by the reception, but he also looked toned and better than ever. For those attending the ceremony and watching at home, it was clear that Hollywood had just taken a stance.

Angelina Jolie has been filmed eating spiders with her children on a visit to Cambodia.

The shift in opinion was the last thing Jolie expected. The actress was in the middle of her post-split strategy that included smearing Pitt in the media. Hours after she filed the official paperwork, sordid details about Pitt’s past started leaking to various outlets. Before Pitt knew it, he was under investigation by the FBI for allegations of child abuse.

Pitt went into hiding and agreed to a temporary custody arrangement. The agreement stipulated that Pitt would only be allowed access to the kids with a therapist in the room. He then took his fight to court and filed a statement that slammed Jolie for putting “her own interests above those of the minor children.”

With Pitt’s public image taking a major hit, Jolie seemed ready for the win. That all changed when the FBI cleared Pitt of all the child abuse allegations. He then filed a request to seal private information about their divorce, which Jolie eventually agreed.

After his cameo at the Golden Globes, it didn’t take long before Jolie realized things were changing. In fact, the couple released a joint statement less than a day after the awards ceremony. The statement revealed that they were hiring a private judge to work out the divorce and would “act as a united front” moving forward.

An inside source told The Sun that Jolie’s history with other Hollywood stars is one reason why they didn’t take her side. When she was married to Brad Pitt, Jolie wasn’t the most sociable person in Los Angeles, especially when it came to other women.

“She’s so disliked in LA now it will be a miracle if she is able to salvage any friendships,” the insider revealed.

“Angelina has always been a guy’s girl. She has always been brutal when it came to Brad’s female co-stars — but that’s nothing compared to his buddies’ girlfriends.”

Pitt was clearly changing a lot of people’s mind, but Jolie didn’t give up yet. This past weekend, Daily Mail revealed the actress made her first public appearance since the split. Jolie took her six kids to Cambodia to promote her new film First They Killed My Father. While the family appeared high in spirits, Jolie opened up about the divorce in an interview with BBC News.

Along with admitting that Pitt was a “wonderful father” to their children, an emotional Jolie discussed her plans moving forward. “We are… we are focusing on the health of our family. And so we will be [healthier],” Jolie explained.

“We will be stronger when we come out of this, because that’s what we’re determined to do.”

Tell us! Whose side are you on – Brad Pitt or Angelina Jolie? Let us know in the poll below.

[Featured Image by Anthony Harvey/Getty Images]