Nick Groff and Katrina Weidman of Paranormal Lockdown

‘Paranormal Lockdown’ S2E11: Is Scutt Mansion Cursed?

Paranormal Lockdown ventures into new territory this week, with paranormal investigators Nick Groff and Katrina Weidman trying an unusual technique to stir up spirits at the Scutt Mansion in Joliet, Illinois. As if Scutt Mansion isn’t supposed to be haunted enough, Groff and Weidman invite fellow paranormal investigators Greg and Dana Newkirk of Planet Weird to join them in their investigation and bring along some extra haunted items from their creepy collection.

Mild spoilers follow for Paranormal Lockdown’s Friday night episode, reviewed from a preview screening by TLC.

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Paranormal Lockdown Takes On The Scutt Mansion “Curse”

Scutt Mansion has been declared Illinois’ “most haunted house” after a series of tragedies that have left many to claim the house is cursed and has become the ruin of anyone who has owned the property. The mansion was built back in 1882 by Hiram B. Scutt, who died on the property at the age of 47 after a horseback riding accident. His wife, Natalie, died not long after, and subsequent owners have been less than lucky, to say the least.

Katrina Weidman and Nick Groff
Katrina Weidmen and Nick Groff visit Scutt Mansion in this week’s episode of ‘Paranormal Lockdown.’ [Image by TLC]

The most recent owner who actually lived on the premises was Seth Magosky, who fell in love with the beautiful home and wanted to create a Victorian museum. After filling the house with antiques and an attic full of old Victorian dolls, Magosky died at the age of 37 from an abdominal aortic aneurysm. This medical condition occurs when there’s a weakened wall of the aorta that ruptures, causing the affected person to literally bleed to death within a matter of seconds. Unfortunately, Scutt Mansion wasn’t done with the Magosky family, and Seth’s mother, Andrea, tells Groff and Weidman how her husband fell down the spiral stairs and broke his back.

Groff And Weidman Try A New Way To Stir Up Paranormal Activity

With rumors that Scutt Mansion is not only haunted, but cursed, Groff and Weidman added it to their list of haunted locations for this season of Paranormal Lockdown, where they lock themselves into each property for 72 hours, staying on site around the clock.

The paranormal duo always have a lot of high-tech gear to help with investigations, but they also use a lot of low-tech techniques, and in this episode, Paranormal Lockdown’s Groff and Weidman invite fellow investigators Greg and Dana Newkirk to bring in some haunted objects to try to trigger more paranormal activity. One of the objects is a carved idol nicknamed “Billy.” (Get it? Billy the idol?) But this episode also highlights a very scary item called a dybbuk box. This kind of box has been featured in a few horror films and is a box designed to capture and hold a spirit. The Newkirks have never opened theirs, and judging from their reaction in the screener when asked about opening the dybbuk box, they aren’t about to any time in the near future.

Groff and Weidman get some very clear and intelligent vocal responses to their questions and discover there’s more than one spirit lurking in the halls and the tower of Scutt Mansion.

Paranormal Lockdown Once Again Brings The Feels

With so much tragedy on the premises, this week’s Paranormal Lockdown ventures into more emotional territory. Weidman and Groff bring back Seth Magosky’s mother and sister to discuss their findings and reveal who’s lurking in the halls of Scutt Mansion long after all of the living inhabitants have deserted it.

There are many different approaches to paranormal investigation, all of which have their place and validity, but Paranormal Lockdown has established itself as one of the shows that really delves into the human side of paranormal investigations and the impact on the living of the dark histories that surround the haunted locations they visit. Histories that still impact those with connections to the places and the people who have occupied them.

That’s a long way of saying keep your Kleenex box handy this week.

Paranormal Lockdown airs Friday nights at 9 p.m. ET on TLC.

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