tna news magnus nick aldis mickie james contract offer wwe world champion contract

TNA News: TNA In Serious Talks With Former World Champion — Contract Offered

It should come as no surprise that TNA Impact Wrestling is doing everything they can to rebuild themselves and become reputable in professional wrestling once again. Dixie Carter is out of power. Billy Corgan is gone. Jeff Jarrett is back in control. Now, the company is focusing on trying to keep stars like the Hardy Boyz and Drew Galloway under contract while also offering deals to former world champions in hopes of a return or two.

As Impact Wrestling attempts to figure out its own identity in one form or another, they are working on bringing in some big-time talent to help fill its roster. One of the names that has been offered a contract, which hasn’t been signed yet, is former world champion Nick “Magnus” Aldis.

According to F4W Online, the two sides are in serious negotiations and are said to be close to a deal, but it isn’t quite complete. Making things a little more interesting is that the former TNA World Heavyweight Champion is the current Global Force Wrestling Global Champion.

tna news magnus nick aldis mickie james contract offer wwe world champion contract
[Image by Global Force Wrestling]

Not much is known as to what is happening with Jeff Jarret’s other promotion, but the main title belt is still in the possession of Magnus. Having Jarrett back in power at TNA, though, will likely swing things a lot more in their favor of signing Magnus to a new deal.

Magnus originally signed with TNA back in 2008 and he was with them until leaving in the summer of 2015. During his run with the company, he not only held the world title, but also held the IWGP Tag Titles once and the TNA World Tag Team Titles on two occasions.

Instantly, Aldis would bolster a roster that is lacking in a lot of star power. There are a few well-known talents in TNA, but there just aren’t enough to fill out a roster that is filled with a number of guys who even some big-time wrestling fans know.

Magnus left TNA on his own behalf and it happened in a way that was rather screwy from TNA’s side of things. Sports Keeda pointed to what he had to say back in 2015 when he left the company.

“It was my decision. The way my contract was structured, without getting too detailed, they couldn’t release me. There was something in there that prevented that, which was nice. It was due to roll over at the end of June.

“At the beginning of June I decided to give them notice that they hadn’t contacted me regarding anything. It was structured that if they hadn’t made contact about it a month out, I had the option to end it.

“There was a brief conversation, it was really friendly. I think they knew how I felt, and I knew they were in a position financially where it was getting difficult for them to honor contracts like mine”

So, it seems like it wasn’t on the best of terms to start, but things calmed down a little as the conversation of him leaving took place.

tna news magnus nick aldis mickie james contract offer wwe world champion contract
[Image by TNA Impact Wrestling]

Yes, TNA does not need to make the same mistakes they made in the past as they attempt to rebuild from an incredibly low point. New and exciting talent is necessary, but there is a great need for known veterans such as Magnus to lead the way.

Even with his wife Mickie James back in WWE, it doesn’t really seem to matter where Nick “Magnus” Aldis ends up as it likely won’t be with the same company. Yes, he is still a member of Global Force Wrestling and currently their world champion, but with Jarrett having control over both promotions, a jump to TNA wouldn’t be an issue. It doesn’t really seem like a matter of if Magnus will return to Impact Wrestling, but more a matter of when he will be back.

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