Kurt Angle Talks WWE Hall Of Fame Induction, Teases Return To In-Ring Action

Kurt Angle Talks WWE Hall Of Fame Induction, Teases Return To In-Ring Action

Kurt Angle will be headlining the WWE Hall of Fame’s Class of 2017, and it appears he’s got an idea of whom he wants reading his induction speech. Not only that, he hinted at wanting to wrestle for WWE following his induction ceremony, which will take place on March 31, 2017, just two days ahead of WrestleMania 33.

In an interview with Ring Rust Radio transcribed by SEScoops, Kurt Angle said he wants his WWE Hall of Fame induction speech to be made by either one of three people – John Cena, The Undertaker, or “Stone Cold” Steve Austin. He went with those three choices due to his belief that they had made the biggest impact ever in the world of pro wrestling, and he chose Cena in particular because of how WWE Chairman Vince McMahon had asked Kurt to mentor the then-youngster when he was starting out in the WWE.

At the time, Angle began working for the WWE in 1998, both The Undertaker and Austin were established names in the business and two of the biggest stars of the Attitude Era. Kurt told Ring Rust Radio that ‘Taker and Austin had mentored him in the fundamentals of ring psychology and admitted that he’d also consider Triple H as someone who could also induct him into the Hall of Fame had it not been for the fact that he oversees talent relations for WWE.

John Cena is one of the wrestlers Kurt Angle would like inducting him into the WWE Hall of Fame. [Image by WWE]

Currently, Kurt Angle isn’t sure whether he can choose who inducts him into the WWE Hall of Fame, but he believes that it would be WWE’s call at the end of the day, and the company would go with one of the three men he had mentioned.

“Vince McMahon and Triple H know the type of relationship I have with Undertaker and John Cena and Stone Cold. They do know I want one of those three, so looks like it will be one of those three.”

In addition to naming the people he has in mind for his WWE Hall of Fame induction speech, Angle also discussed the possibility of a return to in-ring competition, now that he’s back in WWE’s good graces. Last week, Inquisitr reported that there’s a possibility Angle may wrestle a few matches for the company, which isn’t implausible despite his being 48-years-old. Earlier this month, he defeated WWE alumnus Alberto Del Rio at WhatCulture Pro Wrestling’s True Destiny event.

According to Kurt Angle, post-WWE Hall of Fame induction matches are indeed a possibility, just as previous reports had suggested. He also cited the example of Bill Goldberg’s WWE comeback after a 12-year absence as an inspiration for his renewed desire to wrestle for the company where he first made his name in pro wrestling.

“It’s nice to see somebody of his stature and somebody that hasn’t been there in 14 years [sic] to go in there and get a great spot. It does give me a lot of hope. I wouldn’t doubt once we get past the Hall of Fame, I take the physical and pass it, which most likely they are going to want me to do.”

Should Angle be wrestling once again, he believes he’s going to get a nice main event run, and maybe challenge for some titles upon his return.

“I wouldn’t doubt that I would be in the title hunt.”

It’s been more than a decade since Kurt Angle had last been in the WWE, and the Hall of Fame remains his main priority in the lead-up to WrestleMania 33. And as one can glean from his recent interviews and statements, he’s looking forward to what could be an unforgettable induction ceremony, and maybe another chance to wrestle for the company, albeit most likely on a limited basis.

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