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‘General Hospital’ Spoilers: Will Valentin And Anna End Up Together?

Anna Devane has had quite a rough week on ABC’s General Hospital. She just got diagnosed with a rare blood cancer called polycythemia vera, and she is still trying to digest it all. Daughter Robin Scorpio is in town to be with her through this, and she also has Griffin Munro in her life as well, not to mention the rest of Port Charles who all care about her. However, there is one unlikely person who seems interested in helping her, and that is Valentin Cassadine.

He and Anna have a past together, and he is still angry over something that happened between them many years ago. All that is known right now is that he had feelings for her back then and she rejected him. She also had him put on the WBS kill list. That would certainly deter any feelings that he may have had for her, but as angry as he may be, he still seems to care about her. According to spoilers by Soaps She Knows for Thursday’s episode of General Hospital, Valentin will pay a visit to Anna, and she ends up in another confrontation with him. This will cause Anna to be overwhelmed by him.

Valentin is married to Nina, but there seems to be trouble in paradise already. They got hitched on New Year’s Eve, and even though they seem like a perfect loving couple, Valentin may just be playing his new wife to get what he wants. However, she may be starting to get a little suspicious of her husband’s motives, especially after he ditched her on Valentine’s Day to rush Anna to the hospital when she collapsed at Wyndemere.

The previews for Thursday shows Nina talking to Curtis, and somehow he starts implying that her husband is lying to her. Will she finally get a clue that Valentin is not telling her the whole truth? She may if she ends up heading to General Hospital and finds him in Anna’s room again. The WSB agent is still reeling from her diagnosis, and now this mysterious guy from her past is hovering over her. This will definitely not make Nina happy at all.

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As for Anna, she is seen in the previews shouting at Valentin for him to just tell her everything that happened in their past that she can’t seem to remember. Will he spill it all to her as she is in this emotional state?

Even though Nina and Valentin have been a fan-favorite couple on General Hospital since they have been together, some fans are seeing some chemistry between him and Anna as well. Actor James Patrick Stuart has had his game on as Valentin Cassadine and his on-screen scenes with Finola Hughes has been interesting and fun to watch, according to many viewers that have expressed their feelings on social media.

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Now that Anna has to deal with having PV, she may need some help. Hughes had talked to Soap Opera Digest recently on how having Kimberly McCullough, aka Robin Scorpio, on set was extremely important going forward with this story line. Robin had also talked to her mother this week on General Hospital about asking for help as Anna has always been the strong one and always helping others out. Now she not only has her daughter but also Duke’s son, Griffin Munro, for emotional support.

Valentin Cassadine may also end up being a source of help to Anna in her time of need. Despite what may have happened in the past, sparks may just end up flying between them eventually. If that happened, that would leave Nina out in the cold, and she won’t take that very well at all. She has made a life with her new husband, and especially with her step-daughter Charlotte. It won’t be pretty if she loses it all. That could sway her over to Lulu’s side in Charlotte’s upcoming custody battle.

How do you feel about a Valentin Cassadine and Anna Devane pairing on General Hospital?

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