Kailyn Lowry Confirms She Is Pregnant With Third Child, Won't Reveal Father

Kailyn Lowry Confirms She Is Pregnant With Third Child, Won’t Reveal Father

Kailyn Lowry has been the subject of several rumors over the last several months. She has been criticized for how she handled her divorce from Javi Marroquin and the things she did in the weeks after their separation was announced. Last season on Teen Mom 2, it was revealed that Lowry suffered a miscarriage shortly before Christmas in 2015. This caused a lot of heartache for her, and when Marroquin wasn’t as supportive as she had hoped he’d be, a wedge was driven between them. While it wasn’t the only reason they split, it was definitely a big part of it.

Rumors have been circulating for several weeks now that Kailyn Lowry is pregnant with her third child. She has done a great job of avoiding answering questions about it, and when she has appeared on live television, she has dressed to conceal anything that would possibly allude to a baby bump. After weeks of denying her pregnancy, Kailyn Lowry confirmed she was expecting to the Ashley. She talked about how she is halfway through the pregnancy already, which means she is likely due sometime this fall. She will be the third Teen Mom 2 star to welcome a child in 2017.

my life. my loves. my boys ????????

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The details surrounding Kailyn Lowry and her third child aren’t exactly clear. She didn’t confirm an actual due date, just mentioned she was halfway through her pregnancy. That would be 20 weeks by an actual calendar. The identity of who the father of the baby is has not yet been discussed by Lowry. Assumptions are that it could have been the man Javi Marroquin caught in his house during a recent episode of Teen Mom 2, but that has not been confirmed. Lowry didn’t give many details when she talked about it, only saying yes she was pregnant and giving an approximation about when she will be having the baby.

Several fans have been commenting about the news dropped by Kailyn Lowry. She was so sure she didn’t want another child after Lincoln and it was a fight she often had with Javi Marroquin. When she mentioned that a third child was possible on a recent episode of Teen Mom 2, her ex-husband threw shade on Twitter. Since then, people have been weighing in on the fact that she has now joined the ranks of the women she once talked about with three children and different fathers for each child. Lowry did confirm that the pregnancy will be talked about on this season of Teen Mom 2, and fans are hoping they will get to see who the father of the child is without having to guess forever.

There is going to be plenty more drama for Kailyn Lowry with this announcement than she probably anticipated. Social media is already going nuts, attacking her Teen Mom 2 co-star Jenelle Evans for congratulating her before the actual announcement was released. Fans are waiting to see what Javi Marroquin has to say about the latest news in his ex-wife’s life. Several of the Teen Mom franchise stars have sent well wishes to Lowry, but there is still plenty of judgment going around.

love my boys so much ❤️❤️

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Even though this may not be the best timing, Kailyn Lowry is happy about her new pregnancy. She mentioned she has always wanted three children and now they will all be close growing up. It is unclear if she will get her tubes tied after this baby, but it may be the case. Lowry had some cosmetic surgery done a little over a year ago, and now, she is carrying her third child. Teen Mom 2 fans are anxiously awaiting more details from Kailyn Lowry which she promises will be available on her blog soon.

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