Witches are planning a resist Trump spell.

Christians Protest Witch ‘Resist Trump’ Spell, Ritual

There are several groups trying to resist the Trump presidency, but one religious angle has emerged that invites the world to join witches worldwide to cast a spell against Donald Trump on February 24, Eastern Standard Time (EST) — and it is being met with resistance from Christians on Twitter.

There is also a Facebook page that is a followup to the February 24 kickoff that states they will have an ongoing set of rituals they will do until Trump is out of office.

Specifically, the Bind Trump resistance states on their Facebook page that they want a “mass binding ritual” that will support the #MagicResistance of Trump every waning crescent moon at midnight, EST.

The author that created the recent viral story about doing specific spells and rituals on February 24 to promote Trump resistance is self-proclaimed “magical thinker” Michael M. Hughes.

In February, Hughes created a blog entry that he published on the Medium-owned website Extra News Feed.

In the original blog post, Michael M. Hughes discussed the “spell to bind Donald Trump and all those who abet him” as a “mass ritual” scheduled for Friday, February 24.

Witches and politics, resist Trump.
Witches around the world are invited to cast spells against Donald Trump on February 24. [Image by Scott Olson/Getty Images]

Michael M. Hughes said the mass ritual for February 24 was not his idea originally, but instead he was writing about something he saw popping up on social media that he wanted to advertise.

Allegedly, Michael M. Hughes said that the spells and ritual against Trump were designed through a document that has been “making the rounds in a number of magical groups both secretive and public.”

Although it was noted by Hughes that this Trump resistance ritual and spell was meant to be serious, there is some humor in the document. For example, among the items of the spells and ritual to resist Trump are an orange candle that will be used because of Trump’s complexion.

On his personal website, Michael M. Hughes writes that the upcoming Trump resistance ritual dates for the waning crescent moon after February 24 are March 26, April 24, May 23, and June 21. Hughes also notes that June 21 will be one to focus on for Trump resistance spells because it is the summer solstice.

About the February 24 resist Trump ritual, witches on Twitter are ready. Unfortunately, due to promoting the Trump resistance spell on social media, some Twitter users are doing a prayer-based counter-protest.

Interestingly, this is not the only group of witches that have organized for political change — and Donald Trump has a history of being a target for spells.

For example, in mid-September 2015, a witch cast spells against Donald Trump and posted their rituals on YouTube.

Other politicians besides Trump are also the target of witches. In 2011, The Guardian reported that witches in Romania gathered to cast spells against taxes. The problem arose when the government demanded that witches register as self-employed businesses and start paying a 16 percent tax.

Witches against Donald Trump.
Witches are commonly involved with politics and make appearances at places such as the Republican National Convention. [Image by Spencer Platt/Getty Images]

As a reaction to this tax, over 10 witches planned to ensure “evil will befall” the government by tossing poison mandrake plant into a Romanian river.

Like Romanian witches, Mexican witches are taken seriously. For example, according to a Washington Post article from 2000, witches in Mexico have been retained by politicians to help plot strategies.

Witches in Mexico have also become famous for helping the police in cases of kidnapping.

However, when witches of Mexico unite for political reasons, they often cast spells for presidential elections to be “for the first time in recent memory, clean and fair.”

On June 9, 2016, NY Mag reported that “hundreds” of witches gathered to cast spells condemning Stanford rapist Brock Turner. Among the items used for the public witch spells and ritual included urine and dog feces.

Regardless of whether or not the spell works to torment Brock Turner for an eternity, participants said it was not the point.

Instead, participants felt that the “power of suggestion alone is a powerful force” and that a public spell ritual is “a useful exercise” because people “took action and made a choice to step towards justice and say ‘Rape and Rape Culture is Wrong.'”

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