Duggar Courting News Hints Two Duggar Boys Are Courting Sisters

Duggar Courting News Hints Two Duggar Boys Are Courting Sisters

Duggar courting news is always something fans are waiting to hear. With the recent weddings of the Duggar daughters, there have been several questions about the boys. Josiah briefly courted Marjorie Jackson but that ended almost as soon as it began. Josh Duggar got married first and since then, the focus has been on all of the girls. Jana is still at home and seems to be enjoying herself, and the boys all have things going on in their lives that have kept them busy enough to not rush into anything.

Monday night, Counting On aired Jinger Duggar’s wedding. It was an extended episode and introduced fans to Austin Forsyth, the man who has been courting Joy-Anna Duggar. While it was nice to finally see him, there were some other things fans focused on more. According to the Hollywood Gossip, two of the Duggar boys may be courting sisters. The Caldwell sisters appeared in the wedding episode as they helped Forsyth assemble the giant rose “V” for the wedding. Immediately, rumors began circulating on who they could have been courting, and it seems some well-connected fans have narrowed things down.

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There isn’t much information about Kendra and Lauren Caldwell available, but their father is a preacher in an Arkansas town. This is obviously ideal for the Duggar clan, especially if Jim Bob Duggar was able to arrange the alleged courtship. Right now, it is believed that Joseph Duggar is courting one of the sisters and one of the younger twins is courting the other Caldwell sister. It wasn’t confirmed whether it is Jedidiah or Jeremiah Duggar courting, but either way, the fact that the boys have finally started to move on with their lives is exciting.

It has been a long time since Josh Duggar married Anna. Some fans missed that part of the family life and began watching the show later. The idea that one of the Duggar boys could be getting ready to be engaged and eventually walk down the aisle has gotten fans excited for something new. There have been some reports that Counting On ratings dropped this season because the focus was almost all on Jinger Duggar and the process of her getting married. A lot of the complaints have focused on the show not being diverse in showing all of the siblings, making it hard for fans to continually tune in if their favorite Duggar sibling isn’t a part of the show.

Right now, all of this courting stuff is likely in the early stages. The Caldwell sisters were allegedly spotted at the Duggar compound during Valentine’s Day, which likely means at least one of them is likely courting one of the Duggar boys. Fans are expecting an announcement at the end of this season of Counting On, though no one is quite sure what it will be. Speculation is that Joy-Anna may be engaged, and others believe it could be a double courtship announcement from two of the boys. Either way, when Duggar news is coming, fans get excited.

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With the future of Counting On reportedly being up in the air, the sooner the possible courtships are announced, the better. The Caldwell sisters are very mysterious right now, and their ages haven’t been disclosed by the fans who have come up with the courting theories. It will be interesting to see where the Duggar boys will be headed in the next year or so and whether this is the beginning of several more weddings to come. Aside from Jana, all of the older Duggar girls have been married or are currently courting. Josh Duggar is married, but none of the other Duggar boys have gotten further than a small courtship in the past.

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