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Melania Trump Flinches At Donald’s Touch, Fueling Rumors Of Abuse

Melania Trump apparently flinched at Donald’s touch during last week’s rally in Melbourne, Florida. Although the first lady’s reaction is clearly open to interpretation, critics are convinced her unusual response is proof that she is “miserable” and may be a victim of domestic abuse.

Rumors about friction in the Trumps’ marriage started with Melania’s decision to live in the family’s Trump Tower penthouse as opposed to the White House. Although the decision is indeed unusual, Melania and Donald insist it is in the best interest of their 10-year-old son Barron — who is attending school in Manhattan.

As reported by the New York Post, Melania and Barron Trump are expected to join Donald in the White House at the conclusion of the semester. However, rumors have surfaced suggesting the arrangement could be more permanent.

According to Us Weekly, a “family insider” revealed the Trumps “will reevaluate toward the end of the school year if they will keep this arrangement or if Melania and Barron will move to Washington… They could go either way right now… ”

Rumors about the couple’s troubled marriage were further fueled by Donald and Melania’s behavior on inauguration day.

Upon arrival at the White House, Donald Trump exited the vehicle and met Michelle and Barack Obama on the stairs. Video of the incident went viral, as the president-elect left his wife behind to exit the car and climb the stairs alone.

In an interview with NZHerald, body language expert Patti Wood said the incident clearly indicated a lack of “warmth and tenderness” between Donald and Melania Trump.

“… Trump could’ve waited for his wife before greeting the Obamas, which he failed to do. Instead, he walked ahead and left her behind, showing that he is more important and takes precedence… The big ticker for me is that he didn’t even look back, check on his wife and formally introduce her to the Obamas.”

The couple’s behavior during the inauguration ceremony was also met with criticism, as a video clip appears to show Melania frowning, smiling as Donald turns to face her, then immediately switching back to a frown when he turned away.

The clip, which went viral, sparked accusations that the new first lady was displaying signs of abuse. In response, social media users created the “freeMelania” hashtag and encouraged Mrs. Trump to “flee” her allegedly abusive relationship.

In the weeks following the inauguration, the president and first lady have faced criticism for the way they dance, how much time they do or do not spend together, and their gestures and facial expressions while appearing in public. In many cases, critics have suggested Melania simply does not appear to be happy.

Most recently, critics suggested Melania Trump flinched when Donald put his hand on her arm during a rally in Melbourne, Florida. As reported by, “the president’s action caused her to flinch, turn her head downward and take a sharp breath in. The first lady appeared to need a moment to regain her composure before continuing on and leading the crowd in the Lord’s Prayer.”

Critics of Donald and Melania’s relationship said her reaction is simply more proof that the president and first lady do not have a loving relationship. In fact, some social media users have suggested “her body language was consistent with that of a domestic violence victim.”

The White House has not addressed accusations that Melania Trump flinched when Donald touched her arm during the rally. Nor have they commented on prior accusations that they are not getting along. However, those closest to the couple insist the couple’s behavior and gestures were taken out of context.

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