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Guns N’ Roses Shout Wrong City, Announce U.S. Tour, Beat Up Donald Trump Piñata

Guns N’ Roses were heartily booed during a Valentine’s Day concert in Melbourne, Australia, when their announcer and instrument tech McBob enthusiastically screamed “Sydney!” to the crowd while introducing the group, according to Billboard magazine.

While calling out the wrong city name at any concert could be disastrous, the long-held and fiercely-defended rivalry between Australia’s Sydney and Melbourne meant that this gaffe was a particularly awkward one.

Guns N’ Roses were quick to apologize for the mistake of their announcer, who has been with the group for 30 years. Judging by the majority of the comments on Facebook and Twitter, fans were happy to let the mistake go and praised the group for an incredible performance.

Guns N’ Roses have announced new U.S. tour dates for their “Not in This Lifetime” tour, according to Rolling Stone. The reunited rockers are setting new North American dates this year, including one in St. Louis, where Axl Rose attacked a photographer in 1991.

It looks like Guns N’ Roses loved their “Not in This Lifetime” tour, as the guys are expanding the tour in 2017. The band, which was formed in 1985, will play across Europe before returning to North America in July of 2017 to kick off their 16 newly announced North American shows.

Interestingly, Guns N’ Roses’ first stop on their 2017 U.S. leg will be in St. Louis, Missouri. It’ll be a historical show for the band, which was once banned from playing there. In July of 1991, the infamous Riverport Riot took place.

During that riot, Guns N’ Roses’ band member Axl Rose attacked a photographer in the audience and slammed security for not getting rid of the photographer’s camera. After he stormed off the stage, fans started a riot and dozens were injured.

Guns N’ Roses were banned from playing in St. Louis, while Axl Rose was charged with four counts of misdemeanor assault and one count of property damage and was fined $50,000. That means the band’s St. Louis date in 2017 will be their first gig in the city in 16 years.

Guns N’ Roses didn’t include St. Louis dates when they announced the initial batch of the tour back in 2015. But now it appears the band is ready to return to the city for the first time in a little less than two decades.

Guns N’ Roses’ six-week-long North American leg will include dates in Miami, Washington, New York City, Texas, and other cities. Canadian fans will also get the chance to hear Guns N’ Roses perform their biggest hits because there are six Canadian shows in their tour.

Guns N’ Roses’ expanded “Not in This Lifetime” tour will end on September 8, 2017, with their performance at San Antonio’s Alamodome. Interestingly, their dates don’t include any summer music festivals.

In other news, the rock band made headlines in late 2016 when it sneaked a Donald Trump piñata to one of its Mexican shows, according to the Independent.

With the Trump piñata, Guns N’ Roses allowed their fans to express their anger at the then-U.S. president-elect for his controversial anti-migrant comments during his presidential campaign. Things got brutal when the band members invited Mexican fans to beat up the piñata.

Guns N’ Roses truly surprised their Mexican fans when they brought out on stage a huge piñata in the shape of Trump and invited them to “express” themselves.

In a video published by TMZ, Axl Rose invited Mexican fans by saying, “Let’s bring on some people, and give them a f***ing stick.”

“I want you to express yourselves, however you feel.”

Trump has received a great deal of criticism and outrage in Mexico and U.S. when he made controversial comments about Mexican immigrants, calling them “rapists and murderers.”

Guns N’ Roses decided to let Mexican fans “express” themselves however they “feel” also for Trump’s promises to build a huge wall at the U.S.-Mexican border and make Mexicans pay for it. In the TMZ video, Mexican fans are seen and heard cheering while being lifted by guards onto the stage and handed sticks.

The Trump dummy was destroyed by the angry Mexican Guns N’ Roses fans within less than a minute. Then the pieces of the Trump piñata were thrown into the audience for some additional “expressionism.”

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