Kim Zolciak and Kenya Moore

Kim Zolciak Celebrates Husband: Is Kenya Moore Really Jealous Of Marriage?

Kim Zolciak has revealed that she’s returning to the season finale of The Real Housewives of Atlanta. For many years, Kim teased about possibly returning to the show, even though she has her own spin-off show, Don’t Be Tardy. Many fans wanted her to come back on the show, because they felt she offered something fun and interesting to the show and now that she may be done having children, she could be ready to address the drama with the ladies. And it sounds like there may be drama to come back to, as Zolciak will start fighting with Kenya Moore during her short return to the show.

According to a new Instagram post, Kim Zolciak is now revealing that she’s very happy in her marriage and with her family, no matter what her co-stars say. On the show, Kenya slams Zolciak for being focused on money, now that Kroy Biermann isn’t playing for the Atlanta Falcons anymore. But Zolciak fights back, saying that Kenya is just jealous of her marriage because she wants a man and a child of her own.

“My ride or die. Happy Valentines Day! No words to truly describe how much I love you! I love every single inch of you! Just so damn grateful to be your wife! Thank you for loving me like you do #Superman #MyHeart,” Kim Zolciak revealed on Instagram this week, sharing a picture of her husband the day before Valentine’s Day as a way of thanking him for his love and support.

“So glad you found your knight in shining armor, your ride or die guy. I wish I could find someone like that, I dumped my loser,” one person wrote to Zolciak, sharing that she’s lucky that she could find her husband, while another added, “Why is Kenya such a hater! She wishes.”

Of course, the follower is referring to the drama that is going to happen between Kim and Kenya. While Moore may have a point about Kim’s financial situation, she may not be right about the family being in financial trouble. And Zolciak’s reply about Kenya not having a man and not having a baby seems to be a low blow, considering she’s been very emotional about wanting to be a mother.

But these days, Zolciak is focusing on her children, and she has been criticized for focusing on her daughter’s bodies. Her 15-year-old daughter was recently slammed for posting bikini pictures, where she was showing off her body and when Zolciak posted a picture of Brielle in a bikini, people thought she was putting the focus on the superficial rather than the important values.

“How the hell has it been almost 20 years,” Kim Zolciak also revealed on Instagram, sharing a picture of her daughter in a bikini, showcasing her body on a recent vacation with the family.

“Looks like it’s more important for them to have perfect bodies and no education, oh well to each their own,” one person replied to Kim, while others added, “Some people who can comfortably disrespect some ones child regardless of said child’s age, are f**king miserable within their own lives! Stop hating on sh*t that doesn’t affect you life in any way shale or form,” and “Your daughters are beautiful but showcase more than just the superficial. Teach them that they’re more than just their bodies. Which would also help other younger girls looking up to them.”

Of course, Kroy has tried to teach the girls the importance of education, but Kim is very protective of her girls, and she doesn’t necessarily want them to leave the home to focus on work, education or a career. But she will promote their Instagram photos.

What do you think about Kim Zolciak’s Instagram posts? Do you think she will make a great addition to the cast next season?

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